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Beslist Winkelwagen Connect

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In collaboration with we have developed this Magento 2 extension with support for the: 

  • Beslist "Shopping cart/winkelwagen"
  • ShopItem API
  • Shopping Cart XML API
  • Decided XML Product Feed

This extension has all the options you need for a smooth connection with the Shopping Cart.

The Beslist shopping cart has a Cost Per Sale model (CPS). So you only pay commission on actual orders from the platform. All commissions and orders are displayed in the order overview within Magento.

You cannot use the Beslist Cart extension with the required product options. Product variants can only be used in a simple/configurable setup. ShopItem API

Prices, stock values, and delivery times of the products in your webshop are updated in real-time via the Beslist Shopitem API. You can link the API per store view.

Within Magento, you get a handy overview of all products that are linked to In the overview you can immediately see the prices and when they were last updated. OrderXML Shopping Cart API

The API for the Order XML/Shopping cart processes the orders placed via Orders are loaded into Magento with the correct customer data, after which you can process them further. You can link the API per store view.

It is also possible to test the API first with the test mode. You can then create a test order to see if it comes through correctly. XML product Feed

If you want to export the products from your webshop in the right way, you need a complete feed that meets the requirements of The feed function of this extension has been tested in collaboration with and meets all standards. Generating a correct feed is simple and user-friendly.

You can set up the feed completely according to your own wishes. For example, it is possible to filter by categories and to assign different attributes to the mandatory values. You can generate the feed manually or automatically.

In addition to the basic attributes, it is also possible to use advanced options. For example, it is possible to have the attribute name "custom" built up as "name" - "SKU" - "color" in order to give unique titles in the feed.

You can generate a unique feed per store view if desired with different settings. When all products are in the account, you can start with the Beslist Shopping Cart.

Complete Installation & Configuration Service

Use our handy installation & configuration service to implement the Beslist Cart in your Magento 2 Store.

We hereby configure the Shop Item API, Shopping Cart API, and product feed, which we then offer for checking at You must adjust the content yourself if necessary and arrange the categories correctly for an optimal result on

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  • Best Solution to connect your store directly with the Winkelwagen
  • Developed in collaboration with
  • Always exports a well structured data feed
  • Unlimited store views with localized content
  • Filter options by category, stock status, product status and visibility
  • 100% built for
  • Optional Full Service Configuration
  • Turnkey Solution
  • 15 day money back guarantee 
  • For beginner and advanced users
  • Comes with complete Documentation 
  • Works with the latest versions of Magento 2
Release Notes Back to Top, release date: 12-11-2021


  • Force CustomerIsGuest false on order import with customers


  • Magento: 2.2.x, 2.3.x and Magento 2.4.x, release date: 07-11-2021


  • Fixes saving of shipping prices under 1
  • Fallback to static message if API connection fails without clear message


  • Magento: 2.2.x, 2.3.x and Magento 2.4.x, release date: 27-10-2020

  • Fixed line break issue system.xml
  • Added support for PHP 7.4, release date: 26-06-2020

  • Fixed issue with Item Updates
  • Upped min required version to Magento 2.2, release date: 25-09-2019

  • Added compatibility for MSI, release date: 25-01-2019

  • Paging fix for Magento v2.3.0, release date: 18-01-2019

  • Fixed order import on certain order feeds

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