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Our complete range of Shopware 6 plugins is carefully developed and thoroughly tested in the Netherlands, following the latest Shopware standards. These extensions are designed to seamlessly integrate into the most advanced Shopware 6 webshops and ensure full compatibility with the latest versions of Shopware 6.
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Shopware plugins
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Collect customer reviews with this complete store review extension. With the Shopreview extension for Shopware, you are always sure that the reviews remain in-house and the reviews are fully manageable.
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Biller Payments
Biller is a buy-now-pay-later solution for businesses.
With this SwissID plugin, you can offer the SwissID login within your Shopware 6 store using their SwissID account.
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Google Reviews
Your Google Business Reviews can be imported and displayed easily with the Shopware Google Review plugin. 
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TradeTracker Feed & Pixel
Transfer the Shopware 2 product data to TradeTracker effortlessly and seamlessly integrate the conversion pixel for optimal performance.
Free Marketplace
Integrate Shopware directly with through our powerful and user-friendly plugin.
With Squeezely, it's possible to easily segment, personalize your customers in your Shopware store.