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Alternate Hreflang Tags

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The Hreflang tag is a technical solutions introduced in 2011, the Hreflang tag can be used when you have a store in multiple languages with similar products, categories and Homepage content. With this Hreflang Tag you can point visitors to the most relevant language for the visitor. This extension automatically adds this language tag to the source whenever there is an alternative language for that product, categories or homepage whenever it's available. In this way the Hreflang Tags enhances your SEO strategy without self-coding solutions.

In this way, the group with Hreflang Tags will look like;
<link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”nl-nl” href=”” />
Tell's Google that this page is also available in dutch but for the country Netherlands

<link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”nl-be” href=”” />
Tell's Google that this page is also available in dutch but for the country Belgium

<link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”fr-be” href=”” />
Tell's Google that this page is also available in french but for the country Belgium

You can use the Href Lang Tag in different variations of targeting:
- Target the content based on regional language like fr-be and fr-be
- Target the content based on the language like en, fr, and nl
- A combination of the settings above

What is Rel="Alternate" Hreflang="Language"?

The Hreflang is a code in the source which specifies the overall language and or regional language for that certain page and which URLs there are available. In this way the Search Engine can show the right URL to the Search Engine users. The variations will be crawled by Search Engines as Google and will be indexed in the way you've configured the languages and connecting URLs.

With the Hreflang Tags you can tell Search engines that you have the same content available for multiple languages and/or you can aim the specific URL's to geographic regions, but in the same language.

Reliable Alternate Hreflang Tags Extension for CMS pages

Our Href Lang extension and Magento 2 can recognize the different urls for the products and categories, but for CMS pages it's made up from a different data structure. With the CMS pages, it's now possible to categorize them to connect them using the categories. It is possible to create an infinite number of categories for these CMS pages.

For example, there can be three storeviews with three distinct "contact us" pages:

[storeview] - identifier: contact-us
[storeview] - identifier: neem-contactop
[storeview] - identifier: Kontakt

By giving each of the three CMS pages the category "contactus", the three pages will be linked as related and the hreflang tag will be added automatically.

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  • Positive SEO effect
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Version 1.1.5 * Fixed issue with app emulation for product urls * Better check on _ignore_category in product urls Version 1.1.4 * Fix for stores with different base category * Fix for current url on category pages Version 1.1.3 * Added compatibility for external modules Version 1.1.2 * Fixed product alternate check Version 1.1.1 * Improvement Debug Text * Improvement CMS & Home Handling Version 1.1.0 * Added support for CMS pages Version 1.0.5 * Added compatibility for Magento 2.2.x Version 1.0.4 * Added extra store groups Version 1.0.3 * Fixed notices Version 1.0.2 * Small improvements Version 1.0.1 * Small bugfixes (compilation) Version 1.0.0 * Initial Release

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