A step by step guide to get your Magento® products into the Google Shopping by using our Google Shopping Feed Extension together with your Google Merchant account.

Step 1.
The Google Merchant Account

Google Merchant Center is the place to upload your store and product data to Google and make it available foor Google Shopping.
So the first thing you need to do is open a Google Merchant account with your Google account. Go to ; https://www.google.com/merchants/

Step 2.
Sign up for Google Merchant Center

Tell Google about your business by giving the information like your Store URL and the country information.

Step 3.
Terms & Conditions

Offcourse you need to confirm that you agree the Google Terms & Conditions before you can open up your Merchant account.

Step 4.
Register a new Feed

Now your Google Merchant Account is generated you can add a new feed by clicking the Add Feed button. In this first step you can add the target country and Feed name.

Step 5.
Upload Method

Whenever your using the Google Feed Extension you can choose to automatic upload the .XML file to Google from your Magento® store. In this Google Shopping Connect method we are using our Google Shopping Feed extension.

Step 6.
Get the Feed URL

For the following step we firstly need to get the appropriate Data Feed from the Google Shopping Feed extension. Copy the URL of the right XML feed.

Step 7.
Feed Setup

Now paste the this URL into the last screen of the Data Feed screen in your Google Merchant account. You can enter the frequency that Google is fetching the .XML file, make sure this is after the time when your cronjob is running. You don't have to enable the URL as password protected.

Step 8.
Your Data Feed is succesfully uploaded

Now your Magento® Data feed is succesfully entered in your Google Merchant account, you can enter more Data Feeds for your Magento® Multi-store whenever this is needed.

Step 9.
Check & Done!

It can take some time untill Google fetched all your products from the Feed but as soon all your Magento® Products are processed there will be a report right here!