You can start the installation by downloading the extension package (.zip) file from your dashboard-account under my downloads and follow the installation instructions below.

Note: Creating a backup is recommend and will allow you to revert back to a previous version of your Magento files if something unexpected happens during the extension installation. If this is your first backup, take additional care to verify that the backup is both complete and functional by performing a trial run of your recovery process.

Magento 2 extension installation

1. Upload extension Files
Disable the cache under System­ >> Cache Management. Extract the extension package ZIP-file (using Winzip, WinRar, etc) and upload the app folder to the root directory of the Magento installation.

All folders should match the existing folder structure. If one of our extensions is already installed and you're updating it, make sure to overwrite the existing files of the extension. 

Magento 2 extension installation

1 A. Merge Extension files
For Mac OS users using Transmit. If you are installing the extension in a local environment or you are using Transmit, make sure to merge and not to replace the existing folder's contents. Otherwise, your app and skin folder will be gone.   

Magento 2 extension installation

2. Connect to your magento webserver using SSH
A. Connect
Run the following command in the terminal and enter user password (please skip this step if you're installing expansion on the local machine):


B. Locate The Root
Change your current directory to Magento 2 web root directory running this command:

cd /full_path_to_magento2

C. Start Setup
Start the setup of the The Feedback Company extension by running this command:

php bin/magento module:enable Magmodules_TheFeedbackCompany
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Magento 2 extension installation

3. Installation and Deployment running
Now you've entered the right commands into the SSH client the extension will be installed and deployed.

It can take a few minutes untill all the files are succesfully transfered and deployed in your Magento® 2 Store.

Magento 2 extension installation

4. Flush Cache
Go to System > Configuration > Cache Management and click both the 'Flush Magento Cache' as well as the 'Flush Cache Storage' button.

Congratulations, the extension is now succesfully installed in your Magento® 2 Store and ready to use.