Rich Snippets Suite
Rich Snippets Confiuration magento

1. Fix the breadrumbs
If you've activated the Breadcrumbs in the Rich Snippet extension and your breadcrumb does not show the full path like:

Magmodules > Marketing Extensions > Magento Marketing 
But like: 
Magmodules > Rich Snippets Suite.html

You will have to change the settings for your product and category URL because the Magento breadcrumbs can only work when you also show the full path in your URL, so make sure the product URL is also showing the full categories like: 
and not like

2. Configuration for breadcrumbs

Login to your admin panel and select System > Configuration.

In the Configuration panel on the left, select Catalog. Click to expand the Search Engine Optimizations section. Then, do the following:

- To remove the suffix from product URLs, clear the default settings from the Product URL Suffix field.

- To remove the suffix from category URLs, clear the default settings from the Category URL Suffix field. 
Note: For an existing catalog, you will need to refresh the Search Indexing (Catalog > Search Indexing) and browser cache (F5).

- To submit the category path from product URLs, set Use Categories Path for Product URL.

When complete, click the Save Config button.