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instant, faceted, relevant & conversion boosting site search

Sooqr Search makes site search awesome. We offer an onsite search solution that is instant, faceted and relevant, even when a misspelling is made. Sooqr gives your visitors the best possible site search with the most relevant results instantly, as soon as the first keystroke is made. We offer a fully responsive, unique interface with facets & filters, sorting- and viewing options.

The searching visitor
Potential buyers visiting your Magento® 1 store will be using your search a lot. Did you know searching visitors are five times more likely to become buyers? That’s why site search is so important; indispensable even. Visitors will never buy what they can't find. Great site search makes sure your customers are happy ones.

With Sooqr you will be giving your customers exactly what they’re looking for, and much more. With our search, you stay in control. Adjust the settings of your Sooqr search engine to show those results that match your business and boost your revenue & conversion rate. Our unique responsive interface is a combination of results, filters, facets and sorting; making it easy and quick for your visitor to find what they are looking for and much more.

Besides all of your products, how often do your visitors seek CMS content? With Sooqr, you can also add content to your search. We also handle typos; when typing ‘Ifone’ an ‘iPhone' still will be found, instantly.

Extension for Magento® 1
Sooqr Connect is a free extension that connects your Magento® 1 store to your Sooqr Account. To start using Sooqr, please sign up at This extension makes it effortless to connect your store to the Sooqr platform, by generating a specific product feed, integrating it into your front-end automatically, on any kind of device.

After signing up, simply add attributes and categories you want to send Sooqr, generate your data feed and set up your ‘Sooqr’ in the ‘Sooqr conversion suite’ (back office). After filling in your API key and account ID, you’re able to go live. This extension also takes care of the integration of the Sooqr javascript snippet.

Export all your product data and get your new search engine up and running within no time. You can generate a complete product feed for every Store View used, also with a multi-store setup and unlimited Store Views. You can easily select, optimise and add any desired attribute field for a better quality feed.

Free 30-day trial
The first 30 days of Sooqr Search are free of charge. After this period, our rates start from €15. Billing will occur monthly, based on the amount of SKU you send us. More information on pricing can be found at And for any additional information on Sooqr Search, please visit

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Version 1.3.3 * Added lowest tier price to output options Version 1.3.2 *Removed magento_store from _setFixedFilters * Added PHP 7.2 support * Small Text Edits in ConfigurationVersion 1.3.1 * Added more checks to selftest * Added selftest data warning next to the button * Added Attribute Set Name & ID as filter options * Added option to log feed run results * Fixed categories query to include categories from different stores * Small bug fixes and Improvements Version 1.3.0 * Added Selftest function; * Added option to bypass the Flat bypass when using flat tables (no hard requirement); * Category paths from excluded categories are ignored in export; * Improved handling on configurable/simple sale prices. Version 1.2.5 * Added shell script for feed generation; * Added option to export product review score in the feed. Version 1.2.2 * New Preview XML export function * New Collection paging function for big catalogs (tested > 250.000 SKU export) * Removed Flat Catalog requirement * Added composer.json Version 1.2.1 * Marketplace release Version 1.2.0 * Added features to select simple/parent attributes for configurable and simple products Version 1.1.9 * Small changes in feed output Version 1.1.8 * Updated dependency to max php 7.x * Small changes in feed output Version 1.1.7 * Better Tax price handling * Improved stock signification in the feed * Improved back-order signification in the feed * Added functionality to exclude categories from the feed * Added functionality to exclude CMS pages from the feed Version 1.1.6 * Better cron handeling Version 1.1.5 - 14-07-2016 * Fixed "Add to flat" return URL * Feed generation now possible when extension is disabled * Better integration of search field in multi store * Added extra fields to output Version 1.1.4 - 09-06-2016 * Fallback to to parent image when simple product has no image * Compatibility fixes for Magento EE Version 1.1.2 - 31-05-2016 * Multi currency Version 1.1.1 - 17-05-2016 * Fix for feed generation Version 1.1.0 - 28-04-2016 * Added advanced filters * Added feed download option Version 1.0.0 - 12-04-2016 * First Stable Release

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