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The ShopItem API keeps all your basic product information up to date with the platform. When there is any change in the original product price and/or stock level, the product will be added to the queue list for an required update to know sure the information on the platform is synchronised with the products from your Magento store.

The live process is fully automated but in the configuration and connection process it is required to update all your items one time to Beslist with your Test API keys so can confirm that all items are updated in the right way and the API is working probably. If so, will provide the ShopItem API Live key which can be used to go live with the Beslist Winkelwagen.

Find the overview of the Beslist Item Updates here ;
Sales -> Beslist -> Items

Find the configuration for the ShopItem API here;
System -> Configuration -> Magmodules - Beslist Shop Item API

You can fill in the Beslist ShopItem API keys by going to;
System -> Configuration -> Magmodules - Beslist Shop Item API
and select the right storeview with the scope selecter on the left top of the configuration page


Make sure that you generate a new feed and make sure that your feed is connected with your Beslist account before starting the steps below.

A. Make sure that Beslist has your Feed location connected
B. Generate a new Feed
3. Follow the steps below

Magento Beslist Winkelwagen

Step 1. Invalidate All Items
When you click the invalidate items link all products are pushed to the query as "needs update". In this way you can update all items so can check if all settings are right and the API connection is healthy.

Magento Beslist Winkelwagen

Step 2. Update All Items
Now all items are queued up to being updated the cronjob will update the items with the configured frequency and numer of items. So if you have product limit of 25 items and the cronjob frequency on 5 minutes it will take about 1 hour to update all the items. You can also update the item using the "update items".