Shopping Cart Connect

Magento Beslist Feed

1.Set API details
To configure and view the settings of the Beslist Shopping Item API you need to select the right storeview using the dropdown on the top of the left.


Select if you want to activate the Shopping Cart API on the selected store view.

Set the API Key in this field which can be contained from

Client ID
Set the Client ID in this field which can be contained from

Shop ID
Set the Shop ID in this field which can be contained from

Day Limit
Import Orders of the last x-days

Test modus
Activate the test modus to check if everything is working fine and the data will come through succesfully, only available in the Beta versions. In testmodus enabled it will import random orders.

Test Order Product ID
Set a product ID to test the import with that product.

Magento Beslist Feed

2. General Settings
Select the default configuration view from the store view box on the top of the left to see the general settings and active API Connectors for the Beslist Shopping API. This shopping cart function from let’s visitors directly pay for their products at This function will control this order and ensures that end up all these orders in the new Beslist order management tab under your Sales tab so you you can handle this as a normal order. In order to use this feature, you have to set the API settings on the relevant Store-level. The settings are only visible when you have this store-view selected via the store switcher on the top left.

Beslist - Shopping Cart API
Select if you want to activate the API in general.

Frequency: Set the cron frequency, we would recommend 1 hour or 30 minutes so your orders from Beslist are always up to date.

Available Shop API Connectors
The grid will show the activate API's combined with the updates, test information and a functionallity to directly run the API request.

Beslist Shopping Cart - General Settings

Fully Automate
Activate this option to fully automate the order import instead of manually controlled. When an order is placed the automate option will directly add this to your magento store, the manual function is first showing a mention so you can approve and import the order manually.

Seperate housenumber
If you use the second 'street' field as a separate house-number field, enable this option.

Use Beslist Order ID
Use Beslist Order ID instead of Magento Increment Order ID.

Create invoice for order
Select if you want to create a invoice for customer bought from

Shipping Method
Set the default Shipping Method that you want to use on the Beslist orders and a fallback when the default isn't available. You can setup the Beslist Shipping Method in the shipping methods in your Magento configuration.

Import Customers
To import the customer details into your Magento store set this function to yes.

If you want to import the customer details, set the right customer group where you want to import the customer.

Add to mailinglist
Set if you want to add this customer to your mailinglist.

Magento Beslist Feed

3. Using the Shopping Cart function
After you've set the right API details and configured the general settings you can run a test import to make sure everything is working fine before you set it to live.
When a new order is imported there will be a mention on top of the screen so you can complete the order.

Beslist order import
All the orders are imported in a new Beslist order grid which can be found under the Sales -> Beslist -> Orders tab.
Here you can see all the orders generated by, you can import the order to your store and import the client details whenever this is selected.

Magento Beslist Feed

4. Order information
When the order is imported succesfully all order and Beslist details can be found in the order comment section of your order screeen.