release notes magento extension november

Date:19 November 2020

Extension: Mollie



  • Fix: For the disabled setting for Payment Reminders #317 (thnx @Tjitse-E)
  • Fix: Made it possible to start a transaction as a guest on WebAPI #319 (thnx @royduin)
  • Fix: Calculate the payment fee over the shipping including tax
  • Fix: Price fix for bundles without dynamic price and discounts
  • Fix: Check if the record already exists to prevent unique constraint errors
  • Fix: Throw a 404 is the order does not exist so we can work around timing issues
  • Fix: For the wrong redirect on Mollie Components
  • Fix: Allow to place a second chance order when the original order is canceled
  • Refactored second change email queue sending to bypass infinite loop in rare cases #320
  • Improvement: Moved test to dedicated test class
  • Improvement: Cleaned some CSV lines

Date:14 November 2020

Extension: Digitec Galaxus



  • Feature: Shipping notes upload can now also be enabled for CRON
  • Feature: Possibility to use a CLI command to import the Order XML
  • Feature: Support for out-of-stock threshold in combination with backorders
  • Fix: Multi street rows in order import
  • Improvement: Better separation of Company / customer name in order import

Date:10 November 2020

Extension: Feedback Company



  • Fixed paging on review listing page
  • Better review listing layout

Date:9 November 2020

Extension: Magento 2 - Channable



  • Fix: Removed duplicate limit on product collection
  • Fix: Only update item data if data is available

Date:6 November 2020

Extension: Sooqr



  • Removed deprecated API key from config

Date:4 November 2020

Extension: Paazl



  • Features: Toggle between Widget tabs and buttons
  • Features: Make the house number 0 configurable value per storefront
  • Fix: Removed order comment as label description
  • Fix: Skip parsing address logic if 3 address line are enabled
  • Fix: Issue where the Shipping option is reset in the checkout
  • Fix: Fixed Locale widget error
  • Fix: Added CSP Whitelist
  • Improvement: Lock rates after calling SetShippingInformation