Finally, after many hours of development, debugging, and testing we are happy to announce that we’ve launched the first 1.0.0 version of our new Accounting E-boekhouden extension. E-boekhouden is a popular accounting program that is widely used in the Netherlands. Especially for smaller businesses that do not need a full-time accountant, this is a widely used accounting program.

Therefore, we’ve developed this extension, to easily connect Magento 2 with E-boekhouden. With this base, it’s the start of something new as we are planning to create even more accounting connections. Next to E-boekhouden, we are planning to develop a direct connection with accounting tools as Exact online, Yuki, Snelstart, Quickbooks, and Reeleezee as well.

Why did we develop this accounting extension?

As we were looking for a good way to integrate the accounting software for ourselves as well clients, we couldn’t find a good service to connect Magento 2 and the accounting service directly, instead of through an external API. Next to the high monthly prices the competitors offer, we also missed some basic functions as CLI commands and specifically for us, the possibility to use MOSS taxes within the accounting Connection.

What makes this E-boekhouden Connection different?

The most important difference is code quality and how this extension hooks into Magento 2. We’ve tried to make it as lightweight as possible without losing the control and overview of all your synchronizations. The configuration should be clear and easy as well as advanced and extensive. It’s the challenge that we always have when we develop a new Magento extension but especially in the case of an accounting connection plugin like this, it was even more challenging. For Synchronisation Logs on invoices, credit memo’s and customers, we’ve used the default Magento UI. The same we did for the general data overview for invoices, credit memos, and customers. 

The E-boekhouden Extension Setup

All the available data is collected within the Accounting base extension where we save the different Magento customer, invoice and credit memo data. From there we’ve created a layer specified for the accounting platform, in this case; E-boekhouden. Within the accounting base extension, it’s possible to manage the basic settings as start date, automation, and advanced options.

Within the E-boekhouden configuration, it’s possible to set specific platform settings as the direct SOAP connection, setup the automatically loaded ledger accounts & costs centers, and set up your basic tax settings. There is a separate function to easily map your tax rates with the e-boekhouden platform as well.

What about pricing?

With our setup and possible scalability, we have been able to keep the extension affordable with a one-time purchase price, without any limit on orders, invoices, and syncs.

The extension is available for only € 299,- one time only. Read more about the extension right here.