Web shop owners are always looking for new ways to match their clients online and offline experience. Web shop owners want to make their websites human to create trust and loyalty to create competitive advantage.

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If you own a Magento® webstore you are always looking for new ways to match your clients online and offline experience. Offcourse, you want to make your webshop human to create trust and loyalty to create competitive advantage. In this article you can find 6 tips for making your store more human. We took a look all over the internet to find the best and most accurate tips about this topic. Please consider using our suggestions so you can boost your conversion rate and consumer experience in a sustainable way.


1. Live chat

Live chat is a great way to boost your conversion rate and is one of the best ways to improve your service level. Live chat is an easy and great way to make your web shop more human. I would like to give the following suggestions in making the best live chat experience:

> Train your employees

Your chat agents are extremely important in giving your clients the best live chat experience. They should be professional, positive and great problem solvers to make your clients satisfied.

> Make it as human as possible

The most web shops are creating live chat buttons with the best looking stock photos. People like to see real people, so show them exactly who is answering your live chat system. This is a great way to create competitive advantage; there is just a small percentage of your competitors doing this. Is your webshop based on the Magento® system? There are great ways to add live chat on your Magento® blog. Contact us, so we can show you our live chat services for Magento.®


2. Client service and e-mail

People like to interact with one of your employees, just as a normal conversation. It doesn’t matter if it’s through social media, by phone or through e-mail. Add contact details in the signature area of your e-mails, so people can check out easily who their person of contact is. The FAQ is one of the best ways to save some time and to give your clients their answers directly. Put a link in your footer, so they can find your FAQ easily. Point the most important information out in the FAQ area.

What should be in the FAQ?

- Shipping rates and services
- Payment information
- Refunds
- Guarantee
- Contact details an response time
- Opening times


3. Product video

E-commerce is changing everyday. Video instead of photo is probably one of the biggest changes for e-commerce this year. Video is a personal way to demonstrate what you’re offering; it will give your customers the easiest way to check out your offers fast. I would like to give you some amazing statics about video:

- 40% of all the people respond better to video instead of text
- Website visitors are spending 90% more time on a page with a video
- People are 85% more likely to buy your product after watching a video about it
- 90 hours of video is uploaded every minute

(Source: www.blog.hubspot.com)


4. Social media

Social media is a great way in making an emotional connection with your fans. It’s about people and people are spending loads of time on social media. Social media is a way to brand your brand and an easy way to make real conversations. Act as a human being to benefit the most from social media like Twitter and Facebook. A lot of companies failed in being human and automatized their Twitter and Facebook messages. They forgot to be human, the only way to benefit from social media is trying to speak and act human. So don’t automatize your social media and just be there to serve your customers.

Ask for retweets, shares and likes when acting on social media. Asking a favor is not something to shame for, people will listen to your request. The only way to increase your audience is to ask for retweets, shares, likes and response in general.


5. Start a blog

A business blog is one of the best ways to target on new clients. Zappos is one of the most inspiring companies and knows how to manage their blog. They put some humor in their articles, but at the other hand they are posting more serious information. The mix between serious information and fun is really important, every company should find the right mix in order the write the best blog posts. SEO is another reason why you should start a blog. SEO is a free and easy (on the long term) to target new people. Its important to keep your blog updated, so make new blog posts on a regular basis. Show your enthusiasm and knowledge to benefit the most from your free website visitors. Off course you also have to send them to your products to convert your visitors in paying customers. At the end of the day, this is the only way to make money out of your blog.


6. Reviews on your web shop

Amazon was the first company in offering product reviews on their website. A lot of e-commerce businesses joined them, today it’s a necessity to have something like a review system on your web shop. It will make your business much more credible and it will give your web shop an easy way to boost your conversion rate. Research showed a 10% higher conversion rate with a review system, compared with websites without a review system. You also can use our Product Review Reminder to send a reminder to write a review to your customers fully automatic.