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Direct integration with the Customer Data Platform (CDP) Datatrics. With this turn-key extension, you can easily sync your products, customers, and sales data with your Datatrics account and optimize your Magento 2 store and your campaigns for more conversions.

Increases sales opportunities with Datatrics

Predictive marketing becomes more popular among marketers but it is often a fairly technical and abstract story. A CDP tool as Datatrics can predict customer behavior based on a customer profile. Based on this prediction marketers can distribute content easily and purposefully which increases sales opportunities and thus the total turnover.

Datatrics extracts sales and product data from Magento and brings it together in a 360º customer profile. By means of pop-up notifications, for example, the visitor gets the right information at the right time and this has a positive effect on the conversion rate and turnover.

Don't let the term CDP scares you. Many of their clients start working with their plug-and-play, scalable CDP solution the easiest way: they use it to tackle a single, specific challenge they are facing. Do that, and you’ll soon be eager to see more magic.

Datatrics is available to your organization at any level you choose. You can implement our software at a basic level to improve your performance in one specific area, for example, to benefit from a single-view dashboard, to raise your Average Order Value (AOV), or to get more engaged with buyers. You can also work with Datatrics to unify your entire marketing ecosystem, merging all your target groups, touchpoints, and channels into a single, self-learning solution.

A Turn-key Magento 2 integration

We've developed the extension together with Datatrics and specifically for Magento 2. Within this extension we have the following parts of data synchronization;

  • Product data
  • Customer data
  • Sales data
  • Tracking scripts

With this data, the journey of the customers can be reported and analyzed by the Datatrics logics so a clear customer profile can be created which makes Datatrics perfectly suitable to make your marketing smarter by predicting the next step of your customers and serve them even more relevant information.

With the Tracking script, you can perfectly follow the customer journey and response to their behaviours.

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  • Offical Datatrics Magento 2 extension
  • Turnkey Datatrics and Magento solution
  • Developed in collaboration with Datatrics
  • Synchronize products with Datatrics
  • Synchronize sales with Datatrics
  • Synchronize customers with Datatrics
Release Notes Back to Top, release date: 09-11-2020


  • Product\DatatricsStatus does not exist
  • Billing Address handling on Sale Update
  • ProductID handling on Product Update
  • Stock reservation handling for Non-MSI stores, release date: 12-10-2020


  • Fixed changelog json url
  • Upped minimum Magento version requirement (2.3) in composer.json

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