Out of Stock Notification

Now, everything is set up in the back end and the extension is ready to use.

Magento Stock Notification

1. Stock Notify Email:
You may control and check the sent and scheduled emails in the new Dashboard. 
Go to: Catalog > Stock Notifications

> Stock Notifications
> Configuration

Magento Stock NotificationMagento Stock Notification

2. Stock Notification Manager:
In the dashboard with the Stock notifications, you can see all the customers that have subscribed to the "Back in Stock notification" notification for the product. You can also see the product options that clients are subscribed to.

Product Name.
See the product name that the customer has subscribed to.

Product Options.
If available, the product option will be shown here.

Name & Email.
The name and email of the customer that is subscribed.

Created at & Sent at.
The date that the customer subscribed to the notification and, if already sent, the date it was sent.

The status of the notification. This could be "waiting" or "sent".

Check Manually 
It's possible to manually check some products by selecting the notification and select actions -> Check manually.