The config to configure the The Feedback Company connector is located at: System > Configuration > Magmodules > The Feedback Company

1. General Configuration.
Select if you wish to enable the The Feedback Company connector on Global level.

This shows the version that your using at the moment. Locate the productpage in our store to make sure that your using the latest version.

Magento The Feedback Company Connect

2. Merchant Reviews.
Add Merchant review data to your store to gain more confidence. Data can be outputted using built in widgets.

Select if you wish to enable the The Feedback Company connector on Store level.

API Details
Company Name.
Fill in your company name, this is used in the widgets.

The Feedback Company ID.
Login to and navigate to "My Account" (Mijn Account). Here, you will find the field: "The Feedback Company ID". Copy and paste this number to the field in your Magento Admin.

Import Automation.
Use Cron.
You may use the automatic import functionality which uses your Magento Cronjob. A cronjob is a daemon which keeps running and gets activated at a certain interval (time period). Please make sure that your default Magento Cron is working. If not, contact your hosting company for help.

Last Import.
Check the last date and time to check if all reviews are up to date.

Import Now.
Import the reviews Manually using this function.

Magento The Feedback Company Connect

3. Review Invitation.
Send a review reminder fully automatic a certain days after the clients purchased a product in your store. In this way you can automatically gain unique content, trust and re-visites from your clients.

Select if you wish to enable the The Feedback Company Review Inivitation on this Store level.

This code can be obtained from The Feedback Company Dashboard.

Select the status when the order is ready to be sent to The Feedback Company.

This will ensure that the customer receives the invitation shortly after receiving the product and not before. This increases the probability of the client sharing his experience.

Remind Delay.
Send the invitation reminder x days after the previous reminder. 0 = none

Maximum Delay.
Number of days to complete order may last. If it takes longer, then no invitation will be sent.

Resend if Double.
If set to "Yes", customers will get new review reminders for every new order.

Product Reviews.
If set to "Yes", product links will be added to the review email so customers can leave a review about the product.

Debug invitation calls, one enbaled the output van be found in var/debug.log