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Digitec Galaxus

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This plugin facilitates the technical integration to the Digitec Galaxus merchant programme for Magento users. In order to sell products on this platform, a preliminary merchant registration is necessary.

The attractive merchant program is a chance to tap into a new sales channel! Not registered yet? Become a merchant! For more details see the paragraph "Taking part and further details" on the page

Synchronize products and orders with Digitec Galaxus.

Digitec Galaxus is a major player in Switzerland, and we have developed this product and order linking in direct cooperation.

  • Synchronize products: Only synchronize products that are suitable for the Digitec Galaxus platform.
  • Price & stock updates: To save the resources, the prices and stock quantities are updated through a separate CSV.
  • Import Orders: When orders are placed with Digitec Galaxus, these are immediately imported into Magento ® and the returns can also be managed in Magento®.
  • Magento® 1 and Magento® 2 collaboration: Both versions of Magento® have been developed in direct collaboration with the Digitec Galaxus team.
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  • Developed for Magento 2
  • Official Digitec Galaxus Extension
  • Easy to set up
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Version 1.1.4
- Fixed filter on order_id in order grid
- Fixed feed filters
- Removed country mapping

Version 1.1.3
- Added MSI compatibility
- Added salable QTY in order check
- Added Order Import CLI command
- Fixed Order Import Cron

Version 1.1.2
- Changed category output in feed
- Removed Empty Attribute Values from Properties File
- Process return requests (disabled export of SupplierCancelNotification (GEOLN))
- Cron to delete old Sync Logs
- Removed filter on products & items in order grid
- Fallback to parent category when simple has no categoryIds set
- Fixed XML encoding
Version 1.1.1
- Added Liechtenstein to country mapping
- Fix for empty first and/of lastname

Version 1.1.0
- Added Weight selection and conversion to grams
- Added Product Pricing formula (surplus and discount)
- Added configurable of TARES and TARIC Code
- Added New field "Product Super Type" (parent_id)
- Added Category export to properties xml
- Added Mandatory Shipping Number (Track & Trace)
- Added support for Multi-Source-Inventory (Magento 2.3.x)
- Fixed VAT not being deducted in the SalesPriceExcludingVat - field
- Fixed Cancel Response throwing error
- Fixed Order Import Error
- Fixed Orders for out of stock items
- Changed xml file names
- Switched from FTP to sFTP

Version 1.0.4
- Removed tares_code and taric_code
- Fixed global language selection on storeview
- Added skipValidation flag to disable validation when testing
- Category data fallback

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