With Squeezely, it's possible to easily segment, personalize your customers in your Shopware store.


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To craft an unparalleled customer experience, it's essential to comprehend your customers and their online behavior. Squeezely empowers you to identify website visitors and capture a comprehensive 360-degree view of their customer profile. Leveraging these insights, you can refine your sales funnel with precision, delivering personalized content and targeted marketing campaigns. This approach not only converts more visitors into customers but also enhances customer lifetime value, fostering brand advocacy.

Squeezely Success Cases

Unlock a multitude of possibilities with Squeezely across various use cases. Here are some of the most sought-after scenarios.

  • Customer Recognition:

  • Identify and recognize customers seamlessly on your website.
  • Email Address Collection:

  • Efficiently gather email addresses to bolster your communication channels.
  • Profile Data Enrichment:

  • Enhance customer profiles by accumulating valuable data for deeper insights.
  • On-Site Product Recommendations:

  • Boost engagement with personalized product suggestions directly on your website.
  • Email Product Recommendations:

  • Deliver targeted product recommendations through email campaigns.
  • Abandoned Browse Triggers:

  • Re-engage users who left without completing a specific browsing session.
  • Abandoned Shopping Cart Trigger:

  • Recover abandoned shopping carts by triggering targeted follow-ups.
  • Notifications for Available Products:

  • Keep customers informed when previously unavailable products become accessible.
  • Sale Notifications:

  • Alert customers about products on sale, driving interest and conversions.
  • Related Items in Shopping Cart Recommendations:

  • Increase order value with suggestions for related items in the shopping cart.
  • Persuasive Notifications:

  • Employ persuasive notifications, such as highlighting items viewed or sold frequently today, to drive urgency and conversions.

Elevate your customer engagement and success with Squeezely, turning each interaction into a step towards long-term customer loyalty.

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