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Google Shopping Feed

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Do you want maximum results with Google Shopping ads for your Magento webshop?
This extension makes it possible!

The Google Shopping Feed extension for Magento 2 is made to connect your products securely and easily with your Google Merchant account. Via Google Merchant, online store owners can forward their products to Google Shopping again.

The creates a new XML feed every day so that all products are always up-to-date in your Google Merchant account. The feed complies with Google standards for a final and error-free link. The Google Shopping Feed- supports all Magento product types, such as simple, configurable, and bundled or grouped products.

Always assured of a correct and fully up-to-date Google Shopping Data Feed? This extension ensures a smooth and error-free pairing. That way, Google is always aware of all the specifications of your entire product range. The result: optimal advertising campaigns and more marketing.


Meets all Google Shopping requirements

This extension has all the decisions and setting options in-house. This way you always meet the latest Google Shopping requirements.

You can exclude specific products from being properly added to the Data Feed using various filtering methods. Use the correct description and product identification numbers such as EAN, UPC, or MPN for all products. Or use GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number) to create the perfect product.

The "Identifier Exists" attribute is automatically used when there are fewer than 2 product identification numbers. This is, for example, handmade clothing or self-manufacturing products.


Also for configurable and grouped products

The Google Shopping Feed extension for Magento 2 is fully compatible with configurable and grouped products. It is easy to set for which attributes of simple products the configurable data should be used.

Using this feature you can easily set the simple products to use their unique GTIN and/or color, but the image and/or description of the parent configurable product. The grouped products use the required "grouped-id" tag in the Google Shopping feed. This way, Google Merchant can recognize the grouped products and link them together in the same group.


A secure and complete Google Shopping solution

Installation, the extension is easy to configure. Here you go to the Google Shopping section in the Magmodules menu in the back-end. Then you can configure the configuration in 5 parts:

  • Features
  • Advanced options
  • Filter options
  • Feed generation settings
  • Active feeds


Under Attributes, you can set things like name, description, GTIN, brand, MPN, condition, category, color, material, pattern, size, size type, size system, and gender.

The advanced options include settings for additional fields, shipping, configurable and grouped Google Analytics products, and measuring traffic appropriately.

On the filter options tab, you can set a filter to include or exclude products based on the inventory status overview.

The feed generation tab contains the name of the XML feed, the option to set a product limit, and the option to enable or disable the cron job.


Finally, there is a tab with your active feeds. Here you have the option to preview, download or recreate the feed.

We follow the Google Merchant Guidelines actively, see our changelog with changes based on the requirements.

Features Back to Top
  • A Turnkey solution, no xml, code or API knowledge required
  • Support for special prices with from / to date
  • Easily map your categories to Google requirements
  • Create multi-stores datafeeds
  • Automatic mode to update your feed by cron
  • Easily add new extra attributes though the admin
  • Filter options by category, stock status, product status and visibility
  • Works with all Magento 2 product types
  • Compatible with the lateste Magento 2 versions
  • 100% built for Google Shopping / Merchant
  • Unlimited store views with localized content
  • Comes with complete Documentation
  • For beginner and advanced users
  • 15 day money back guarantee
Release Notes Back to Top, release date: 14-10-2021

  • Always show sales_price and sale_price_effective_date (also if empty), release date: 19-09-2020

  • New option to force the product and image URLs will over https
  • Fix for disabled manage stock with MSI
  • Fallback to is in stock when inventory table can not be loaded, release date: 07-08-2020

  • Added compatibility for Magento 2.4
  • Fixed PHP 7.4 Deprecated error
  • Fixed empty values, release date: 05-03-2020

  • Fix issue with feed generation using CLI, release date: 08-11-2019

  • Added store currency on price value, release date: 29-10-2019

  • Fixed prices export
  • Fixed out of stock products in feed
  • PHPCS, release date: 04-10-2019

  • Validation of feed before saving
  • Added compatibility for MSI
  • Added validation logger, release date: 02-07-2019

  • Fixed Parent Data use for Simples connected with a Grouped
  • Option to use Category and ProductType as Fallback for parents, release date: 24-02-2019

  • Fixed weight unit (kg & lb), release date: 25-01-2019

  • Paging fix for Magento v2.3.0, release date: 18-08-2017, release date: 09-02-2017

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