Google Shopping Feed

This extension for Magento has been specifically developed to enhance your online Google store. A single add-on unit, it enables you to easily generate and manage an entire shopping feed – without omissions, saving you time. With your products available in a Google shop, you will receive new site visitors who want to buy. The products or services you sell can be swiftly imported to your Google merchant account to this add-on. To avoid errors, the software checks or supplies all the necessary data for your Google merchant account, to make sure that there are no omissions or unprofessional looking results in your data feed. Choosing feed categories from the large Google taxonomy is not always straightforward when done manually; it can be difficult and time-consuming to choose and repeatedly select correctly. With this add-on, everything is simpler. The extension support all products types, even configurable and bundled/grouped products.

Adaptable to Your Needs

In your implementation, you can choose to include or exclude specific products with different filter methods, whether to accept the correct product description and use standard industry identifiers such as EAN, UPC or MPN - or use the GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number) to define the brand. There is also a new ‘Identifier exists’ attribute, which can be deselected for custom goods that do not have a standard part reference. The feeds you create will always be kept up to date, as they interact with your merchant account and multiple store views can be generated. These generation settings may be customised to generate automatically or manually, as you prefer. You will see throughout that this add-on has been designed for ease of use, yet also has some advanced options for power users. If you require extra control, feeds can be generated in seconds with the ‘Cronjob’ option, without having to use the Google Shopping API. Sales tax rates or VAT etc. can be set manually, a catalogue list and price rules can be included. Usefully, extra rules and shipping prices may be added if required.

Compatible with grouped and configurable products

The Google Shopping extension is fully compatible with grouped and configurable products. The configurable products have a full fallback on the parent data which can be easily configured so all products can get the right data in your Google Shopping Feed through the latest Google requirement standards. The grouped products have the required grouped-id tag in the Google Shopping Feed so the Google Merchant recognize the Grouped products in the feed and place them in the right group. All items that are color/material/pattern/size variants of the same product must have the same item group id or you can use the configurable fallback option to meet the Google requirements.

Configurable products reinvented

Where it was already possible to get the configurable product data to your feed by setting the right parent information on the Simple products. This Google Shopping extension now adds a little shortcode to the configurable product to automatically select the right simple-product option and price. In this way your product links have the right price and setting so Google will approve the product in your Google Merchant account. For example, the link will be ;

Screenshots off the Google Shopping Extension

Simple Configuration for Your Ease

Once installed, the extension is easy to configure. From the main Magmodules menu, enter Google Shopping and then select from the four areas of data, advanced options, filters and generation settings. Data can be set for conditions, product type, brands, part numbers or other parameters. Advanced options include tax and customisation of price rules for your own business model, such as extra fields or delivery markers etc. Filters may also set, should you wish, to exclude products from the Google feed - this may be useful, for instance, if stocks fall below a certain level.

Technical Product Features

  • Compatible with the latest Google Shopping feed requirements
  • Works with all Magento product types, even configurable products    NEW
  • Turnkey solution, no xml or api knowledge required
  • Always exports a well structured data feed
  • Unlimited store views with localized content
  • 100% built for Google Shopping / Merchant
  • Filter options by category, stock status, product status and visibility
  • Automatic mode to update your feed by cron
  • Possibility to use the new "Identifier Exists" attribute    LATEST GOOGLE RULE
  • Support for special prices with from / to date
  • Support for catalog price rules
  • Easily add new extra attributes though the admin
  • Make use of configurable with switch urls which Automatically adds a Shortcode to your configurable URL that automatically selects the right simple-product option and price  AUTO SWITCH URL

About Magmodules

We are a Dutch Magento® Only Agency dedicated to the development of extensions for Magento®1 and Magento®2. All our extensions are high quality coded by our own team and our support team is always there to help you out.

