Product Review Reminder

Here, we review the functionality provided by the Magento Product review reminder extension, along with what it adds to your Web shop as a user. Product review reminders are a content booster, representing an authentic and proven way to collect customer feedback. They help your business to build an online profile, creating a greater web presence in your current customers’ eyes - and attracting new sales too. Instead of manually trawling through product sales transactions and checking against a screen, it is much simpler and more productive to automate the process. Our intuitive software extension helps you to swiftly automate the process - either partially or completely (as you wish), leaving you with more free time available to concentrate on core business activities. Your customers then receive polite automatic reminders that invite them to complete a product review; the time interval can be varied to suit your requirements and preferred way of working. Many businesses and companies have found that this is an effective way to improve their initial enquiries and subsequent conversion to confirmed sales. Not only this, but they are also relatively inexpensive – cheaper than conventional advertising. Referrals and word of mouth worked well over the years but these days, businesses can use a review booster to reach a wider and more diverse potential customer base, quickly and effectively.

Adapting to Modern Customer Expectations

Building an online profile and connecting with social media pays dividends with many modern consumers, who prefer the speed and convenience of shopping online. Conventional printed newspaper or magazine advertising is read progressively less. As well as this, there is to some extent a natural suspicion of marketing and ‘ad speak’ – many potential buyers take more notice of product reviews from real customers who have actually bought and used the product. In fact, as a reader of this article, you may well have purchased goods or services online yourself and noticed such feedback and customer evaluation. Product reviews help your business by building trust, leading to greater understanding of a customer base and facilitating better service. Standards can be monitored more proactively – positive feedback can be used to reward excellent staff, whereas any potential issues can be identified early and not missed, so that corrective action can be taken as appropriate.

New information block on order level with:

  • Full control over the review email from order level
  • Easily que, send or remove review email for this order
  • Overview of when email will be sent of when it is que’d
  • Add or remove customer from exclude list

Ease of Use and Customizability

The product review reminder package is supplied with suggested template emails, so the solution is ready to implement with maximum ease. Configuring the features and functionality for your business to gain the trust of new customers is simple and straightforward. The existing default templates for first and second emails can be tailored to suit your exact requirements, using the design facility on the front-end form. Schedules can be defined and automatic mailings can be set to manual if required. There is also a test facility, so that you can confirm exactly what the resulting email looks like after sending and receiving it. The email sender identity can be configured from the Magento store and hidden (bcc) copies can also be sent – some users find this useful to monitor communication, especially in the initial stages of implementation. There is also a dashboard facility to enable easy checking of schedules and history, and jobs can be chronologically programmed using the 'cron' facility.

The content of a review e-mail can be programmed quickly, as there are separate blocks for the welcome text, an order review block, a shop review block and finally a footer. The email design can be customised with your own logo to maintain your brand image or corporate identity. Front-end forms can also be used to further personalise welcome texts, or as a subsequent thank you page to thank the customer for writing the review. Additionally, time limits can be set for both the minimum number of days before review emails are scheduled, and the maximum limit after which no further emails will be sent. Product types can be selected to link bundles or groups to a parent structure, to replicate reviews through part or all of the structure. There is also a facility to enable customers to review the shop only if they have already completed a purchase transaction and left an associated product review.

Technical Product Features

  • Admin notification bar for pending product reviews   NEW
  • New Backlog function to queue the review reminder on past orders    NEW
  • Admin Order view block for full control on order level
  • Link reviews from non-visible simple products to parent
  • Fully customizable frontend review submit form per order
  • Let customer write review for multiple products in 1 form
  • CSS star rating
  • Emails can be customized though the admin
  • Easily add cross-sell or up-sell block to the email based on ordered products
  • Add custom blocks to the email based on product attribute
  • Set up to 2 different emails with 2 different time schedules   Marketing
  • Automatically removes the second email when customer writes a review
  • Fully packed unique coupon generation to reward reviews   Reward
  • Only send the coupon after submit or after approval of review.
  • Easily send test emails before setting the extension live
  • Needles integration with our Shopreview Extension, all in one form.

About Magmodules

We are a Dutch Magento® Only Agency dedicated to the development of extensions for Magento®1 and Magento®2. All our extensions are high quality coded by our own team and our support team is always there to help you out.

