Magento® 2 Extensions

Magento® 2 Extensions

This new version of Magento has a whole new way on how the structure of Magento® is build up. Because of the new structure of Magento all our extensions will be rewritten for Magento® 2. The backend User Interface have some great improvements. The menu system is organised and grouped in two management functions; Ecommerce and System. In this way you have a better visibility about the store configuration and the catalog/sales section. In the product manager it's now easier to create or edit the products due a friendly and easier user interface.

Our team is currently working on developing the new extensions, the extensions with a know release date are already shown below in the listing view, please subscribe on our mailinglist so we can keep you up to date regarding the extension updates.

  • Mollie Payments

    Mollie Payments

    The official Mollie extension for Magento® 2