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Shop Review for Magento uses the modern equivalent of word of mouth to promote your business. The recent and ever increasing popularity of Internet shopping and profile information with feedback and votes act as online referrals - a satisfied customer acts as a testimonial, or even an advertisement to attract a new one. With favourable reviews and increased content, customer trust in the products or service you offer tends to increase – so sales receive a boost, as customers gain confidence. Compared to the cost of conventional advertising in printed publications, software extensions such as this are one of the most effective and economical investments a business can make in its future growth and building customer revenue over the medium to long term.

With this extensions you can ask, collect, add, edit and remove client customer testimonials. All the reviews that you’ve collected with this extension can be shown in a well designed responsive overview page and/or in the sidebar to show other customers that your store is trustful and there are many customers before them.

A full control-able review tool for your Magento store

You may already realise that Magento has a number of review tools such as Yelp and Google, but with these tools, all review content which is provided by reviewers (your customers) then becomes the content provider’s property, instead of remaining your own. With this shop extension, however, such review content remains yours. It also displays on your web shop in your own style, using CSS (cascading style sheets) where applicable in the page’s existing code. Apart from presenting a consistent and uniform appearance, this also offers you the advantage of better control over your own content. In other words, this Magento extension improves you with unique content in addition to enhancing your search results. It also offers an extra facility, to create rich snippets for your web shop (see below).


The Benefits of this Magento Review Manager

Shop review is designed for the latest Magento versions and is supplied with clear documentation, along with a license for our multi store product. Unlimited upgrades and support are provided for six months free of charge and the product comes with a fifteen-day money back guarantee. Support can be extended to an unlimited period for a small one-off fee. Its ample and unique features include a stylish sidebar widget with shop reviews, a home page widget with product reviews and even custom review fields can be created (up to a maximum of five). The product is well coded to your store’s existing CSS and snippets can be enabled or disabled. Additionally, if you use the widget we supply (included with this product) to show your store reviews on your site's homepage, major search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo will create rich snippets for your store. These mean users can recognize your store easily and quickly, which results resulting in a superior click-through-rate for your web shop and the probability of increased sales.

Easily Manage, Add, Edit and Collect the Reviews

The product is simple to install and usually takes less than two minutes; it is easy to activate with the license key code supplied. With a downloaded zip file, simply follow the detailed instructions provided, with screen dumps of the six straightforward steps to guide you. The license key should then display in green when input correctly, instead of red. To configure the shop review and customer testimonials extension, first edit the general configuration sections as required to allow customer reviews, guest reviews, paging for multiple reviews, the number of reviews per page. You may then also wish to review or amend the default layout options, the search engine description and customer fields to suit your own requirements such as service, deliveries, observations and any other special customer details. Left and right side bars, home page widgets and email configuration and coupon generation parameters can also be set.

After completing this final step of configuring The Shopreview - Customer Testimonials extension, you can and start using it. See its help files for more information and suggestions; the main menus can be explored and used to manage shop reviews or coupons, or return to the configuration options.

Reward your Customers

You can even reward your customers when the’ve written a review about your store. It’s now possible to let the extension generate a unique coupon code when they left an review, you can sent this couponcode by e-mail or show it on the success page right away. It’s possible to only give this discount when you approved the review.

Technical Product Features

  • Show Customer Images in the Front-end   NEW
  • Comes with a whole new review manager
  • Fully customizable frontend review submit form
  • CSS star rating
  • Set the name of the Shopreview URL and the toplink name
  • Reward your customers for writing a review   Reward

About Magmodules

We are a Dutch Magento® Only Agency dedicated to the development of extensions for Magento®1 and Magento®2. All our extensions are high quality coded by our own team and our support team is always there to help you out.

Extension Features

  • Boost your trust and create unique content
  • Add coupons to trigger the customer to buy again
  • Good store reviews are a conversion optimizer
  • No monthly subscription costs or service for your storereviews
  • Tested on the latest versions of Magento
  • 15 day money back guarantee
  • Free support for 6 months
  • Free upgrades for 6 months
  • Only one license needed for a multistore
  • Well written documentation

