All relevant updates to the Magento 2 industry, our partners, our milestones, things that make us happy and first updates about our newest extensions. 

  1. Channable Magento 2 Milestone

    200k+ Milestone of the Channable Magento 2 extension

    Started on 3 March 2017 with a 0.9.2 version, we are now 50 releases ahead and added some great and innovative features to the Channable extension.

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  2. Mollie Magento 2

    100k+ Milestone of the Mollie Magento 2 extension

    Started on 7 February 2017 with a 0.9.6 version, we are now 56 releases ahead and added some great and innovative features to the Mollie extension.

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  3. eboekhouden magento 2 connection

    First release of the E-boekhouden extension

    We are happy to announce that we’ve launched the first 1.0.0 version of our new Accounting E-boekhouden extension.

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  4. Magento 2 Datatrics

    BETA version available for the Datatrics integration

    Datatrics, a platform for marketers to create predictive marketing. With the Magento 2 plugin, it’s possible to sync the orders, customers, and products to the Datatrics platform where you can use their machine learning and algorithms to cr

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  5. Magento External reviews

    Launched new extensions to import external reviews!

    In the last few months, we have worked on a new way of connecting review companies to Magento and how to import, manage, and show all the reviews from external platforms in your Magento 2 store.

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