Product Name & Description

Select the attribute associated with the product ID. Use a unique value for each product. Suggested field: SKU

Select the attribute associate with the product name. This attribute needs to match the title of your product landing page. Suggested field: Product Name

Select the attribute associated with the product description. As required by Google the description will be truncated to a maximum of 5000 characters and stripped of html. Suggested field: Description

Image Source
Select which image you would like to display for your product ad. It is recommended that you select all images if they are available, so that any additional images are also exported.

Main Image
Select the source for the main image, other images will be exported as additional image(s).

Unique Product Identifiers
Regarding the Google Shopping requirements, manufactured products need to have two out of three unique identifiers. When there are less than 2 products the "Identifier Exists = false" row will be automatically added in to the feed for this product. This is only required for custom goods or products produced before GTINs were introduced.

Required for all products with a GTIN assigned by the manufacturer. A GTIN is the numerical version of the bar code and identifies your product and needs to be unique for each product ID. Submit a GTIN as defined in the official GS1 validation guide.
More Information.

Required for each product with a clearly associated brand or manufacturer.

Required MPN is a unique identifier issued by the manufacturer. If you have the GTIN in your feed the MPN is not mandatory. Without a GTIN Google requires the MPN and Brand attribute.

Add identifier Exists
Automatily adds "Identifier Exists = false" row when condition is not met. Recommened to set this to Yes.

Product Condition
Product condition is a required field for Google Shopping.

Default Value
Select the default product condition. Only three options are supported: New, Refurbished and Used.

Non Required Product Fields
Although not required, it is recommended that you provide the following product information if the attribute exists, or there are relevant values which match these product attributes:

Size Type
Size System


Go to the official Google Shopping Feed specifications