If everything is in stock, the order will be automatically imported and an Order Response XML is created to inform Digitec Galaxus about the status of the order import.
In case of an order import with an item which is out of stock, there is a possibility to cancel the full order or the out of stock items only. Digitec Galaxus will be informed about the cancelation using a Cancel Notfication XML.

Orders with items which are out of stock.
If there is an order with more QTY then available then the merchant get's an e-mail that there is an order which can't be imported, from there the merchant has 3 options;

1. Import retry;
The merchant can add stock and retry the Import

2. Cancel Order
This will cancel the full order and sent a full Supplier Cancel Notification

3. Cancel Out Of Stock Items
This will only create a cancelation (notification) for the out of stock items so after this the order with the other items can be imported and fulfilled.

An Order/item cancelation can only be processed to or from Galaxus before the order/item is shipped. Cancellations are handled through the Magento Credit function.
The Order/item cancelation will be confirmed to Digitec Galaxus with a a Cancel Notification and/or confirmation XML.

Create a shipment for a full or partial order and a Dispatch Notification XML file will be created to inform Digitec Galaxus about the full of partial shipment.

After shipment it's only possible to create an Order/item return based on the Return Registration from Digitec Galaxus or a Supplier Return Notification created in the Magento Digitec Galaxus order Grid. To confirm or to inform Digitec Galaxus about the Return, a return confirmation or notification XML will be created. As Magento doesn't handle returns by default the Returns are handled a new Custom Return Grid and not through the Credit-Memo function, this is because a refund can be created and received, denied and accepted combined with a reason for the acceptance or refusal. On the Return Grid there are 3 options.

1. Accept
Accept the Return for the specific items and QTY, no comment is needed and sent.

2. Deny
Deny the Return for the specific items and QTY, a comment is needed and sent.

3. No action required
For this item line there isn’t any action needed.