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Snelstart Connection

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Faster, simpler and more effective bookkeeping? Download our extension and connect your Magento 2 webshop directly to Snelstart.

All your orders, invoices and customer data are sent directly to Snelstart. This way, your administration is automatically in order without you having to worry about it yourself. You know always exactly how you are doing thanks to a direct and complete insight into all your orders. 

Unlike many other accounting links, this extension creates a direct link, without using an external API or platform. This means a fast and safe data transfer without risk of malfunction.

Does not work with the following Quickstart packages;

  • Offline administration
  • inStep

Does work with the following Quickstart packages;

  • inMap
  • inBalance
  • inSight
  • inControl

Snelstart is a handy accounting package to keep your administration in order. But if you have to enter all orders manually, it still costs you a lot of time. Fortunately, there is a solution: the accounting link for Snelstart. 

With this extension you can effortlessly link your Magento 2 webshop to Snelstart. All orders are forwarded directly to your accounting package, so you no longer have to enter them separately. Accounting has never been so quick and easy!

The accounting link has been developed for Magento 2 according to the latest Magento and PHP standards. The extension consists of 2 different parts:

  1. A basic plugin that collects all customer and order data 
  2. The Snelstart extension that forwards all data directly to Snelstart 

The connection with Snelstart is direct, without the intervention of an external API or platform. This makes the configuration simple and the connection direct, safe and stable.

  • Synchronize invoices and customer data with your accounting package

  • Full control and direct insight into all data

  • Direct link with your accounting package: an external API is not needed

  • TAX support and extensive possibilities for VAT rules and zones

  • Developed from scratch for Magento 2

  • Immediate and complete insight: handy log function on order and overall level

Instant insight into invoices, transactions & credit notes

Bookkeeping is a vital part of your business. It is therefore important that your accounting is always completely in order and up-to-date. With the accounting extension of Magmodules you don't have to worry about that anymore.

In addition, you also want to maintain maximum control and insight. That's how you always know exactly how you stand. That's why we have an extensive logging function within the extension created. This allows you to immediately see which order information has been collected per order, or an invoice has been created and whether it has been forwarded to Snelstart. Also information about credit notes is displayed. At a glance you can see all relevant data in a handy overview.

magento sync snelstart

All relations linked to Snelstart

The accounting extension sends all customer data directly from your Magento webshop to Snelstart. For example, the 'relationships' section within Snelstart runs synchronously and you can easily link all invoices and customers together.

Within Magento you can see per customer when it is synchronized with Snelstart. In addition, there is also a total overview, where you can view all customer synchronizations.

snelstart koppeling magento

Direct link with the Snelstart API

Most accounting links use an external API. We do it differently. Our extension has a direct link to the Snelstart API. With this we know sure that all data is read correctly according to the standards of Snelstart.

Thanks to the direct link, the transfer of data is fast and secure. if Snelstart makes adjustments in the software, the link can be adjusted immediately.

Easy installation & complete insight

You can install the extension via sftp/SSH or a composer command. There are no dependencies on our platform: all data is synchronized correctly and immediately. Of the extensive log overviews within the extension give you a complete insight into all synchronized data.

Extended configuration

The configuration of the extension is simple and suitable for both novice and more advanced users. Within the extension you will find all the necessary settings for a complete link of Magento 2 with Snelstart.

Set up the link by entering your Snelstart API data and a username and security code. After this, all data is stored at store level synchronized with your own Snelstart account.

Within the configuration you can link different Ledger accounts and indicate how the synchronization must be done: via cron or CLI Commands. There are also advanced options, including the option to add a prefix to (credit) invoices. This can be useful are in migrations or multiple store views.

Connect Magento to Snelstart in 4 simple steps


Purchase extension

Buy a license and get direct access to the extension via a single download or Composer Link


Choose Add-ons and Services

Order one of our extra services or choose an extra add-on, such as our Mollie- or PayPal link


Install & configure

Install and configure the extension: connect your webshop directly with Snelstart


Enjoy carefree administration

Orders are processed immediately in Snelstart: your administration expires smooth and automatic

VAT rules and OSS

The extension offers maximum setting options for VAT rules and zones. Via the advanced options you can easily set which VAT rules should be used if a match cannot be made. For example, the latter can happen after a migration or importing orders.

In addition to the general VAT rules, the extension also supports MOSS (Mini One Stop Shop). With the MOSS scheme allows VAT to be paid for the entire European Union in one Member State.

OSS (One Stop Shop) & Quick Start

If your turnover within the EU, but outside the Netherlands, exceeds 10,000 euros, you are obliged to pay the VAT to the other EU countries. You can declare this VAT via the één counter system, also called the One Stop Shop (OSS) of the Tax Authorities. You do this by registering for the 'Union scheme'. You do not need VAT registration in other EU countries. 

With our extension for Magento 2, you have a direct link with Snelstart and it fits seamlessly with the requirements for the Snelstart One Stop Shop functionality.

SnelStart keeps track of what you invoice for foreign VAT, so that you can declare those amounts via the Tax Authorities' éénloket system or One Stop Shop (OSS), also known as the Union scheme. 

You then submit a special VAT return via the Dutch Tax Authorities instead of separate VAT returns in all EU countries in which you sell. 


For developers & Agencies

  • Fully tested on Magento 2.2.x and Magento 2.3.x
  • Developed according to the latest PHP standards
  • Extended CLI command availability
  • Logging available via the back-end GRID
  • Logging available from the var/log directory
  • Simple mapping of the Magento TAX rules
  • Support and contact the developers directly

For Magento 2 webshop owners

  • Direct link without going through an external platform
  • Secure transfer of your customer and accounting data
  • Dutch and English support
  • Flexible pricing model, per month or once
  • Free support and updates for the first 6 months
  • Multiple possibilities for linking VAT rules
  • Specially developed for Magento 2
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  • Direct connection with the Snelstart API
  • Completely automatable
  • Insight via Grids and Blocks in orders
  • No limit on store views
  • No limit on the number of customers
  • No limit on the number of orders
  • Synchronizing historical data
  • One Time Fee
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