Extension Features

  • Turnkey Solution
  • Fast configuration
  • 15 day money back guarantee
  • For beginner and advanced users
  • Comes with complete Documentation
  • Works with the latest versions of Magento

Our customer about the Google Shopping Feed

77 customers
  • Rating
    I recomend !
    Review by Dmitry Voronovon 8/4/2018
    Lightweight and powerfull extension. Easy to install and to configure.
    We didn't switch our catalog tables to "flat mode", but the extension works very fast. The feed is generated in 1-2 seconds.
  • Rating
    Great extension and great support
    Review by Augustoon 7/30/2018
    All works fine, easy configuration and great support.
    Thank you!
  • Rating
    Great Extension with all the features you could need
    Review by Martnon 12/4/2017
    This has all the settings needed to take full advantage of your Google merchant account. We had an issue when first installed because an earlier version hadn't been removed fully. However the tech support was simply excellent and I had it all sorted and running very quickly!
  • Rating
    Review by Julianon 8/18/2017
    My client's inventory was not necessarily well organized when I was first asked to set it up for Google Shopping Ads. It was more like a mess due to poor management by many people with little technical knowledge, but that could not be an excuse for me. So I went out to find a 3rd party solution that fits my needs and found Magmodules. I could see that they made it based on their own experience and that made me believe this one must be very reliable. Good developers wouldn't mind making their own tools to build even bigger projects. We all know how Slack and other great apps started. They made it for themselves! When I finally saw the flawless feed coming to the Google Merchant Center, I was so relieved that I wanted to write a review and share how good this product is with the rest of the Magento community. Recommended for every Magento stores considering Google Shopping Ads.
  • Rating
    Review by simoneon 8/17/2017
    Works perfectly. Installed in 2 minutes. Easy to use.
  • Rating
    Superb Extension & Support
    Review by Frankon 7/12/2017
    Awesome functionality! Very affordable! And the support is great!
  • Rating
    Great Extension and Support
    Review by Vickyon 5/25/2017
    I really didn't know what I was doing and tried to follow the instructions as best as I could, but I was still having issues with the feed. Frank was so helpful and helped me make sure I got my settings right, that it was well worth it. I learned a lot from him and now feel like I know even more about google shopper!
  • Rating
    Perfect extension!
    Review by Rolandon 4/13/2017
    Perfect extension!
  • Rating
    Good extension
    Review by Stefanon 3/24/2017
    The Google Shopping Feed extension does what it says and it is easy to install. My questions were answered fast and the support is great.
  • Rating
    Great Plugin and great support
    Review by Centuriusltdon 2/8/2017
    A fantastic plugin that enhances the functionality of Magento ten-fold. We initially set this up for our client and like any plugin there were teething issue. After a quick email to support the issue was fixed within 15 minutes and now everything runs like clockwork. For anyone looking to auto generate their feeds this plugin is a must!
  • Rating
    Simple Good
    Review by Alexison 12/1/2016
    I sought and found an easy to use tool for creating of feed data for Google.
    The created feed was recognized and accepted by Google Shopping without any problems.
    Tip: With several shops you should pre-register a Google multi-client account. Otherwise google does not accept the second feed, and you have to wait until the account is activated. ;)
  • Rating
    Great extension
    Review by Tanyaon 11/18/2016
    This extension is fantastic, it does a great job and the feed is updated every single day. The support was also excellent. Highly recommended!
  • Rating
    Feature Rich with Excellent Support!!!!
    Review by Bluecompudiscon 11/17/2016
    The Magmodules Google Shopping Feed is THE best add on for Magento I have ever used. They constantly update it and have superb fast support via a chat window. It's a super stable app that does everything I need and more. The new advanced filter feature gives you total control over which products you submit to Google. You can use price bands and many other attributes to fine tune exactly what's uploaded and what's not. Very, very, good. The support is absolute creamy goodness. Thanks.
  • Rating
    Review by Oriolon 11/15/2016
    Works like a charm. Easy to configure.
  • Rating
    Excellent Extension and Support
    Review by AndrewAUKon 11/12/2016
    Does exactly what is needed. Read through the instructions on setting up slowly and work through each section. Works brilliantly Thanks
  • Rating
    great value, easy to configure, outstanding support
    Review by Dale75on 10/24/2016
    We use 'Google Shopping Feed' (and 'Rich Snippets Suite') from since 2015: Great value, easy to configure, outstanding support (<<12h!). Highly Recommended! Magento
  • Rating
    This extension helps me a lot.
    Review by Rheeiton 10/14/2016
    Great extension voor google Shopping.And i have MageModules on my Whitelist. Good Job, guys!
  • Rating
    Terrific Extension
    Review by Stephenon 9/23/2016
    I found the Google Shipping fairly complex to set up on Magento and the extension made a hard job extremely easy. I had a few initial difficulties but Frank and the customer service team were exceptionally fast in their responses to my questions and extremely helpful in getting everything functioning properly. I thoroughly recommend this extension.