Extension Features

  • Boost your reviews and create unique content
  • Add coupons to trigger the customer to buy again
  • Good Product reviews are a conversion optimizer
  • Add cross sell and upsell to highlight products
  • Tested on the latest versions of Magento
  • 15 day money back guarantee
  • Free support for 6 months
  • Free upgrades for 6 months
  • Only one license needed for a multistore
  • Well written documentation

Our customer about the Product Review Reminder

48 customers
  • Rating
    Review by Zendeeon 12/23/2016
    Love this extension! Also the support is excellent!Stop searching for other review extensions. This is all you need. You can change anything you want, no need to say more.... :-)
  • Rating
    Great extension
    Review by Rich_hengon 12/13/2016
    The extension works as promised. The support is fast. Overall, it is a great extension.
  • Rating
    Excellent Product
    Review by Vickyon 10/28/2016
    Not only does it do what I was hoping for it to do, it did more. I liked the fact that I can add coupons, promote cross-sale or up-sale products within the email and more. The only thing I wish could be resolved, somehow, is use the customer billing name or shipping name to use as a greeting in the email. Guest is what it uses now when someone doesn't set up an account. Other then that, perfect. Love the page that they can click to do update reviews for all of the products they purchased on one page.
  • Rating
    Perfect Tool With Added Features!
    Review by Tucker2014on 10/25/2016
    I bought this as what seemed like a good tool to send out reminder emails to leave a review for products purchased. But I was pleasantly surprised by the added features that might not be clearly explained here. Features I love: 1. Love that I can customize my own email template to make it match my store. However, novice people will find it useful even if they don't know how with a few settings in admin. 2. Block on order to exclude email review. We use this for customer service. Since the email is sent 21 days after the purchase, it gives the customer plenty of time to interact with us if they have any issues with our product. This allows us to not send out an email to a possible hostile customer! Cleaver! Not that we have any! 3. Love that I can add my own coupon and price rules. Great for incentives to leave a review. 4. Love the fact that there is a notification tool bar in admin for new reviews submitted. Overall, you will be happy with your purchase.
  • Rating
    Intuitive and useful
    Review by Andreon 9/8/2016
    The Product Review Reminder extension is very useful, easy to set up and customise, and has given us a steady stream of reviews where before we had none. The team are also very helpful and understanding, so it was a pleasure to work with them. Highly recommended.
  • Rating
    Excellent extension
    Review by Boferitoon 9/4/2016
    We are happy with this extension as it is as described. Automatically, remember our customers to review our products and give more value to them. Helpfull for us and for our users. Robust developed and really nice support. I recommend it.
  • Rating
    Super good extension
    Review by Andre Costaon 7/23/2016
    I really enjoyed Product Review Reminder module. I could send reminders to all old orders, control the content of the email, and test some emails and orders before the real job, that was great. I really enjoyed also that the email is scheduled after the order is completed (you can choose this) , so, this avoid some bugs i had with other modules. Another great stuff in my opinion is that the module send (you can also choose) the customer to just one special page, with all fields to write about all products in just one form. So, much easier to the customer and less bugs with different themes.Another stuff i really enjoyed is that you can create a shop cart price rule to give coupon when the customer write the review, thats great, because I could give a nice specific coupon of discount. After installing, i've got reviews for more or less 1/4 of all orders. And customers using the coupon generating more revenue. Really nice module. Thanks Magmodules!
  • Rating
    Precisely what we expected and hoped for!
    Review by Insomnia024on 5/13/2016
    Works as described, price is right, developer provides assistance when asked (though the FAQ had the answer I needed anyway).
  • Rating
    Just what I was looking for
    Review by Williamon 5/9/2016
    The basic Magento functionality didn't meet my needs, this "Amazon Style" feedback request was exactly what I was looking for.
  • Rating
    Fantastic Module.
    Review by Benon 5/3/2016
    I Love the Module, Reviews are beginning to come in much faster and they have also got a fantastic support team.
  • Rating
    Works well and great support
    Review by Clickdirecton 1/19/2016
    Had a few configuration issues in the beginning, but with great support, all issues were resolved quickly.
  • Rating
    The best extension !
    Review by Wagenaaron 1/7/2016
    The best review reminder extension on the market !!! Love it.
  • Rating
    Magmodules Product Review Reminder is one of best of every magento extensions.
    Review by Daneeon 11/13/2015

    Product Review Reminder is installed smoothly without any problems.
    Configuration is very easy and working very well.
    I just downloaded and installed it. That's it. I don't need any support for it.
    Magmodules Product Review Reminder is one of best of every magento extensions.
    Great quality and affordable price!!!
    I strongly recommend Magmodules Product Review Reminder most magento user.

