Shopreview - Customer Testimonials

Now, everything is set up in the back end and the extension is ready to use.

Magento Shopreview Store

1. General Configuration:
You can control and check the Shopreview options like below. 
Go to: Reviews > Shopreview

> Manage Shopreviews
> Coupons 
> Shopreview Config

Magento Shopreview Store

2. Shop review Manager:
In the Shop review manager, you will get a full list of all your shop reviews .
The tables shown contain customer details such as the name, e-mail, rating, and the date the shop review was posted. 

The status is also shown. This is only relevant if you disabled autoposting.

Magento Shopreview Store Magento Shopreview Store Magento Shopreview Store

3. Edit or Add Shop review:
You may add a new shop review by clicking the add shop review button. To edit a shop review, click the edit link at the end of the shop review to open the shop review edit page. In this page, you may edit the details of the shop review or add a comment that will be shown in the front end. This way, you may reply to the customer's shop review to show your customer gratitude, or to respond to something regarding the review..

Magento Shopreview Store

4. Coupon Manager:
In this Manager, you can see the full list of generated coupon codes if you have enabled this functionality. You can see the Coupon ID as an identification code for the generated Coupon code. The shop review ID is the number of written shop reviews. This number is shown in the Shop review Manager. At the end, you can see if the generated coupon code is already used.