Our customer about the Shopreview - Customer Testimonials

26 customers
  • Rating
    Everything works as advertised and their customer service is awesome!
    Review by Bradon 8/9/2017
    Everything works as advertised and their customer service is awesome! They are very responsive and willing to help. They made some custom modifications to make the extension work exactly as I wanted. I would highly recommend Magmodules.
  • Rating
    Valuable data
    Review by Williamon 5/9/2016
    We migrated to Magento from a shopping cart with this functionality, and had 3,500+ customer reviews that we weren't getting credit for. This extension let us display those historical reviews and start capturing them in Magento. Very effective.
  • Rating
    Great extensions
    Review by Johnon 4/22/2016
    Great extensions, easy to use and great support. Every Magento shop should have the customer review and the shop review extension..
  • Rating
    Very nice one
    Review by Richardon 4/14/2016
    Very nicely done, some features could be complementary, like a switching automatically the reviews displayed on the homepage. But overall it does very nicely the job.
  • Rating
    Great Extension and Great Support
    Review by Ceposson 3/11/2016
    Great extension and support was always soo kind, fast and clear. Thanks
  • Rating
    Great Extension!
    Review by Muziekleson 2/23/2016
    I can recommend this extension to anyone whou2019s looking for a way to let customers know what other people think about their shop. Great product! Great Support.
  • Rating
    Another great Magmodules extension
    Review by Mirrabookaon 1/26/2016
    Great extension for generating and displaying shop reviews on site, and getting customers to tell you your strengths/weaknesses.Easy to install and configure. Works well with other Magmodules extensions.
  • Rating
    Fantastic Support (& module of course)
    Review by Karenon 1/14/2016
    We've been looking for a module for a while now and came across this Shop Review extension. It ticked all our boxes and looks great on our website. However the thing that stood out is the support and communication response given by Frank. Will recommend this extension to anyone, and if you're unsure - just ask! Peace of mind to know if there are any problems you aren't just left on your own to sort it out.
  • Rating
    Simply the best ;)
    Review by Wagenaaron 1/7/2016
    Great extensions are available on this website. It's going to save you a lot of time !!!
  • Rating
    Review by Abbule12on 10/12/2015
    Support 10!Speed 10!I received a perfect service!I recommend to everyone
  • Rating
    Very good
    Review by Gediminason 3/29/2015
    Perfect extension and working very well. Support also amazing and answering any questions quickly. 4 stars only because of free upgrade period only 6 month. Usually I avoiding to buy extension with limited free upgrade but this one has all my needs .
  • Rating
    Great extention
    Review by Personaltouchon 3/9/2015
    Nothing but good things to say about this module and Magmodules support. I opted to have them perform the installation for this module and review-reminder" together which proved to be good decision. I wish my developers were as knowledgeable as these guys. We just went live with so I do not have a track record to share my sales results but all is functioning nicely and I have no doubt that this module will increase our Once in a while you come across a company that goes the extra mile for their customers. That was my experience with magmodules. They even resolved some responsive issues I had in my template... Thanks again."
  • Rating
    every shop need it
    Review by Ammaron 2/9/2015
    i just can say , working great and easy to install , support is super
  • Rating
    A good extention
    Review by Marboon 2/1/2015
    A must for any shop. Excellent service and quick response.
  • Rating
    What a great extension, a must have !!!
    Review by Marcwaleson 1/27/2015
    The best support team i've ever met, 20 seconds to install and off you go. Finally a review summary on my homepage and some nice rich snippet on google now ;) Great to be combined with the product review reminder" extension
  • Rating
    Real added value
    Review by D0tc0mon 1/22/2015
    Great extension! Why pay a fee every month to a 3rd party to have shop reviews about your webshop/site when you can use this module?Works perfectly out of the box and very flexible and highly customizable (styling) at an affordable price.
  • Rating
    The best shopreview extension
    Review by Albertpareraon 10/31/2014
    Fantastic extension and very professional support team behind! They're very fast response support, serious and responsible.Nice extension and nice experience working with them.
  • Rating
    Great extension
    Review by Steven_VDBon 10/1/2014
    Nice looking and useful extension.Good support: a small bug was fixed within one day.
  • Rating
    Another FIRST CLASS module by this team!
    Review by leson 9/15/2014
    This is a very professionally produced module to add to your magento store. My reviews have gone from none existent to several per day! Its looking good. This combined with quick super personal support means that i award it a 5 star review. Highly recommended purchase.
  • Rating
    Extremely useful and powerful marketing extension
    Review by Harrygrowleron 9/6/2014
    I have invested a great deal of time researching 'shop-review' methods and available solutions. The purchase of this module was the conclusion and the results have been beyond expectation. It works very smoothly, automated (by choice) and does wonders for your seo results. The homepage 'widget' is very stylish and displays customer friendly info-type-graphics. The admin side configuration is perfect and the support is 5 star. The magmodules team have restored my faith in magento developers!I 100% recommend and endorse this extension, so much so i am spending part of my Saturday evening typing this!(hide)
  • Rating
    Awesome extension!
    Review by Buddybakhuijsenon 3/27/2014
    Easy 2 minute integration. Very usefull user guide. No errors, just great! Highly recommended!
  • Rating
    Awesome shopreview extension, great service!!
    Review by Buddyon 3/17/2014
    What a lifesaver! One minute installation and 5 minute configuration. Bugfree, great user guide and incredible service from Frank! Thanks, I'm in review heaven!
  • Rating
    Nice extensione and great support
    Review by Robertoon 2/24/2014
    We have used Shopreview - Customer Testimonials and it's very well developed.
    We have found some minor bug but have been fixed in some hours. Very great support.
  • Rating
    Very good extension
    Review by R_montenovoon 2/11/2014
    Easy installation and many configuration option. Great support.
  • Rating
    Review by Lcorsaroon 12/14/2013
    Easy to install and with many options to configure, the best way to increase traffic to your shop.Excellent support.
  • Rating
    Excellent extension!
    Review by Marboon 10/29/2013
    Excellent support and the extension is working as promised!