    I appreciate Magmodules.
  • Rating
    Professional, high-end extension
    Review by Guyalonyon 10/8/2015
    One of the most professional, high-end extension I have ever had.It seems like it covers all a Review Reminder" extension needs.Installation & configuration manuals are very easy to implant.We are looking forward for the next extension from Magmodules .Great Job !"
  • Rating
    Great Extension. Support is even better
    Review by Sidoon 8/18/2015
    We're using a couple of Extensions from Magmodules to our great satisfaction and we added this one to our list. The Extension works like a charm and we're a very happy customer. Support from Frank and his team is superb!
  • Rating
    Review by Kalukleyon 7/20/2015
    Easy to install, easy to use. Multiple configuration possibilities from admin backend withoud code hacking. Just coupon email has to be changed directly in the core files (would be a nice improvement to change that with the next release).
  • Rating
    The best extension to avoid huge lost of time !!
    Review by Marcwaleson 6/4/2015
    Installed this module on several magento store's and this is by far the best one for sending automatically review reminder's to my customers.... Before i had 1 comment every 2 month's, now i get 2-3 reviews every day ;) The coupon feature works perfect for that. Works on Kind regards,Marco
  • Rating
    Excellent Product and support
    Review by Adamon 5/21/2015
    The product review extension does exactly what what it says it will do, and we are very happy with it. Magmodules installed the module quickly and the overall experience was glitch-free!
  • Rating
    Great work
    Review by Furunostore.nlon 5/18/2015
    Nice extension. Works perfectly. Simple to install and configure.thanks.
  • Rating
    Just perfect
    Review by Gediminason 3/29/2015
    This is my second purchase from Magmodules. Extension do as described and working very well. Support also amazing and answering any questions quickly. 4 stars only because of free upgrade period only 6 month. Usually I avoiding to buy extension with limited free upgrade but this one has all my needs . Thank you.
  • Rating
    Another great module
    Review by Personaltouchon 3/10/2015
    I opted to have Magmodules install this module and shop-reviews" together. I'm glad I did as they got us up and running quickly. We just went live with both extensions so I do not have a quantifiable track record yet. I think this will prove to be an important addition that will stimulate more customer reviews. Frank went the extra mile to assist us. Very knowledgeable and excellent communication. e-mail support was always prompt. Thank you!"
  • Rating
    good module
    Review by magnaudon 2/8/2015
    doing its job well, saving time, thank you to the developers
  • Rating
    Another great extension by Magmodules !!
    Review by Marcwaleson 1/27/2015
    The best review reminder" extension on the market
  • Rating
    Just Awesome
    Review by Xavkickon 1/8/2015
    Awesome product. The code is very high quality. Everything is working good. They should make more extensions. You can buy it .
  • Rating
    Great extension
    Review by Mausonon 12/30/2014
    The extension is very well coded, it has been working since day one and now we are getting daily product reviews. The developer has been very fast and helpful with our questions also.
  • Rating
    Great extension, great support!
    Review by Thomas_1983on 11/4/2014
    This extension is really usefull to generate reviews for your products on your shop.The support team responded quick and accurate to our questions.
  • Rating
    Excellent module and first class support
    Review by leson 9/4/2014
    This is a very professionally produced module to add to your magento store. This combined with quick super personal support means that i award it a 5 star review. Highly recommended purchase. I have to double mention the support which goes beyond expectations. Thank you magmodules team.
  • Rating
    Great product and awesome support
    Review by Gru001on 9/4/2014
    Had no problem installing on, and it works great now on It comes with a PDF file with easy to follow setup steps. Support has been good as well as they answer questions right away.We are steadily getting reviews now and even comments from customers that reading reviews helped them with purchase decisions. Well worth the money.Only wish I installed it few years back.(hide)
  • Rating
    Excellent module and first class support
    Review by Harrygrowleron 8/27/2014
    This is a very professionally produced module to add to your magento store. This combined with quick super personal support means that i award it a 5 star review. Highly recommended purchase.
  • Rating
    Boost my product page reviews
    Review by Terencemagon 7/26/2014
    I highly recommend this extension to all serious merchants who want to boost their product page reviews.I've some experiences with Magmodules. They not only know Magento very well but also provide excellent customer support whenever you need them.Investing in Review Reminder Booster is easily one of the best decision you can make for your Magento store.(hide)
  • Rating
    It just works really well
    Review by Timon 5/15/2014
    It's a really slick module. Easy to configure and produces nice looking emails straight out of the box. Very helpful being able to have a staging licence and production licence and all backed up by excellent service from the developers.
  • Rating
    Great extension, exactly what I needed!
    Review by Buddybakhuijsenon 3/27/2014
    Works great, flawless integration. It just does what it says! Highly recommended!!
  • Rating
    TOP Extension!
    Review by Crimon 3/21/2014
    I purchased this extension a while back and am 100% satisfied. The plugin works perfectly and there are many configuration options which are also easily accessible. In addition I now have 30 reviews a week instead of 3!
  • Rating
    Easy to Install - Excellent Support
    Review by Kirk112on 3/20/2014
    I have purchased a review booter from MGT-Commerce at 4 times the price and this extension is 100% better, has more features and the support to back it up!
  • Rating
    Great product
    Review by Berton 2/6/2014
    We switcht form the followupemail from Aheadworks plugin to this one, we just used the followupemail to email costumers that they will get a coupon code of they write a review.