  • Rating
    Works perfectly
    Review by Lordmelburyon 9/23/2016
    This extension is extremely good value and I have to say that the after sales support by Frank has been exemplary. I can't recommend them enough. If only all technical support and software was this good!
  • Rating
    Im really impressed
    Review by Yosefadelman1on 9/6/2016
    I am really impressed with this plugin. The feed worked pretty well but i had an issue (with my data). Turns our my descriptions had invalid characters. I contacted support, and Frank was patient, walked me through the process of debugging and now my feed is up. Im thoroughly impressed and I welcome anyone to try this plugin as well.
  • Rating
    Amazing Product and Service
    Review by Vozopon 8/8/2016
    We bought this for serveal times for different website. They all work great. Frank and his team are wonderful and professional, they help us to use this product and make sure things are going smoothly. Really appreciated and look forward to more products.
  • Rating
    Fantastic Support - Great Product!
    Review by Jo_Gillon 7/20/2016
    Can't thank Frank at Mag Modules enough! Sent through latest version of the google shopping feed at no extra charge with no issues (original purchased April 2015)! This developer ALWAYS gets back to you straight away and the product does what it says in the description. Whats not to like? Also had no problem discussing installation with my developers - thank you. Thanks again - would highly recommend and use again. Jo Gill
  • Rating
    Very impressive!
    Review by Quanticoon 6/3/2016
    Great extension to compile Magento product data for Google's Merchant Centre. Fully featured with regular updates. I also have their Rich Snippet Suite which is just as good. Highly recommended. Thanks, James
  • Rating
    Perfect extension with perfect support
    Review by Icewolf03on 5/26/2016
    Quick and easy installation. Immediate support and configuration assistance, even after the sale. I can recommend the product and the developer. Thanks for the good work.
  • Rating
    Excellent product
    Review by Jagon 5/16/2016
    Does exactly what is required with great ease and simplicity. Highly recommended.
  • Rating
    Great extension and even better support!
    Review by Eholsteron 5/13/2016
    Installation is well documented and was quick and easy to install myself. Configuration was easy as well. I had one special request to change the default category for a couple of our products. Their support team responded very quickly with specific steps on how to make it happen. I highly recommend this extension! We are using Magento
  • Rating
    Review by Justfortheteston 3/30/2016
    Great extension. Works perfectly and the support is superb. I asked for an extra filter and a week later I get a new version. I definately recommend this extension. Works well on our site
  • Rating
    Super, simple and efficiant
    Review by Delidiscounton 3/23/2016
    Was easy to install, good clean instructions to install and when you have a question, support is really fast ! We use
  • Rating
    Perfect !!!
    Review by Delidiscounton 3/23/2016
    Works perfect and super and quick support. We work with
  • Rating
    Easy and worked straight away
    Review by Leslieon 3/22/2016
    So simple and easy to use. I no have all my google shopping items uploaded daily which is perfect for what I need.
    Don't waste your money buying expensive google shopping extensions. This will do the trick ;)
  • Rating
    Great Extension, Fantastic Support!
    Review by Contemptxon 3/21/2016
    I have purchased several extensions from Frank and his team and never had a problem with any of them. I opted to install & configure this one myself which after a few tweaks of the settings worked as intended. Highly recommended.
  • Rating
    Just great
    Review by Marcelon 2/2/2016
    Great extension. Does exactly what was needed, in an easy way. We also got great support when we had a question.
  • Rating
    Great Extension
    Review by JeanDaPaulon 1/26/2016
    Great extension and great technical support. I had 1 problem with the update and they fixed it really quick.
  • Rating
    Excellent product!
    Review by Williamon 1/23/2016
    I tested other modules before. This is certainly the best, most complete and easy to install. I had some doubts of how it could setting. The support was quick and efficient.
  • Rating
    great extension
    Review by Petethesweepon 1/19/2016
    does what it says - easy-ish to set up and get working within the weird ways Google Shopping needs things configured - great support the few times i have needed it.
  • Rating
    Very Happy customer
    Review by rafion 1/16/2016
    When I bough the feed some minor err on google
    But Frank quickly fixed it , Iam very happy and pleased, Thanks
  • Rating
    Review by EVAon 1/7/2016
  • Rating
    works Great
    Review by Jewelswalaon 1/6/2016
    i bought this product had some trouble in the begeningi emailed to support ,
  • Rating
    Great stuff!
    Review by Matthiason 12/28/2015
    Easy to install and set up due to the good manual - 100% recommendation!
  • Rating
    Great from start to finish...
    Review by Jakeon 12/8/2015
    The extension works amazingly. Frank was a great help all the way. Would 100% recommend
  • Rating
    Great extension...
    Review by Jakehardyon 10/23/2015
    This is an excellent extension! Frank & the team have been great helping me when needed. Iu2019m extremely satisfied with the purchase and would 100% recommend to all.
