Content is King is still one of the most common SEO statements but next to the SEO it can also improve the experience and trust on your Magento® store.

Improve your Category Description

Enrich your Magento® Category description is one of the smart ways to improve your content SEO strategy for the long term. As your category page is using the most important keywords for that specific category but not a specific description it's smart to write a defined description concentrated on the right keywords for that page. Design wise it can give your category some extra body and improved experience.

Setup a blog or news page

Be the expert in your niche market and write blog or news posts using Magento® CMS pages or a Blog extension for Magento®. When your writing articles or news about the products that you are selling you can go into the details about the product to show that you have the right knowledge on the products. In this way you gain trust on being the right company for buying the products and it will improve your SEO positions using the content with the focused keywords.

Show your Store Reviews

Whenever your using a third party review client or if you manage the shopreviews by yourself it's a great way to show the content of the reviews to gain trust and generate extra content on your store. Most of the time the store wide review does contain some specific keywords on the bought products, which is a great way for Google to index the page with reviews to improve your SEO.

You can connect your third party store reviews with one of our free extension:

Connect your Magento® Store with Trustpilot
Connect your Magento ®Store with Kiyoh
Connect your Magento® Store with The Feedback Company
Connect your Magento® Store with Webwinkelkeur

Or Manage and your own Shopreviews without montly payment with our Customer Shopreview extension.

Get more Product Reviews

Your product page is the most specific keyword page in your Magento® store so it's smart to get the focus on the keywords that are relevant to that product. Sure you enlarge the description of your products but another great and easy way to gain your content is Product Reviews. Again, next to the SEO improvements because of the fresh and unique content product reviews can be a great way to enlarge the trust on your store.

To gain more product reviews you can change the position of the product review field in your theme to give it more attention but the best way to gain the product reviews is to remind the customer for writing a review a few weeks after their purchase. For example you can use our product review reminder extension to get this done.

When you send this automated but personal e-mail to the client you can reward them with something on their next order so you have another purchase from them but if you don't want to give any discount a good way to make a little contest, for example;

Write the most informative review on this product and win the review of the month price which is the JBL Soundbar XL with a value of €165,-

Create SEO Landingspages

Sometimes it can be hard to tell all the information of a group of products on the product or category page because of the length or the relevance or the products by themselves are already well described but you want to make content on a more wider range.

For example, when your selling;

- Cook Cutlery
- Cook Pans
- Cook Books

You can generate a landingspage with;

- The right cooking knife on the right ingredient

In this way you can create internal links and focus on the keywords that you can find on the Google Keyword Tool. Using this tool you can get a better insight on the search volumes around your keyword and get a better sight on the way people search for cutlery or cooking equipment. You can link to the page from your product page to inform the customer about the different knives to gain more trust and be authority on the cooking equipment.