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Google Shopping Feed

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Upload your products to Google Shopping and get thousands of new, highly qualified visitors on your online shop. The created feeds are available for export (timed and on demand) as Google Product Feeds and can be directly imported to your Google Merchant account.

The best data for your Google Shopping Feed.

To avoid errors in the Google Shopping Feed you need to make sure that you provide all recommended attributes, within this extension all the feed information that is required as Google Merchant is provided.
To increase the applicability of the categories in the Google shopping feed you can use the Google shopping product taxonomy and configure them in the category management the product tab.

With this extension we give you several possibilities:

  • Option to exclude or include specific products
  • Option to select the right product-description
  • Option to choose the unique identifiers (EAN / UPC or MPN)
  • Option to define the category based on the Google product taxonomy
  • Option to define the condition, GITN, BRAND & MPN

Automatically update your Google Shopping Feed

The automatic or manually created feeds are directly available to your Google Merchant account and always will be up to date. The feed pulls the information from your current product catalogues as you update them so the Google shopping feed will always be up to date. The extension can be use for multiple store views and will generate a unique shopping feed for each storeview.

Google Shopping Advanced Features

Despite of the fact that this extension is made as easy as possible we also included some advanced options for the advanced users. When your using the Google Shopping Feed as a general store you don't have to do anything with these features but some users want to controll the feed a lillte bit more, that's why we included:

Generate the Feed in seconds

You can easily generate a Feed within seconds. It's possible to generate a feed for each store when your using a multi-store set-up. With the included Cronjob option you can automate the process of importing the Feed into your Google Merchant Account. In this way, you don't need to use the Google Shopping API V2 or V1 and it uses the latest Google Shopping Standards (2015) so you don't have to worry that this technique will expire.

  • The option to add TAX manually
  • Possibility to include Catalogus price rules into the feed
  • Possibility to use the new "Identifier Exists" attribute
  • Possibility to add extra custom fields
  • Possibility to add the shipping price to the feed


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Version 1.8.6 - Added support for PHP 7.2 - Fixed shipping price not being calculated on final price Version 1.8.5 - Added new option to set custom cron expression - Fixed small notice about base image not being part of the index tables. Version 1.8.4 - Added Age Group option as Data output - Added QTY attribute as custom output - Fixed paging handling for Magento Version 1.8.3 - Added currency to price output - Added more checks to selftest - Fixed compatibility for Magento 1.7.x Version 1.8.2 - Small improvements Version 1.8.1 - Added Older PHP Support Version 1.7.9 - Added Support for CLI Commands Version 1.7.7 - New Preview XML export function - New Collection paging function for big catalogs (tested > 250.000 SKU export) - Removed Flat Catalog requirement Version 1.7.5 - Magento Marketplace Release - Small bugfixes Version 1.6.9 - Added limit of 10 to additional image export Version 1.6.7 - Made compatible with EE - Added compatibility for Super Attribute Pricing for configurable products Version 1.6.2 - 1.6.5 - New Advanced Filters, limit the feed based on attribute filters. - Multiple images support, with ability to specify the base image. - Made compatible with Google Bing Adds - Set server overwrites from admin (max execution time & memory limit) - Better cron handeling - New category options Version 1.6.1 * Configurable Switch Urls ; Automatically adds a Shortcode to your configurable URL that automatically selects the right simple-product option and price * Set Grouped Price ; Set the minimum, default or total price for the grouped product in the feed * Improved Configurable products handling * Improved Catalog Price Rule handling * Improved Multi-store attribute values * Improved Multi-store currency values * Fix to use the UTM Codes together with the Configurable Switch URL’s Version 1.5.5 * Update for disabling feed per store Version 1.5.2 * Fix in cron Version 1.5.2 * Support for bundle products * Support for configurable products * Support for appeal products * Fix for special characters * New filter options Version 1.4.2 * Added force TAX removal * Improved multi currency support Version 1.4.1 * Improved Custom Fields * Possibility to exclude out of stock products Version 1.4.0 * Exclude or include products by category selection * Made compatible with EE Version 1.3.8 * Possibility to set custom product id (g:id) * Bug fix for multistore (when flat catalog not enabled) Version 1.3.7 * Added better multi-language support in the Feed Version 1.3.2 * Multiple select attribute fix for extra fields. Version 1.3.1 * Product Name overwrite * Added functionality to Force Tax * Fixed stock information Version 1.3.0 * Some improvements Version 1.2.1 * Small Bugfixes Version 1.2.0 * Better performance * Fix to exclude products * Added functionality to use catalog price rules in feed * Updated NL & ENG translations Version 1.1.1 * Added functionality to manually add Tax * Added Special price with from/to date * Better performance tested on a 10.000 product store * Updated translation files

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