  • Rating
    Good support
    Review by Clicategiaon 10/23/2015
    The plugin have a litle error but the technical support fixed for me in 5 minutes. I have happy with this extensions!
  • Rating
    Works like a charm!
    Review by Marajasaon 10/20/2015
    What an excellent extension - easy to install, easy to configure! It took us just a few minutes to get a perferct feed for google shopping done. We are truely satisfied and recommend this extension!
  • Rating
    Very Good Extension
    Review by Hudsonon 10/9/2015
    I recommend this extension to all of the Magento community, excellent performance and support, very good updates.
  • Rating
    great module, great support
    Review by Leesporton 9/30/2015
    Great module, great support. Nothing more to say. these guys know what they are doing (which unfortunately can not be said of all magento devs..) Magento | V.1.5
  • Rating
    Fantastic Service
    Review by mandyon 9/17/2015
    Great service provided buy Frank and his team A++, solved ,my issues straight away.
    Will use again and again
  • Rating
    it works
    Review by Thundercowon 9/17/2015
    it took some tweaking, but works great for 26 dollars.
  • Rating
    Great Product and Great Service
    Review by Vozopon 8/13/2015
    Frank and the team is very nice and professional. We have purchase this product for many times, and they are all working great with the help of this team. We really love this product, and hope Frank and this team will keep coming out with great product like this one. We will definitely choose this team as our first choice of products relating to google shopping. Good job.
  • Rating
    Great service
    Review by DavidChillarion 8/12/2015
    I installed the Google shopping module and had an issue with it not being installed correctly. I sent Frank and email and within 10 minutes of him recieving the user name and FTP details he had it fixed. Excellent backup service even though it was about 3 months after I purchased the module.
  • Rating
    Great Extension
    Review by Roberton 7/29/2015
    Saved me a bunch of time. Install was simple and it worked without any customization. Highly Recommended. A+++
  • Rating
    Fantastic plugin and service!
    Review by Jamesbmagentoon 7/14/2015
    Great plugin, it does everything you need to match google's requirements. I had a few questions which the developer answered straight away, extremely helpful :)
  • Rating
    Good produt and Great support
    Review by Vitalswebon 7/10/2015
    Purchased, installed, works great, had a mistake setting it up on Google, got fast help. A++
  • Rating
    Strongly recommended
    Review by Ignacioon 7/7/2015
    Very good and easy to use plugin
  • Rating
    Excellent Module and After Sales Service
    Review by Mcdonaghyon 7/4/2015
    Delighted with the module. It does everything we need. We are more than impressed with the after sales service. Any questions are responded to very quickly and they are more than willing to help us.
  • Rating
    Exactly what I was looking for. Works perfectly!
    Review by Suzanneon 6/10/2015
    Very glad I puchased this. Extremely detailed documentation available. Products have been submitted and successfully accepted to Google shopping. Thank you for offering this.
  • Rating
    The extension has great features + great support
    Review by Shakera2012on 5/19/2015
    Excellent support. Brilliant service. Would definitely recommend
  • Rating
    Does exactly what it says it would
    Review by Gooddon 5/5/2015
    I previously used the Magento API to upload products to Google. This is far better. It is easy to configure, and has a useful feature to allow products to be excluded from the feed. Initally had a problem with the cron job not running, but this was fixed by changing the cron schedule ahead and cron missed if not run within settings in Magento to larger values. Having done this, it has worked fine every time.
  • Rating
    well done
    Review by Andreason 4/24/2015
    After reading twice - it just works.
  • Rating
    Einwandreies Modul
    Review by Thomaspeon 4/21/2015
    Ich schreibe das absichtlich mal in deutsch. Das Modul ist einwandfrei, einfach und genau so wie man sich das vorstellt, es exportiert einen sauberen XML Feed für Google Shopping. Der Support ist sehr schnell und auch sehr Kompetent, ich habe garnichts auszusetzen und kann die Erweiterung nur Empfehlen!!!
  • Rating
    Great extension
    Review by Alvaroon 4/18/2015
    The best extension with the best support. My second purchase in Magmodules and it will not be the last. Congratulations.
  • Rating
    Good extension, excellent support
    Review by Gootwon 4/9/2015
    The installation en configuration was quick and simple.After uploading the feed to google shopping, i discovered that I was missing a desirable feature. After contacting the supportdesk, this feature was programmed instantly!Great support!
  • Rating
    Review by Benion 4/1/2015
    The extension works perfect. Very fast and competent support. Best and easiest way for a Google Merchant Product Feed. Highly recommended.
  • Rating
    Solved my Google API V2 Issue
    Review by Sbrickeyon 3/31/2015
