Webshop.nl Marketplace

Webshop.nl Marketplace

Integrate Shopware directly with Webshop.nl through our powerful and user-friendly plugin.


Partner of unicorn companies and a 9.8/10 Customer Satisfaction


We offer a 15 day Money Back Guarantee on all our plugins


Fully compatible and tested with Shopware 6.4.x to 6.5.x

Unlock the full potential of your Shopware store by seamlessly integrating with Webshop.nl through our powerful and user-friendly plugin. Effortlessly enhance your online presence, optimize operational processes, and boost sales.

A Comprehensive Webshop.nl Shopware Plugin:

Ensure a smooth flow of information by activating the general configuration, sending essential plugin details to the designated endpoint. The integration token, a static key generated by the plugin, ensures secure communication via the API.

Export Your Shopware Product Catalog:

Easily manage your product catalog with our plugin.

  • Enable Product Feed Generation:
    Effortlessly create and update your product feed to ensure your offerings are always up-to-date.

  • Customizable File Name:
    Personalize the file name of your generated product feed as per your choice.

  • Enhanced Options for Product Data:
    Tailor your product data with options for size, brand (manufacturer), and color selection, making your catalog dynamic and appealing.

Import Your Webshop.nl Orders:

Efficiently manage your Webshop.nl orders within your Shopware store.

  • Select Default Shipping Method:
    Set your preferred shipping method for seamless order imports.

  • Default Customer Group Assignment:
    Streamline order processing by assigning a default customer group for Webshop.nl orders.

Debug Mode for Precision:

Activate the debug mode for valuable insights and effective troubleshooting, ensuring smooth and error-free integration.

Experience the Power of Integration:

Download our Webshop.nl Integration Plugin for Shopware today and discover the seamless harmony between two powerful platforms. Elevate your online business, improve customer satisfaction, and effortlessly boost your revenue.

About Webshop.nl

Webshop.nl is the central marketplace for all products, featuring the fastest product search engine in the Netherlands and the largest product selection in the country.