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The KiyOh connector allows seamless integration of your Magento store with your KiyOh account. About 70% of buyers are looking for reviews of products on online stores or forums before making a purchase. This means that if your site has no such reviews, you are missing a very large percentage of the audience. That's why we introduce you the KiyOh Connector.

About this extension

The Magento KiyOh connector is a FREE extension that fully integrates KiyOh into Magento, this allows quick and simple creation as well as management of product reviews (inc. automated synchronization of older reviews and client details), manage your current reviews and fully automate review invitations all from your Magento Back-end.

Review Manager

Easily manage, edit and view all your KiyOh reviews in your Magento Back-end. Now you don't have to leave your Magento Back-end to manange your product reviews anymore, it's all in one dashboard.

Gain Trust

Show the product reviews in the style of your store. Enable the sidebar option to flueless integrate the latest store reviews in your sidebar using your store CSS. Easily enable the sidebar on the right or left of your page.

The best User Experience

Next to the sidebar there is also a brand new overview page with a total score and an overview with al the store reviews from your previous clients. Now the visitors have never leave the store anymore to check out the store-reviews from KiyOh.

Rich Snippets

Provide users with additional information about your store in the search engine results. Show richer information like the overall score in stars and the number of ratings. Increase your CTR on SERPs by providing structured data to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Review Invitation

This option is only available for KiyOh users. With this option it's possible to send a review reminder fully automatic a certain days after the clients purchased a product in your store. In this way you can automaticly gain content, trust and offcourse a re-visite from your clients.

Your own Content

With this connector your review page keeps “living”, which can help to bring the search engines back more often. It's also creating unique content for your online store. Anytime you can update your site more frequently, the better it is for your overall SEO efforts.

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  • Easy Installation
  • Works directly with KiyOh
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Version: 1.1.2 release date: 05-05-2016 * Small code/css improvements Version: 1.1.0 release date: 29-12-2015 * Updated custom widget Version: 1.0.9 release date: 09-07-2015 * Added compatibility for Magento 1.9.2 Version: 1.0.7 release date: 2015-13-06 * Small bug fixes Version: 1.0.6 release date: 2015-01-05 * Bugfix for invitations * Improved CSV file * Improved Snippets Version: 1.0.5 release date: 2015-13-04 * Fix that solves the possible connect problem with KiyOh during first install Version: 1.0.4 release date: 2015-02-04 * Rich Snippet Fix * Improved Translation files Version: 1.0.2 release date: 2015-26-3 * Added Dutch translation files Version: 1.0.1 release date: 2015-20-1 * Small Bugfixes Version: 1.0.0 release date: 2014-11-06 * Rewritten frontend sidebar

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