Why do we have License keys?
We are using license keys in our extensions for licensing and anti-copy purposes. The purchased extensions will only work in the Magento® installations that you have a license keys for. Each license key is linked to one domain; the license key will need to be used for the Magento® installation running on that specific domain. You can’t use the extension without a license key as you can only activate the extension using the license key we provided for you.

Every license key is valid for one single Magento® installation. A single Magento® installation is one instance of Magento®, including an unlimited amount of websites, stores and store views.

See this guide to read more about how to change or add a license key for the staging or production environment after when your moving from domain or when you need license keys for development domains.

License Key doesn't work
If you enter a license key that is not valid for the domain where Magento® is installed on, a red error message will be shown in the configuration stating that the license key is invalid and that the extension can't be enabled.
Already purchased a license key for this domain and it still doesn't work? Get in touch with us and tell us your order number (back from when you've purchased the extension) and what you see in the Server Name field just above the License Key field - we'll be happy to help.

Moving license to a new store/domain
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Moving to a production/live environment later?
When you want to implement the extension in your testing environment for now and move to another production environment later, just purchase the extension on the final production domain so you can add development/testing/staging keys in your account under the my license keys tab.


Trial Period

For all orders at Magmodules is a reflection / trial period of 15 days.
During this period you can try the extension and whether it will meet your expectations.
If you are not completely satisfied with a product you return within the time limit indicated. Once we receive your request with the invoice within 15 days of shipment we will deposit as soon as possible, within 21 days, the full refund would be done.

The conditions for these 15 days "Money Back" guarantee are as follows:
- The original invoice must be included;
- If the module is already installed, it is a requirement that it is completely removed from the server and is no longer in use;
- This warranty does not apply for customized products;
- This warranty does not apply for services as the installation service, you receive only the refund of price of the products.

If you want to use our 15 day warranty please contact us. We love to hear from you the following things:
- The name of the extension;
- The order or invoice number;
- Whether you want to exchange the product or refund the purchase price that you want
- If you want a refund: please enclose your bankaccountnumber;

Although it's not required to give a reason for returning the extension but we still like to hear why you had returned the product We find it important that our customers are satisfied!


Version 2.2.3 (release: 29-06-2018)
* Extra caching added
* Fixed transactional email not being loaded in admin
* Small Bugfixes

Version 2.2.2 (release: 15-03-2018)
* Improved Coupon Generation handling
* Improved e-mail handling on auto approve
* Small Bugfixes

Version 2.2.1 (release: 11-27-2017)
* CSS optimalisation

Version 2.2.0 (release: 11-10-2017)
* Completely rewritten for the Marketplace
* Improved translations
* Improved e-mail templates
* Improved widget and sidebar caching
* Improved score calculation performance
* Improved CSS

Version 2.1.4 (release: 13-10-2015)
* Rewritten customer photo uploader
* Small bug fixes (combined update)

Version 2.1.1 (release: 08-07-2015)
*Fixed user roles after SUPEE-6285 patch

Version 2.1.2 (release: 01-09-2015)
* Fixed multi-store setup
* Improved widget HTML

Version 2.0.7 (release: 20-06-2015)
* CSS Fix

Version 2.0.6 (release: 14-06-2015)
* Stars required Fix

Version 2.0.5 (release: 25-03-2015)
*Added canonical urls for review url
* Updated url handeling for custom urls

Version 2.0.4 (release: 20-03-2015)
*New Feature: Set custom toplink name
*New Feature: Hide Reviewfield when there is only 1
*Optimized: Improved CSS

Version 2.0.3 (release: 17-02-2015)
* Fix in the notation of the sidebar-score

Version 2.0.2 (release: 03-02-2015)
* Small bug fixes

Version 2.0.1 (release: 17-11-2014)
*New Feature: set custom frontend url

Version 2.0.0
*New Feature: Reward The Customers With a Personal Discount Code for Writing a Review! (Boost your sales)
*New Feature: All New Responsive Flat Design
*New Feature: Add Custom Customer Fields
*New Feature: Add Customer Image
*New Feature: Even More Configuration Options!

*Optimized: Better Sidebars
*Optimized: Rich Snippets support
*Optimized: Mobile CSS

Version 1.4.0
- Bugfixes in multistore mode
- Compatible with 1.9.x

Version 1.3.6
- New Sidebars
- Bugfixes

Version 1.3.0
- Admin email notification
- Send customer email after submit
- Send customer email after approval (great for coupon code!)
- Fixed listing sorting (included time in post date)
- 3 email theme's included

Version 1.2.0
- Sidebar Widget (fully configurable via de admin)
- Css star rating (no javascript, with fall back for old browsers)
- Anti Spam measures

Download Shopreview - Customer Testimonials for Magento (version: 2.2.3)

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Availability: In stock

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