    This extension is amazing! The support was incredibly responsive considering the time difference and I was up and running in no time! After reading the daunting requirements for the new V2 API, I was on a mission to find a workaround. This extension is truly that. Once up and running, I was able to create my XML file in minutes, setup an automated daily schedule and import to my merchant account. Happy to say my google product feed is back up running and better than before. I was even more impressed with the options in the module. When I first imported I was presented with some error regarding data requirements (ship weight was missing). I went in the module, and sure enough there was a drop down option to include ship weight. Turned it on, saved the config, regenerated and boom... no more error. These guys truly thought of everything! Kudos and highly recommend.
  • Rating
    The perfect extension....
    Review by Afroditewigson 3/20/2015
    Since the original Google Shopping API expired last month I have been hunting for an affordable & easy to use replacement. Far too difficult for novice programmers such as myself to configure, MacModules have come up with the goods.And this is so much easier than the original API v1 to set up & use, MacModules have done a great job in making this very easy to implement - works straight out of the box on a basic level and then you can take your time configuring the more advanced options.I had a couple of questions when I was installing and Frank immediately helped me and made sure that everything was working perfectly.Top marks, thoroughly recommended!
  • Rating
    Great extension, great support
    Review by Fent45on 3/18/2015
    Very easy to install and get your Google shopping feed set up within minutes. The support from Frank over LiveChat helped us out a lot and was very much appreciated. Looking forward to getting our Google Shopping up and running. Thanks a lot!
  • Rating
    Does exactly what you want!
    Review by Lordmelburyon 3/17/2015
    I tried this because my standard Magento Google Shopping module stopped working with the Google update to v2.0. I'm not technical when it comes to my Magento store but I managed to get it all working with the very fast and efficient Magmodules customer assistance and got all my products back onto Google Merchant Centre. Very happy!
  • Rating
    Good extension works well and great support
    Review by Sean1982on 3/16/2015
    installation was really easy no problems, extension works perfect and the support is brilliant. well worth the moneyGood extension works well and great support
  • Rating
    Great Functionality & Support
    Review by Mathew Porteron 3/12/2015
    The extension does what it says on the tin, all attributes are available to map for a valid feed to the latest Google Shopping requirements. It is the perfect replacement to the Google Content API for Shopping that is now unsupported as it used the API v1 and Google have shifted to v2 that is bundled in Magento. The support from Frank, Marvin and the team at MagModules was great, helping us get to the bottom of the conflicts we encountered with a clients setup. I can recommend the extension and MagModules to anyone.
  • Rating
    Works good!
    Review by Kaybischoffon 3/4/2015
    Thank you for this good working extention! I just installed it like in the manual explained.
  • Rating
    The best google shopping feed manager - End of !
    Review by Preorderson 2/26/2015
    This was installed on v1.9.1 with other modules installed and worked like a dream. Not only is the feed manager extremely well priced, it created feeds super easily. Before i used another feed manager which had a really bad user interface and functions that needed in themselves a coder to get it to work. This module is super easy, if you cant list a product on magento you can use this module pretty much. It will deliver feeds for google shopping with ZERO warnings or issues meaning your products get ranked higher. Magmodules is where i will now look first before purchasing any other modules. The developer is always willing to help and take on board feedback. The module is updated when required. Overall i cant fault the product or the company.
  • Rating
    Review by MarkOLFWon 2/25/2015
    Very good module that is cost effective plus the support from Frank was excellent. Nice Job!
  • Rating
    As promised.
    Review by Fatihkilicon 2/24/2015
    Very simple, but very effective. Just what you need and great adaptability for a relatively low price. Great support!
  • Rating
    Really Good and Easy
    Review by Sylwester_PLon 2/24/2015
    Great plug-in with really good support (thanks Frank!) I totally recommend Google Shopping Feed. Great job, guys.
  • Rating
    Works well, very simple to use
    Review by Blackmore01on 2/23/2015
    I've been looking for an easy to use Google Shopping feed exporter. This one is excellent!
  • Rating
    Excellent So Far
    Review by Tomtom861on 2/20/2015
    This extension is great value and it enables you to get a product feed live in no time. It's a lot easier to configure than some of the other more expensive solutions too. Some improvement could be made - being able to select different attributes for things like product name for example would be a big improvement. Often people don't fully optimise product names to show in store, but more descriptive names would improve shopping feed performance. Hopefully the developers will add this very soon! Support has also been fantastic for this product.
  • Rating
    Great Feed Extension
    Review by Pitpoweron 1/27/2015
    Great support from Frank instantly. Works as described and did not break my site ver. 1.9.1 with 1500 products. Highly Recommend.
  • Rating
    Google feed very good feeder!
    Review by Zanjeralibabaon 1/27/2015
    After long time we have found a good feeder which has been also customized for our webshop! good service good product and good price... recommend this 1000%


