Datatrics, a platform for marketers to create predictive marketing. With the Magento 2 plugin, it’s possible to sync the orders, customers, and products to the Datatrics platform where you can use their machine learning and algorithms to create clear and real-time customer profiles which can be used for more effective Marketing which results in significantly higher conversion.

By creating unique and personalized customer profiles based on their journey and activities within the Magento 2 store, Datatrics make it possible to predict the customers needs an automatically serve dynamic content through different as website content, e-mail marketing or any way of advertising. In this way, the advertisement is more relevant which results in higher conversion and a better brand experience.

Datatrics and Magento 2

Together with the Datatrics integration team, we’ve developed an extensive Magento 2 extension which covers the following touchpoint\;

  • Products; export all your Magento 2 products to Datatrics so the customer purchase can be linked to the product-information.
  • Sales; export all the sales information based on an Order state to the Datatrics platform to segment their values and needs.
  • Customers; exports the customers to the Datatrics to create their unique and personalized future content.
  • Pixel; Track the customer in their journey to get up with the Datatrics machine learning and get all out of the system.

BETA version
The extension is now available for BETA customers where we can help setting up the Datatrics extension within Magento as well in the Datatrics platform. Sign up through our form and let’s get started optimizing your customer advertisement!