Fadello - Same Day Delivery

This configuration area can be found at: System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods > Fadello - Same Day Delivery

Fadello Shipment Configuration

Select if you want to enable or disable the Fadello Shipping Method on this storelevel.

Method Title
Set the Method title which is shown in the checkout.

Sort Order
Set the sort order for the Shipping Method.

Set the shipping price rules by using a from and to price.
For eg. a €5.00 shipping price for all orders under €100.00 needs to be configured with the start price of 0.00 and the end price of 100.00.

Fadello Shipment Configuration

Set the availability and naming of the method based on time and day.
For eg. offer Sameday Delivery on weekdays before 13:00 and offer Nextday Evening Delivery between 13:00 and 23:59.
You can use different descriptions for these timespans, like: "Maandagavond levering 18:00-22:30".

Maximum weight
Fill in the Maximum weight of a shipment with the same data format as used in the Products.

Show Method if Not Applicable
Set to Yes if you want to show the Fadello Shipping method when it's not Applicable.

Displayed Error Message
Add a error text which is shown when the Fadello Shipping method is not Applicable.