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Rich Snippets Suite

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Rich Snippets are a new way of harnessing some power of Internet search engines to attract targeted users to your website page(s), as they enhance your search results when potential customers search for services and product categories. The system uses the latest technology, making Rich Snippet Suite for Magento the ultimate business addition.

This Magento extension creates the structured markup which is compliant with the markup, a joint product of a project undertaken by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft to agree and implement a standard way of working with web pages and mark-up code, using a recognized and structured format for data. The add-on is also based on the latest conditions, standards and recommendations. Additionally, it includes Twitter product cards functionality, so it is possible to add even more details than are available in conventional tweets. The other included option of Pinterest rich pins enables you to customize side pins and include information about your product or service’s brand, pricing and availability.

Intelligent Snippets

Rich Snippets enable users’ Internet browsers to recognize very quickly if your website is what they are looking for. Schema vocabulary and mark-up language is used on your website and searched for by larger search engines such as Bing rich snippets. Your website will therefore contain known, effective e-Commerce search terms and will stand out from the crowd - in other words, your search engine results will be more noticeable and should attract more new clicks, increasing what is also called the ‘click through ratio’ (or CTR). With an increased CTR rate Google and other search engines tend to increase your site’s ranking.

Category snippets can be based on the product, such as an automated announcement: “Our (product name) has been rated 4.5 out of 5, based on 128 customer reviews”, and so on. Product summaries are a small summary included at the foot of a page and enable Yahoo, Bing or Google snippets to be created very quickly. If you wish to improve your results position and click-through rate (CTR) and so tempt more customers, this extension will help reap dividends for your online business. We focus on product titles, descriptions, reviews, brands, stock, price and location. Many websites do not yet use marked up data, so if you wish to gain a competitive edge, this is the product for you.

Quick and Simple Set-Up

After installing Rich Snippet Suite, it is straightforward to complete the configuration from the intuitive menu. From the main admin panel in Magenta, select from the options for the suite's options - breadcrumb, product page (Rich Cards), category page, Pinterest, Twitter or Google site links. The ‘breadcrumb’ facility can be used to attract Google search results in particular. The 'product type' menu can be used to create a product summary and to select its inclusion in the mark-up of your main product page and how it displays, to achieve best search results. Moving on, the data profile menu is designed so you are able to select the content that you wish to show, such as product, description, stock, brand, color, pricing and customer votes. Another menu, category, enables summaries of product categories and is another way to increase potential search results. The order in which data is displayed (price, description, reviews etc.) can be tailored too. Pinterest and Twitter can also be customized to show rich pins and product cards; in both cases the user or account name and details will need to be entered.

The Complete Magento Rich Snippets Extension Package

The Rich Snippet Suite comes with the most complete package regarding the Rich Snippet Markup. As we are always improving our extension with the latest and Google requirements it's now the most complete Rich Snippet Suite on the market.

This Rich Snippet Suite contains the following markups:

  • Rich Snippet Schema Markup : WebSite Rich Snippet 
  • Rich Snippet Schema Markup : BreadcrumbList Rich Snippet 
  • Rich Snippet Schema Markup : Organization Rich Snippet 
  • Rich Snippet Schema Markup : LocalBusiness Rich Snippet 
  • Rich Snippet Schema Markup : AggregateRating Rich Snippet 
  • Rich Snippet Schema Markup : Product Rich Cards (NEW) Rich Snippet 
  • Rich Snippet Schema Markup : Category Rich Snippets Rich Snippet 
  • Rich Snippet Schema Markup : Social Media Intergration Rich Snippet 
  • Rich Snippet Schema Markup : AheadWorks BlogPosting

We Value our Customers

Supplied by Magmodules, experts in producing quality code, this tool to develop and grow your online presence and business comes with six months of free support included. A recommended extension to twenty-four months is also available, at very little extra cost for the benefits provided. Upgrades are also included free of charge for the first six months and can be extended to unlimited.

The product is easy to install and configure, typically taking two minutes or so; it is of course fully compatible with other Magenta products including Enterprise Edition (EE) and multi store. Alternatively, if required, professional installation can also be arranged when ordering. This new Magmodules software extension already has over two hundred active customers, a sign of its successful introduction and rapid uptake. It has been favorably reviewed, users particularly citing its straightforward implementation and good post-sales support and their high level of satisfaction.

Features Back to Top
  • Supported Markups: Product, Category, LocalBusiness, AggregateRating, Organization and Blogs!  COMPLETE
  • Compatible with Yotpo Reviews (This Feature only works with a Yotpo Premium account)
  • Easily enable or disable features of snippets (stock availability, reviews, brands etc.)
  • Made according to the latest Google and standards
  • Compatible with AheadWorks Blog to create BlogPosting Snippets  NEW
  • Custom made extension for Magento stores
  • Uses your breadcrumbs in the Rich Snippets
  • JSON Product Rich Cards
  • You only have to enable and configure this extension once
  • Use with unlimited store views within one Magento installation
  • The extension can be used with unlimited products and customers
  • Easy 2-minute installation
  • Meets Magento programming practices and customization compatibility for most versions
Release Notes Back to Top, release date: 21-07-2020

  • Composer version

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