WebwinkelKeur (M2)

This configuration area can be found at: System > Configuration > WebwinkelKeur

WebwinkelKeur Magento 2

General Settings
You can find the necessary information by logging in at https://dashboard.webwinkelkeur.nl. Navigate to Installation > Wizard and follow the installation instructions. As addition next to the activation of this extension we also recommend you to follow the installation wizard and install the WebwinkelKeur widget and banners.

Webshop ID
Enter the API details as supplied by WebwinkelKeur.

Enter the API details as supplied by WebwinkelKeur.

WebwinkelKeur Magento 2

Magento Review Widget
Add Merchant review data to your store to gain more confidence. Data can be outputted using built in widgets.

Select if you wish to enable the WebwinkelKeur connector in this Store View.

Use Cron
You may use the automatic import functionality which uses your Magento Cronjob. A cronjob is a daemon which keeps running and gets activated at a certain interval (time period). Please make sure that your default Magento Cron is working. If not, contact your hosting company for help.

Last Import
The date of the last import and the option to import the reviews manually

WebwinkelKeur Magento 2

Invitation to write review
WebwinkelKeur can invite your customers to write customer reviews. It’s also possible to activate an extra reminder using the settings at https://dashboard.webwinkelkeur.nl. Note: this feature is only available to PLUS & EU members.

Send customers automatically receive an invitation to share a customer experience. This feature is only available for WebwinkelKeur PLUS members.

Set the language of the invitation

Order is Completed with status
Specify at which status you want to send the invitation. Default is Completed

Sent invite after x days
This will ensure that the customer receives the invitation shortly after receiving the product and not before. This increases the opportunity that the client will share his experience.

Maximum processing time order
Number of days to complete order may last, if it takes longer then no invitation will be sent. Read more about this feature on Webwinkelkeur.nl.

Invite returning customers
If set to "Yes", customers will get new review reminders for every new order.

WebwinkelKeur Magento 2

WebwinkelKeur Javascript integration
The WebwinkelKeur javascript integration ensures that your WebwinkelKeur to load page on your own web store. Now customers don't have to leave your store anymore to read the reviews. This effectively increases your conversion. The display of the javascript integration can be personalized via https://dashboard.webwinkelkeur.nl. In your dashboard you will find under the option the personalization options such as how the sidebar is displayed and if it is activated on the mobile.

Javascript Integration
Showing the sidebar ensures a higher confidence. Visitors can read the reviews without leaving the store.

Set the language of the Javascript integration