How to install the WebwinkelKeur reviews extension through the Magento Marketplace

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Marketplace installation

Please note that this installation method is only available in case the extension is purchased through the Marketplace.

Installing an extension is a three-step process that should take place during off-peak hours.
Before the extension is installed, your store is put into maintenance mode, checked for readiness, and backed up.

4 B. Setup Wizard

In the upper-right corner of Component Manager, click the Reset link to log out.

4 A. Installation Complete

When complete, tap Back to Setup Tool. Then, tap the Component Manager tile.

4. Component Install

Your store will be taken offline to protect shoppers during the installation. When you are ready to begin, tap Install.
Depending on your cron setting, it might take some time for the installation to complete. The page shows the current status, and you can track its progress in the Console Log. The Success page appears when the process is complete.

3 A. Backup Complete

You can see the path to the backup file at the bottom of the report. When the backup is complete, tap Next

3. Create Backup

Your store will be put in maintenance mode while the backup is created. By default, the backup includes the code, media, and database. Clear the checkbox of any item that you do not want to include in the backup.
When you are ready to begin, tap Create Backup. Then, wait a few minutes for the backup to complete.

2 A. Start Readiness Check

When the Readiness Check completes successfully, tap Next.

2. Readiness Check

Before the installation begins, your store environment must be checked for compatibility. When ready to begin, tap Start Readiness Check. The progress indicator shows where you are in the process.

1 D. Extension Grid

You're almost done in this section. Follow the steps below to complete the installation.

1 C. Installation

In the Marketplace Purchases section under New Purchases, click Install. In the Extensions Grid, mark the checkbox of the extension you want to install. Then in the Action column, click the Install link for the item.

1 B. Component Manager

When prompted, paste the Public Access Key and Private Access Key from your Marketplace account. Then, tap Sign In .To learn more, see: Access Keys.

1 A. Web Setup Wizard

Click the Component Manager. Then, click the Sign In link in the upper-right corner.

1. Component Manager

Log in to the Admin of your Magento store as a user with full administrator rights. To ensure the fastest installation, verify that Cron is configured to run every minute.

On the Admin sidebar, tap System. Then under Tools, choose Web Setup Wizard.

5. Configure the Extension for Your Store

- Log in to the Admin of your store.
- On the Admin sidebar, tap Stores. Then under Settings, choose Configuration.
- In the panel on the left, find the Magmodules tab for the WebwinkelKeur Reviews extension that is installed.