Shipping Costs Based on Distance

To activate the extension locate the config at: System > Configuration > Magmodules > Shipping Costs Based on Distance.

Magento Shipping Costs Based on Distance Activate

1. Activate the extension
Paste the obtained key in the field "License Key" and save config.

After saving, the message "Valid License Key" (in green) should be visible under the license key field. If it displays a "Invalid license key" message in red, please check if the value in the Server Name field matched the one used when purchasing the extension.

If there is a mismatch, please check your user account and the "my license keys" tab to check if the base-url is matching your license-keu. If you have an staging or development domain and you need an optional license key for that specific domain you can also generate this easily in your account dashboard.

Note: If you wish to de-activate the extension on a store review, make sure to activate the extension on the main store view.

Magento Shipping Costs Based on Distance productpage

2. Show the Shipping Calculator on the Productpage
You can easily add a shipping calculator to the product page of your Store.

Set the defined postalcode or country to calculate the shipping distance and the total price of the shipping on your Productpage.
It's possible to only show the shipping based on distance or also another shipping method. Whenever Free shipping is available you can also show this using the multiple select.

Add the calculator manually using this code:

<?php echo $this->getChildHtml('estimator'); ?>