Follow the steps below to install the Magento extension through the Magento Connect Manager.

Magento Marketplace Extension installation

Open the Magento Connect Manager

1. Log in to your Magento back-end Panel.
2. Go to System >> Magento Connect >> Magento Connect Manager.
3. Log in to the Magento Connect Manager using your admin Username and Password.

Magento Marketplace Extension installation

Get the right Keys from the Magento Marketplace

1. Purchase the extension through the Magento Marketplace.
2. Get the right extension Magento Connect Key from your account through under the "My Access Keys" tab.
3. Copy this key to your clipboard.

Magento Marketplace Extension installationMagento Marketplace Extension installation

Install the extension through the Magento Connect Manager

1. Paste the obtained extension key in the open the text-field under the Install New Extensions tab.
2. The Extension dependencies appears: your package is in Ready to install status. Click to Proceed.
3. Wait till you get the successful installation notification.
4. Click Refresh to finish.

Magento Marketplace Extension installation

Exit the Magento Connect Manager

1. On the top of the Magento Connect Manager, click the Return to admin link.
2. The extension is all set and can be found in the back-end under the Magmodules tab.