    If you are in doubt witch one to get. Let me give u one tip. get this one!

    The followupemail from Aheadworks will give u a hard time to setup and works not all that well. Review reminder/ booster v2 was easy to setup and the support was great, it worked richt away.
  • Rating
    Review Reminder
    Review by Norulon 1/21/2014
    I just install Review Remainder its goods, Hope boost my genuine review.
  • Rating
    Many more reviews thanks to this extension!
    Review by Midimedianlon 12/22/2013
    Thanks to Review Reminder Booster from Magmodules we now get many many more reviews then before. With one click you can send review e-mails to customers. They can not only write product reviews, but also reviews on price compare websites. Works perfectly with Magento 1.8.(hide)
  • Rating
    Review by Lcorsaroon 12/14/2013
    Installed with a little problem on product with discount on quantity, after an hour the problem was solved and the extension works like a charm. Worth more than its cost.
  • Rating
    Works as described.
    Review by Moseskleinon 11/21/2013
    I ordered this extension with installation, it was installed right away, the extension worked like a charm. After a while I saw there was an update on the extension, I emailed to ask if I can get the update, within an hour I got a response that the extension will right away be updated, and it was. Have been using this extension for a while, getting reviews is a breeze now.(hide)
  • Rating
    Exellent support
    Review by Priveraon 9/26/2013
    First I had some problems sending test-email. However support was great and I was able to see that it was working!Super easy to install and configure!
  • Rating
    Professional & efficiency team, excellent extension!
    Review by Blinblinon 9/5/2013
    Easy to use, great functionality! I choosed them cause they reply my mail promptly. Never see a support so efficiency and reply so quick!!! The excellent support really ensure the purchase! Thanks again for your support!!I recommend it to you all.
  • Rating
    excellent product
    Review by Copyscapeon 7/11/2013
    Product does what its supposed to. Initially had some issues with grouped products, but the support I got was among the best out there. They even added a new function to suit my needs. 5 stars!
  • Rating
    A Booster it is ;)
    Review by SmokeSmarteron 6/19/2013
    Bought 3 plugins - Rich snippets - Product review reminder and store pickup. Had some little bugs with my custom template and asked for assistance. The Magmodules teams responded very quickly and my problems were solved within 2 hours!

    Nice to see some Dutch professionals delivering quality Magento plugins.

