To configure the Auto Invoice extension please login to you Magento admin panel and navigate to: System > Configuration > Magmodules > Auto Invoice. The configuration of this extension consists the following subjects:

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1. Shipping Method.
This part of the configuration can be found at; System > Sales > Shipment Methods > Magmodules Attribute Shipping

In this tab you can enable or disable the shipment method.

Name of the shipping method

Method Name.
Method name of the shipping method

Type None: No price will be calculated
Type per Order: The price will be added to the whole order.
Type per Item: The price will be calculated per item.

The price of the “shipment” per type

Ship to Specific Countries
Only show this method in these specific countries

Ship to Applicable Countries
Choose whether to ship to specific countries only.

Sort Order
Choose the position of this shipping method.

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2. Product Configuration.
This part of the configuration can be found at; Catalog > Manage Products > Product > General

Attribute shipping.
Set this option to yes to enable the attribute shipping method for this product.
Set this option to no to exclude this product for the attribute shipping.