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The Channable Feed extension for Magento 2 creates a product feed that fully fits the Channable requirements, so all data can be automatically transferred to Channable. All the product data from your Magento 2 store will be exported with this extension, you can easily add an unlimited number of attributes to enrich the data export to get the most of the Channable data feed management system. Once your product data is available in Channable you can export this to channels like,, Amazon, and much more.

Clear Installation

You can easily integrate the Channable Feed extension in your Magento 2 store and export the most complete product feed for every store view that you're using. It is also possible to create a preview of the complete output or per product so that the data can be checked. All data is built up in a live array, so all product information in the output is immediately up-to-date, and all product information will be directly updated in Channable.

Use all your Attributes

The extension has all the standard attributes needed for the Channable product feed already listed. Next to that, you can add additional attributes to enrich your data and take full advantage of the Channable platform. You can easily select and optimize any desired attribute field for a better quality feed.

Export extra Fields

We recommend adding as many attributes as possible to create the ideal data feed for your store. You can easily do that by adding an unlimited number of extra fields with new attributes. An example of an extra field that you may add is, for instance, the ‘shipping price’ field.

Export Configurable Products

When setting up your configurable products you have the option to always use the parent data from the product inside the configurable product. However, if the data is not available you always have the option to use the simple product data. It now comes with the option to use configurable switch URLs, this future creates a specific URL for the simple products inside the configurable products to make sure the prices and information are correct.

Import your orders from other Marketplaces

Activate the order API to import orders that are placed on platforms like eBay, Amazon, Beslist, and/or directly in your Magento 2 store.

About Channable

Channable offers a data feed management tool, which makes online advertisement much easier for online retailers and marketing agencies. Within the tool, you can set up clever rules in order to create optimized product feeds and/or connect with the APIs of several platforms. Free technical support is included.

Send your Magento articles to more than 2500 price comparison websites, affiliates, or marketplaces.
You can generate more traffic for your webshop by creating ads with product information on comparison websites, affiliate networks, or marketplaces like eBay, Marktplaats,,,, and more. With the Channable data feed management tool, you can easily control the flow of products to each channel. In this way, you can maximize the impact of your online campaign in one control center.

Channable supports the following platforms: Amazon, Awin,,, eBay, Facebook, Google Ads, Google Shopping, Instagram, Marktplaats, Microsoft Advertising, and more than 2500 other marketplaces, affiliate networks, comparison sites, etc.

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  • Official Channable Extension
  • Order API
  • Complete Product Feed
  • For basic and advanced users
Release Notes Back to Top

* Added email to billing and shipping address on order import
* Added option to add disabled products to product export
* Fix: check if MSI is enabled when fetching inventory data (could be disabled after installation)

* Special price fix for imported orders
* Added VAT-ID/TAX-ID to address import
* Option to sent invoice e-mail to customer for imported orders

* Fixed Asynchronous Order Processing #75
* Fixed product url in the feed (Thnx @albsa)
* Fixed undefined variable in order import /w non existing products (Thnx @yaroslav-zenin)
* Marketplace email address is now stripped from the colon
* Option to exclude company name in the order import
* Changes for salable Qty when using MSI

Removed salable check on parents for simples
Refactored Test Data and added region to address import
Unset tier pricing for product before adding it to the order

* Add support for split database setups
* Payment method active option

* Added option to include Upsell, Crosssell, Related SKU's to output
* Added option to set custom processing status of imported orders
* Improved connection to bypass rate limit on shipment transfer to Channable
* Small bug fixes 

* Added support for Fulfilment by BOL/Logistiek (LVB)
* Added option to enable order import for out of stock items
* Small bug & styling fixes 

* Fixed Bundle prices when fixed prices are used;
* Added isSaleable check for availability for Bundle Products;
* Added limit of 50 item updates per run;
* Added fallback on the non-SEO url when product URL cannot be fetched.

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