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On this page we add the most frequently asked questions from our Magento and plugins and we set up a clear to help you with the installation and configuration. It allows you to search for the frequently quested actions or have a peek in the configuration settings to get the most out of the extensions. Our knowledgbase is only available in english but feel free to contact us if you need help on one of our Magento and/or Shopware questions. Our support team is ready to help you out in case you can't find any solution in our Knowledgebase, Please note that wee are in the Central European Timezone.

Got a plugin bug or an issue?

Do you experience a bug or another issue? This template is used to report a bug in a plugin system, specifically related to the Magento and Shopware platform and potentially involving any integration.
By sending the e-mail, please make sure it includes the following sections:

The title of the plugin experiencing this problem.

Bug Description:
Briefly explain the nature of the bug.

Used Versions:
Provide details about the versions of relevant plugin components, such as Magento, Mollie, and whether it's Open Source, Enterprise, or B2B version of Magento.

Reproduction Steps:
List the sequence of actions required to reproduce the bug, including navigating to specific parts of the plugin.

Expected Behavior:
Describe what you expected to happen when performing the steps mentioned above.

Actual Behavior:
Explain what actually occurs instead of the expected behavior.

If possible, include screenshots that visually demonstrate the issue.

Additional Context:
Provide any extra information or context that might be helpful in understanding or addressing the problem.

This template is designed to help developers and support teams understand and address reported bugs effectively. Click here to use this e-mail template.

Or do you want to request a feature?

We are always fully open and happy whenever you have some cool ideas for some new features that we can implement. Just make sure that you add the following information.

The title of the plugin experiencing this problem.

New Feature Description:
A brief and clear explanation of the new feature.

Backend and/or backend changes:
A concise description of how the new feature will be implemented in the backend or front end of the plugin.

Additional Context:
Any supplementary information, context, or screenshots related to the proposed feature.

The template serves as a structured way to communicate the specifics of a new feature, ensuring a comprehensive understanding among the development team. Click here to use this e-mail template.

Direct Help

At Magmodules, our support team is here to help you every step of the way. If you can't find a solution in our Knowledgebase, simply fill in the form below. We are in the Central European Timezone, and all your details are securely sent to us.
The more information you provide, the better we can assist you. Trust us to guide you through any challenge and ensure a seamless experience with our products and services.
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