Multi-Language Alternate Hreflang SEO tags (M2)

To test if the extension is configured in the correct way, we have implemented a small debug functionality where you can check the efficacy of the extension.

1. Enable Debug.
1. Go to the configuration of the Multi-Language Alternate Hreflang extension in the back-end, enable the Debug functionality and save the config.

2. See Debug.
Now, got to the page in the front-end that you wish to check and add the debug "?show-alternate=1" code at the end of the URL.

For example, if your url is:

You need to add it like this:

Now there will be a menu on top of the page where the href-tags tags that are available on this page are shown, so if the product or apge is available in the alternative language, the href-tag should be shown here. When it does't show any tags, please make sure that you are using the right targeting settings.

Common mistakes when the href-lang tags are not shown.

1) Caching
The codes are added to the header in Magento. This part of Magento is cached by default, so always flush the cache in Magento after making changes in the configuration. 

2) Check the Groups
Check if the shops you would like to link with the alternate tags are placed in the same group, read more about this right here.

3) Unique URLS
Each of the alternate links should be a unique url. When you have the same product on different store views the url's must be unique from eachother so Google can point to that alternate url. Google does not index pages with the language paramater. If you don’t use different domains for different shops you should create unique product url keys or add the store code to the url. 

5) Config
Check if the extension is enabled an alle the options are set to Yes on your store level.

Please note that we are not an SEO agency and or Google advise company. Our extension provide the technical method to automatically add href lang tags for your multi-language store under the Google requirements. You can also read more information about how to setup the HREF Lang Tags for your specific countries on the Google Support and Help Section or ask your SEO agency which configuration is optimal for your Magento store.