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Shipping Costs Based on Distance

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Do you want the shipping costs of orders to be determined automatically based on the distance to the delivery address? Then this extension is the ideal solution for your Magento 2 store! This extension uses the Google Maps API to calculate the distance. The big advantage of this is that the distance from the actual transport route is calculated instead of the straight-line distance. This way you are always sure of the correct shipping costs based on the exact transport distance

The extension is easy to set up. Enter a rate per kilometer and the shipping costs are automatically calculated and displayed on the checkout page. Do you want to offer customers even more convenience? Then add a calculator to the product page, with which the customer can immediately calculate the shipping costs.
Note: Please keep in mind that active Google API Key for Google Maps is needed to use this extension.

Customized experience with the best Shipping Cost Calculator Extension

The Shipping Costs Based on Distance extension is packed with options to set everything up according to your wishes:

  • Enter your own store/warehouse address
  • Choose distances in kilometers or miles
  • Set your calculation methods yourself
  • Combine prices per kilometer with fixed prices
  • Set maximum delivery distances
  • Automatic address check and error message if the customer's address is not recognized

All over the world

Wherever your customer is located: this extension calculates shipping costs all over the world. Select specific countries that can use this shipping method? No problem: you can set it up with a few clicks.

Flexible: set everything to your own wishes

This extension is unique because of its great flexibility. You can't imagine it: this extension really can do everything in terms of shipping costs. For example, do you want different shipping rates for under and above 100 km? No problem, it is arranged with a few clicks. Do you not want to charge shipping costs for all orders? You can also easily adjust this. In the extension, you set everything to your own wishes based on handy filters and limits:

  • Free shipping: do you offer free shipping above a certain amount? Simply set a minimum order amount, above which you do not charge shipping costs.
  • Minimum and maximum shipping costs: use this option to set a minimum and maximum amount for the shipping costs.
  • Set by country: set the countries for which you offer this shipping method.
  • Limit per order amount: use this option if you only want to offer this shipping method for specific order amounts.
  • Limit to distance: set a maximum distance within which customers can use this shipping method.

Maximum insight with log files

Benefit from maximum insight thanks to the extensive log function. Simply request Google Maps API requests to view communication with Google. Check how the distance calculation was made and / or why a shipping method was not shown.

Features Back to Top
  • Based on the new Google Maps API V3
  • Simply add a shipping calculator to the product page
  • Works with One Step Checkout
  • Use kilometers or miles
  • Easy to set up
  • Complete with many options for maximum flexibility
Release Notes Back to Top, release date: 02-12-2021


  • Added support for orders created through the admin


  • Magento 2.2.x and up
  • PHP 7.x and up, release date: 16-09-2021


  • Enabled setting Title and Method Name on store level


  • Magento 2.2.x and up
  • PHP 7.x and up, release date: 09-09-2021


  • Added API check button in system configuration to validate Google API key


  • Magento 2.2.x and up
  • PHP 7.x and up, release date: 10-08-2020

  • First release

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