Google Shopping Tips

You can easily connect your Magento® 1 or Magento® 2 store with Google Shopping but there is always some space to improve your Google Shopping feed to maximize the results from your Google Shopping Campaigns. Below we’ve written down 6 tips on how to improve your Google Shopping Product Feed for Magento and Google Merchant account.


1. Get the right Image from your Magento Catalog.

Images are the best way to directly communicate the color, size and style of your product and when, Your product images are really important when you are advertising your products on Google Shopping, think about the clearness, the image quality and the communicative value of your image. You can easily add multiple images to your feed and Google Shopping campaign but make sure your first image is the best one.

TIP: Test the product images with different photography/perspectives. In this way you can get a better Click Through Rate on your ads as your product image is different and maybe better then your competitors.


2. Use clear product titles

Check your Magento product titles to make sure that your Product titles are communicating the right thing, if it just says some technical information it could be possible that the potential visitor/customer is confused by the title. If it’s to clean, minimal and simple it’s possible that customers click on your adds but leaves with the result that you’ve paid for an irrelevant visitor. Try to avoid sale keywords like “Dheap” “Deal” “Only today” etc.etc. as Google normally disapprove that automatically.

TIP: Test variations and add the brand and type to the product title for example. As customers are already searching for a specific product you want to have a high conversion rate on your Google Shopping Ads so with the right title and relevant landingspage you can get better results on your page.


3. Do something different: Combine products and create sets!

When all your competitors are selling the same product with almost the same prices as the sales margins are thin, try to do something differently and create sets to purchase more products within a sale and stand out from your competitors. For example, when you sell separate brushes for toothbrushes, you can compete on the toothbrushes per item but if you create a deal with a set of 6 toothbrushes for a better deal you can create more value for and from the visitor!

TIP: Check your store if you can create sets on your simple products so you sell more products and have a better competitive position in the Google Adwords Ads.


4. Keep your Magento Product feed up to date with automatic Fetching in your Google Merchant Account

To make sure that your Google Shopping and Google Merchant account is up to date with all your Magento Product Data make sure that your feed is completely up to date. With the most Google Shopping Feed extension you can easily set a cronjob so the product with is freshly generated everyday. In your Google Merchant account you can set the fetch time and regularity so all your products are all up to date.

TIP: Check our Blogpost on how to connect your Googel Shopping feed from Magento to your Google Merchant account.


5. Create a separate Googel Shopping Campaign for your Deals

You can add up to 5 custom labels in your Google Shopping Feed. By creating a unique product attribute in Magento and in your products you can create specific Google Shopping campaigns for that product group. For example; Whenever you add the custom label attribute “Topdeal” to specific products and add it in the feed, you can create a Google Shopping campaign specifically for the products with the attribute “Topdeal”, in this way you can set higher bids and or a different marketing approach on your topdeal products.

TIP: Create separate campaigns to manage your biddings on the right products, in this way you can bid in different strategies for products that are populair or in sale.


6. Get your Magento product GTIN numbers right

Google keeps a huge catalog with all the GTIN numbers to collect and compare the same items with each other, in this way customers and visitors get a clear view on the product price comparison with all the competitors based on the GTIN. So it uses the GTIN number to pull information from the supplier so Google can show better an more relevant information so your CTR will be higher and the product add will be much richer. Whenever you don’t have a unique GTIN because you have custom goods for example, you can use the “Identifier exists” attribute to tell Google your product doesn’t have a unique brand and/or GTIN number, more about this “Identifier Exists” attribute can be found here.

TIP: Always keep an eye on your Google Merchant account to make sure all your GTINs and other unique values are connected in the right way.