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Magento Beslist Feed

1.Select Storeview
To activate and view the settings of the Beslist Shopping Item API you need to select the right storeview using the dropdown on the top of the left.

Activate the Shopping API
Select if you want to activate the Shopping Item API on the selected store view.

Shop ID
Set the shopping ID in this field which can be contained from

Set the API Key in this field which can be contained from

Test modus
Activate the test modus to check if everything is working fine and the data will come through succesfully.

Magento Beslist Feed

2. General Settings
This shopping cart function from let’s visitors directly pay for their products at This function will control this order and ensures that end up all these orders in the new Beslist order management tab under your Sales tab so you you can handle this as a normal order. In order to use this feature, you have to set the API settings on the relevant Store-level. The settings are only visible when you have this store-view selected via the store switcher on the top left.

Beslist - Item Cart API
Select if you want to activate the API in general.

Update Frequency
Frequency: Set the cron frequency, we would recommend 1 hour or 30 minutes so your orders from Beslist are always up to date.

Product Limit
As the product update can be a heavy task you can limit the number of product updates per cronjob run. In this way you can update the products in stages. You can limit the number of products that you want to update to descrease the cronjob load.

Debug Item Call
Show api debug code on single item update request (item update grid), only enable this when errors occur in request.

Log Item Updates
Set to yes to write all mutations to var/log/beslist.log

You can also download the Logfile directly using the Download button.

Available Connectors
The grid will show the activate API's combined with the updates, test information and a functionallity to directly run the API request.

Magento Beslist Feed
Magento Beslist Feed

3. Beslist Product API
To get a good sight on the product updates send to you can go the the "Items tab" under the Sales -> Beslist tab.

Updated at
See the latest date your product is updated.

Last Call
See the date that your product is called by

Call Result
See the status of the last call.

Needs Update
See if the product needs to be updated to

Update the certain product when needed.


Read more about how to update/invalidate the items for right here.