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Status codes in 4xx and 5xx ranges are returned when a request could not be handled. A status code in the 5xx range is returned whenever a server- side error occurred. A status code in the 4xx range indicates a problem with the request. This usually (but not always) means that the request can be repaired in some way to trigger a successful response. If a response message is returned with a 4xx status code the message usually gives information about the reason of the error response.

The following list describes some scenario’s that can trigger error responses in the 4xx range.

400 - Invalid arguments, or in general an invalid request. This is mostly caused by wrong expression of delivery time. For delivery times the following rules apply: A delivery time string is looked up and standardized. If the lookup fails, the delivery time is rejected

401 - Invalid or missing API key. API keys must be provided as an http header

403 - Access is forbidden. This usually means that the client ip address is not allowed access to the API

404 - Product cannot be found. This can also happen if a new product was sent in a feed a short time before the API call was done, and the feed was not fully processed yet, of if your feed is not yet approved by Beslist. If you get a lot of 404 results in the API, please wait 24h as Beslist needs time to process your feed. Please keep in mind there is a different in LIVE and TEST environment!

406 - Is returned when mandatory arguments are missing