Why do we have License keys?
We are using license keys in our extensions for licensing and anti-copy purposes. The purchased extensions will only work in the Magento® installations that you have a license keys for. Each license key is linked to one domain; the license key will need to be used for the Magento® installation running on that specific domain. You can’t use the extension without a license key as you can only activate the extension using the license key we provided for you.

Every license key is valid for one single Magento® installation. A single Magento® installation is one instance of Magento®, including an unlimited amount of websites, stores and store views.

See this guide to read more about how to change or add a license key for the staging or production environment after when your moving from domain or when you need license keys for development domains.

License Key doesn't work
If you enter a license key that is not valid for the domain where Magento® is installed on, a red error message will be shown in the configuration stating that the license key is invalid and that the extension can't be enabled.
Already purchased a license key for this domain and it still doesn't work? Get in touch with us and tell us your order number (back from when you've purchased the extension) and what you see in the Server Name field just above the License Key field - we'll be happy to help.

Moving license to a new store/domain
Our extensions comes with a 6 months support and unlimited upgrade period by default. The license-key will stay active for a lifetime for that certain domain. When you move your store to a new domain, you also need a new license key which can be generated only once from your account dashboard under the my license keys tab. Please remind this is a one time feature so when you want to move the license key of your production store, just contact us. More about adding and editing a license key can be found here.

