TradeTracker Feed & Pixel

TradeTracker Feed & Pixel

Transfer the Shopware 2 product data to TradeTracker effortlessly and seamlessly integrate the conversion pixel for optimal performance.


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Fully compatible and tested with Shopware 6.4.x to 6.5.x

TradeTracker Data Feed and Conversion Pixel for Shopware® 2 made easy. This extension offers the option to generate a complete XML feed which can be directly loaded to TradeTracker. The extension also implements the required conversion pixel on the success page of your store so that the conversion is measured.

The TradeTracker XML Data Feed

XML Data Feed fully meets the latest standards of Trade Tracker. It is possible to generate the feed manually and through a Cronjob so the feed is automatically up to date whenever it's uploaded to TradeTracker. There are several data variables that can be included in the XML feed, even clothing/apparel can be directly loaded into the feed through the optional values. This TradeTracker XML Data feed for Shopware® 2 is an extension that is specially designed for TradeTracker, because it has different requirements as the Conversion Pixel and eg not show a watermark in an image.

The TradeTracker Conversion Pixel

The Conversion pixel is a required function for merchants that want to implement TradeTracker. This arises from the fact that sales through TradeTracker need to be traceable at all times, with the conversion pixel on the success page of the store you can measure this. Within this extension takes account of the ease of use when it comes to adding the conversion pixel and generate the Data feed. So you only need to activate the self-pixel conversion on test or production mode and shop ID on giving up, of course, this can be different for each store view.

Simple Configuration for Your Ease

Once installed, the extension is easy to configure. From the main Magmodules menu, enter TradeTracker and then select from the four areas of data, advanced options, filters, and generation settings. Data can be set for conditions, product type, brands, part numbers, or other parameters. Advanced options include tax and customization of price rules for your own business model, such as extra fields or delivery markers, etc. Filters may also set, should you wish, to exclude products from the TradeTracker Data Feed - this may be useful, for instance, if stocks fall below a certain level.

Configurable products reinvented

Where it was already possible to get the configurable product data to your feed by setting the right parent information on the Simple products. This TradeTracker Datafeed extension now adds a little shortcode to the configurable product to automatically select the right simple-product option and price. In this way, your product links have the right price and setting so TradeTracker will approve the product in your TradeTracker account. For example, the link will be;

About TradeTracker

TradeTracker, an affiliate network with offices and networks in UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Poland, and Hungary is expanding internationally rapidly. Since its foundation in 2005 TradeTracker has been widely recognized for having popular affiliate software and platform in the online advertising market. As the Affiliate market is well known with E-commerce a Shopware® 2 extension is self-evident. This extension is specially made to export all your products to the TradeTracker Affiliate system. In this way, TradeTracker and Shopware® 2 will help you with this objective by providing you with an intuitive proprietary software solution in the affiliate marketing industry.