Rich Snippets Suite

My Rich Snippets are not fully visible in the Google
When you activated and configurated the Rich Snippet Suite and you checked it as working regarding this article it can take up to 12 weeks untill the Rich Snippets are going to be visible. Unfortunally we don't have further influence on the way Google crawls your store included the Rich Snippets but there are some methods to ensure that Google is ready to index the Rich Snippets in the right way.

1) Check the settings
Validation and visualization tool for microdata, JSON-LD and RDFa, along with vocabulary validation support for the Rich Sippets, see this post about testing and the tools below:

- Official Google Structured Data Tester
- Structured Data Linter

2) Use the Google Webmasters
To check if Google is getting the structured data in the right way, you may use the Google Webmastertools.
It allows you to check indexing status and optimize visibility of your store. See the structured data under the "structured data" to see if there is already Structured Data detected and check if Google crawls your page in the right way. There is also a ROBOT.txt tester to see if Google is allowed crawling and indexing your store in the right way.