Do you need another license key for testing purposes?
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Moving to a production/live environment later?
When you want to implement the extension in your testing environment for now and move to another production environment later, just purchase the extension on the final production domain so you can add development/testing/staging keys in your account under the my license keys tab.


Trial Period

For all orders at Magmodules is a reflection / trial period of 15 days.
During this period you can try the extension and whether it will meet your expectations.
If you are not completely satisfied with a product you return within the time limit indicated. Once we receive your request with the invoice within 15 days of shipment we will deposit as soon as possible, within 21 days, the full refund would be done.

The conditions for these 15 days "Money Back" guarantee are as follows:
- The original invoice must be included;
- If the module is already installed, it is a requirement that it is completely removed from the server and is no longer in use;
- This warranty does not apply for customized products;
- This warranty does not apply for services as the installation service, you receive only the refund of price of the products.

If you want to use our 15 day warranty please contact us. We love to hear from you the following things:
- The name of the extension;
- The order or invoice number;
- Whether you want to exchange the product or refund the purchase price that you want
- If you want a refund: please enclose your bankaccountnumber;

Although it's not required to give a reason for returning the extension but we still like to hear why you had returned the product We find it important that our customers are satisfied!


Version 1.8.6
- Added support for PHP 7.2
- Fixed shipping price not being calculated on final price

Version 1.8.5
- Added new option to set custom cron expression
- Fixed small notice about base image not being part of the index tables.

Version 1.8.4
- Added Age Group option as Data output
- Added QTY attribute as custom output
- Fixed paging handling for Magento

Version 1.8.3
- Added currency to price output
- Added more checks to selftest
- Fixed compatibility for Magento 1.7.x

Version 1.8.2
- Small improvements

Version 1.8.1
- Added Older PHP Support

Version 1.7.9
- Added Support for CLI Commands

Version 1.7.7
- New Preview XML export function
- New Collection paging function for big catalogs (tested > 250.000 SKU export)
- Removed Flat Catalog requirement

Version 1.7.5
- Magento Marketplace Release
- Small bugfixes

Version 1.6.9
- Added limit of 10 to additional image export

Version 1.6.7
- Made compatible with EE
- Added compatibility for Super Attribute Pricing for configurable products

Version 1.6.2 - 1.6.5
- New Advanced Filters, limit the feed based on attribute filters.
- Multiple images support, with ability to specify the base image.
- Made compatible with Google Bing Adds
- Set server overwrites from admin (max execution time & memory limit)
- Better cron handeling
- New category options

Version 1.6.1
* Configurable Switch Urls ; Automatically adds a Shortcode to your configurable URL that automatically selects the right simple-product option and price
* Set Grouped Price ; Set the minimum, default or total price for the grouped product in the feed
* Improved Configurable products handling
* Improved Catalog Price Rule handling
* Improved Multi-store attribute values
* Improved Multi-store currency values
* Fix to use the UTM Codes together with the Configurable Switch URL’s

Version 1.5.5
* Update for disabling feed per store

Version 1.5.2
* Fix in cron

Version 1.5.2
* Support for bundle products
* Support for configurable products
* Support for appeal products
* Fix for special characters
* New filter options

Version 1.4.2
* Added force TAX removal
* Improved multi currency support

Version 1.4.1
* Improved Custom Fields
* Possibility to exclude out of stock products

Version 1.4.0
* Exclude or include products by category selection
* Made compatible with EE

Version 1.3.8
* Possibility to set custom product id (g:id)
* Bug fix for multistore (when flat catalog not enabled)

Version 1.3.7
* Added better multi-language support in the Feed

Version 1.3.2
* Multiple select attribute fix for extra fields.

Version 1.3.1
* Product Name overwrite
* Added functionality to Force Tax
* Fixed stock information

Version 1.3.0
* Some improvements

Version 1.2.1
* Small Bugfixes

Version 1.2.0
* Better performance
* Fix to exclude products
* Added functionality to use catalog price rules in feed
* Updated NL & ENG translations

Version 1.1.1
* Added functionality to manually add Tax
* Added Special price with from/to date
* Better performance tested on a 10.000 product store
* Updated translation files

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