    Bedankt voor de snelle en correcte service!
  • Rating
    Pretty Good.
    Review by Jessy Saoerion 5/16/2013
    The number of reviews actually increased!
    Great result and a easy configuration.
  • Rating
    Very nice extension
    Review by Alesieon 4/29/2013
    Installation was a piece of cake and everything is nice and clean. The support is perfect and even in the weekends they are very helpfull.
  • Rating
    Just what we need
    Review by Edwinon 3/13/2013
    We recently added this feature to our website (we used the installation service which was very easy).
    It's working right away, the reviews are coming in fast and i'm sure that other visitors will buy more because of the reviews (it's a not know/new product)
  • Rating
    Fully Automated
    Review by Daniqueon 3/7/2013
    Now i bought this extension, the product-reviews are coming in automatically. I configured the extension as the installation guide told me to do and it works like a charm!
  • Rating
    Very useful module
    Review by Mswesselson 3/6/2013
    We are using the module now and it works really good. Costumers are writing more reviews than ever!


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If you want to use our 15 day warranty please contact us. We love to hear from you the following things:
- The name of the extension;
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Although it's not required to give a reason for returning the extension but we still like to hear why you had returned the product We find it important that our customers are satisfied!


Version: 3.3.1, release date: 06-12-2018
* Added PHP 7.2 support

Version: 3.2.0, release date: 11-10-2017
* Rewritten schedule function for better performance
* New Cronjob to cleanup history records
* Added database indexes for better performance

Version: 3.1.9, release date: 15-08-2017
* Coupon Store Id fix for coupons generated after approved review

Version: 3.1.8, release date: 09-08-2017
* Coupon Grid sorting fix

Version: 3.1.7, release date: 31-05-2017
* Expanded the Filters to exclude products from the product review reminder
* Expanded the "Sent emails" grid overview with more information
* Expanded the information block on the order page
* Improved back-end notifications
* Added the action to add orders to the product review reminder
* Added a extra check for empty emails due filter combinations

Version: 3.1.5, release date: 08-02-2016
- Bug fix for wrong field names

Version: 3.1.4, release date: 08-02-2016
- Updated for the Magento Marketplace
- Small bug fixes in transactional email function

Version: 3.1.3, release date: 14-07-2016
- Combined release with small fixes (css, images)

Version: 3.1.0, release date: 11-04-2016
- New backlog function, add old order to the queue
- Rewritten frontend form
- Improved CSS
- Small fixes in the email theme
- Better support for configurable-simple fallback

Version: 3.0.5, release date: 09-07-2015
* Added compatibility for Magento 1.9.2

Version: 3.0.2, release date: 06-07-2015
* Fully written date on coupon mention

Version: 3.0.2, release date: 27-05-2015
* Add custom blocks to review email based on products (like eg. links to manuals)

Version: 3.0.0, release date: 27-05-2015
* Small bug fix in coupon generation function

Version: 3.0.0, release date: 16-05-2015
* Added possibility to give customers a automatic generated discountcode as a reward for writing a productreview on-page or by e-mail.
* Added product image to review form
* Added possibility to enable a admin notification for new reviews
* Improved Shopreview extension integration
* Improved Product Review form with a new design
* Improved translation files ENG & NL

Version: 2.0.8, release date: 16-03-2014
* Small bug fixes in cron

Version: 2.0.7, release date: 07-07-2014
* Added upsell block to review email options
* New option to link reviews to parent product of bundle and configurable product
* New option to link urls to parent product of bundle of configurable product
* Small bug fixes
* Updated Magmodules_Core to 1.0.1

Version: 2.0.2, release date: 03-02-2014
* Updated CSS review stars
* Small bug fixes

Version: 2.0.1, release date: 25-10-2013
* Extra check on products visibility
* Small bug fixes

Version: 2.0.0, release date: 07-10-2013
* Added support for second email
* Exclude list
* Crosssel implementation
* Frontend-controller

Version: 1.4.0, release date: 18-07-2013
* Added support for Trusted Shops Review Link
* Added support for external Shop Review Link
* Added support for linking review to Parent Product when product is Grouped

Version: 1.3.6, release date: 01-04-2013
* Fixed compilation mode bug
* Updated email template
* Better Dutch translation

Version: 1.3.0, release date: 27-03-2013
* Support to link review button to productpage, reviewpage or external page (egTrustpilot, KiyOh, etc. )
* Updated layout
* Minor bug fixes

Version 1.2.0, release date: 14-03-2013
* Updated email template with color picker
* Added Dutch language (admin & email template)
* Small bug fixes

Version 1.0.0, release date: 01-03-2013
* First release

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