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Product Review Reminder

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Product reviews are a content booster, representing an authentic and proven way to collect customer feedback. They help your business to build an online profile, creating a greater web presence in your current customers’ eyes - and attracting new sales too. Instead of manually trawling through product sales transactions and checking against a screen, it is much simpler and more productive to automate the process.

This Product Review Reminder for Magento® helps you to swiftly automate the process - either partially or completely (as you wish), leaving you with more free time available to concentrate on core business activities. Your customers then receive polite automatic reminders that invite them to complete a product review; the time interval can be varied to suit your requirements and preferred way of working.

Many businesses and companies have found that this is an effective way to improve their initial enquiries and subsequent conversion to confirmed sales. Not only this, but they are also relatively inexpensive – cheaper than conventional advertising. Referrals and word of mouth worked well over the years but these days, businesses can use a review booster to reach a wider and more diverse potential customer base, quickly and effectively.

Adapting to Magento® and Modern Customer Expectations

Building an online profile and connecting with social media pays dividends with many modern consumers, who prefer the speed and convenience of shopping online. Conventional printed newspaper or magazine advertising is read progressively less. As well as this, there is to some extent a natural suspicion of marketing and ‘ad speak’ – many potential buyers take more notice of product reviews from real customers who have actually bought and used the product. In fact, as a reader of this article, you may well have purchased goods or services online yourself and noticed such feedback and customer evaluation.

Product reviews help your business by building trust, leading to greater understanding of a customer base and facilitating better service. Standards can be monitored more proactively – positive feedback can be used to reward excellent staff, whereas any potential issues can be identified early and not missed, so that corrective action can be taken as appropriate.

New information block on order level with:

  • Full control over the review email from order level
  • Easily que, send or remove review email for this order
  • Overview of when email will be sent of when it is que’d
  • Add or remove customer from exclude list

Ease of Use and Customizability

The product review reminder package is supplied with suggested template emails, so the solution is ready to implement with maximum ease. Configuring the features and functionality for your business to gain the trust of new customers is simple and straightforward. The existing default templates for first and second emails can be tailored to suit your exact requirements, using the design facility on the front-end form.

Schedules can be defined and automatic mailings can be set to manual if required. There is also a test facility, so that you can confirm exactly what the resulting email looks like after sending and receiving it. The email sender identity can be configured from the Magento® store and hidden (bcc) copies can also be sent – some users find this useful to monitor communication, especially in the initial stages of implementation. There is also a dashboard facility to enable easy checking of schedules and history, and jobs can be chronologically programmed using the 'cron' facility.

The content of a review e-mail can be programmed quickly, as there are separate blocks for the welcome text, an order review block, a shop review block and finally a footer. The email design can be customised with your own logo to maintain your brand image or corporate identity. Front-end forms can also be used to further personalise welcome texts, or as a subsequent thank you page to thank the customer for writing the review.

Additionally, time limits can be set for both the minimum number of days before review emails are scheduled, and the maximum limit after which no further emails will be sent. Product types can be selected to link bundles or groups to a parent structure, to replicate reviews through part or all of the structure. There is also a facility to enable customers to review the shop only if they have already completed a purchase transaction and left an associated product review.

Features Back to Top
  • Admin notification bar for pending product reviews
  • New Backlog function to queue the review reminder on past orders
  • Link reviews from non-visible simple products to parent
  • Fully customizable frontend review submit form per order
  • Let customer write review for multiple products in 1 form
  • CSS star rating
  • Emails can be customized though the admin
  • Easily add cross-sell or up-sell block to the email based on ordered products
  • Add custom blocks to the email based on product attribute
  • Set up to 2 different emails with 2 different time schedules
  • Automatically removes the second email when customer writes a review
  • Fully packed unique coupon generation to reward reviews
  • Only send the coupon after submit or after approval of review
  • Easily send test emails before setting the extension live
Release Notes Back to Top, release date: 21-07-2020

  • Composer version

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