Rich Snippets Suite

Rich Snippets are a new way of harnessing some of the power of Internet search engines to attract targeted users to your website page(s), as they enhance your search results when potential customers search for services and product categories. The system uses the latest technology, making Rich Snippet Suite for Magento the ultimate business addition. This software is compliant with conventions, a joint product of a project undertaken by Google, Yahoo and Microsoft to agree and implement a standard way of working with web pages and mark-up code, using a recognised and structured format for data. The add-on is also based on the latest conditions, standards and recommendations. Additionally, it includes Twitter product cards functionality, so it is possible to add even more details than are available in conventional tweets. The other included option of Pinterest rich pins enables you to customise side pins and include information about your product or service’s brand, pricing and availability.

Intelligent Snippets

Rich snippets enable users’ Internet browsers to recognise very quickly if your website is what they are looking for. Schema vocabulary and mark-up language is used on your website and searched for by larger search engines such as Bing rich snippets. Your website will therefore contain known, effective e-Commerce search terms and will stand out from the crowd - in other words, your search engine results will be more noticeable and should attract more new clicks, increasing what is also called the ‘click through ratio’ (or CTR). With an increased CTR rate Google and other search engines tend to increase your site’s ranking.

Category snippets can be based on the product, such as an automated announcement: “Our (product name) has been rated 4.5 out of 5, based on 128 customer reviews”, and so on. Product summaries are a small summary included at the foot of a page and enable Yahoo, Bing or Google snippets to be created very quickly. If you wish to improve your results position and click-through rate (CTR) and so tempt more customers, this extension will help reap dividends for your online business. We focus on product titles, descriptions, reviews, brands, stock, price and location. Many websites do not yet use marked up data, so if you wish to gain a competitive edge, this is the product for you.

Quick and Simple Set-Up

After installing Rich Snippet Suite, it is straightforward to complete the configuration from the intuitive menu. From the main admin panel in Magenta, select from the options for the suite's options - breadcrumb, product page (Rich Cards), category page, Pinterest, Twitter or Google site links. The ‘breadcrumb’ facility can be used to attract Google search results in particular. The 'product type' menu can be used to create a product summary and to select its inclusion in the mark-up of your main product page and how it displays, to achieve best search results. Moving on, the data profile menu is designed so you are able to select the content that you wish to show, such as product, description, stock, brand, colour, pricing and customer votes. Another menu, category, enables summaries of product categories and is another way to increase potential search results. The order in which data is displayed (price, description, reviews etc.) can be tailored too. Pinterest and Twitter can also be customised to show rich pins and product cards; in both cases the user or account name and details will need to be entered.


The Complete Rich Snippet Package for Magento

The Rich Snippet Suite comes with the most complete package regarding the Rich Snippet Markup. As we are always improving our extension with the latest and Google requirments it's now the most complete Rich Snippet Suite on the market.

This Rich Snippet Suite contains the following markups:
Rich Snippet Schema Markup : WebSite Rich Snippet
Rich Snippet Schema Markup : BreadcrumbList Rich Snippet
Rich Snippet Schema Markup : Organization Rich Snippet
Rich Snippet Schema Markup : LocalBusiness Rich Snippet
Rich Snippet Schema Markup : AggregateRating Rich Snippet
Rich Snippet Schema Markup : Product Rich Cards (NEW) Rich Snippet
Rich Snippet Schema Markup : Category Rich Snippets Rich Snippet
Rich Snippet Schema Markup : Social Media Intergration Rich Snippet
Rich Snippet Schema Markup : AheadWorks BlogPosting

We Value our Customers

Supplied by Magmodules, experts in producing quality code, this tool to develop and grow your online presence and business comes with six months of free support included. A recommended extension to twenty-four months is also available, at very little extra cost for the benefits provided. Upgrades are also included free of charge for the first six months and can be extended to unlimited. The product is easy to install and configure, typically taking two minutes or so; it is of course fully compatible with other Magenta products including Enterprise Edition (EE) and multistore. Alternatively, if required, professional installation can also be arranged when ordering. This new Magmodules software extension already has over two hundred active customers, a sign of its successful introduction and rapid uptake. It has been favourably reviewed, users particularly citing its straightforward implementation and good post-sales support and their high level of satisfaction.

Technical Product Features

  • Supported Markups: Product, Category, LocalBusiness, AggregateRating, Organization and Blogs!  COMPLETE
  • Compatible with Yotpo Reviews (This Feature only works with a Yotpo Premium account)
  • Easily enable or disable features of snippets (stock availability, reviews, brands etc.)
  • Made according to the latest Google and standards
  • Compatible with AheadWorks Blog to create BlogPosting Snippets  NEW
  • Custom made extension for Magento stores
  • Uses your breadcrumbs in the Rich Snippets
  • JSON Product Rich Cards
  • You only have to enable and configure this extension once
  • Use with unlimited store views within one Magento installation
  • The extension can be used with unlimited products and customers
  • Easy 2-minute installation
  • Meets Magento programming practices and customization compatibility for most versions

About Magmodules

We are a Dutch Magento® Only Agency dedicated to the development of extensions for Magento®1 and Magento®2. All our extensions are high quality coded by our own team and our support team is always there to help you out.

Extension Features

  • The Complete Rich Snippet Package
  • Turnkey Rich Snippet Solution
  • Easy and Fast configuration
  • 15 day money back guarantee
  • Setup following the latest Google Standards
  • Comes with complete Documentation
  • Works with the latest versions of Magento

Our customer about the Rich Snippets Suite

109 customers
  • Rating
    Future Proof Module for Configurable Products
    Review by Chrison 1/30/2018
    Magmodules Rich Snippets Suite works perfectly with configurable products. After receiving some support from their helpful technical team, they produced an update that fully separates simple products from configurable products. This allows you to tell google the exact price and availability of every item within a set. Even works with some products that have up to 312 products within it and I'm sure it would work with even more.

    This is a future proof module that is by far the best in the business.
  • Rating
    Fast responses quick installation
    Review by Joyon 9/4/2017
    Quick installation, friendly customer service. Thank you
  • Rating
    This is a great extension and interfaces with their Shop Review extension.
    Review by Bradon 8/9/2017
    This is a great extension and interfaces with their Shop Review extension. It makes setting up Rich Snippets very easy. Magmodules customer service is excellent and exceeded expectations. I highly recommend Magmodules.
  • Rating
    Rich Snippets Suite
    Review by Brianon 5/20/2017
    Works straight out of the box on 1.9
  • Rating
    Review by Joeon 3/17/2017
    Awesome google tool and easy to install
  • Rating
    Brilliant app and first class support
    Review by Lnu02cehon 2/22/2017
    This app covers all your rich snippet requirements and has an easy to understand interface. The support I received from Magmodules was excellent, they were very prompt at responding, friendly and helpful, I will definitely be using them again!
  • Rating
    Great extension + great customer support
    Review by Voltaicsystemson 1/25/2017
    Highly recommended for updating schema on your page. The team is great and very responsive.
  • Rating
    Works like a charm!
    Review by Redqueensofton 11/12/2016
    Works like a charm! When I had a problem (my fault) they gave the best support too!
  • Rating
    works perfectly
    Review by Tomcat101on 10/24/2016
    The extension works as described and allows you to have the microdata up and running in minutes with lots of handy options to configure in the backend A special thank to Frank who has been very helpful to point me to the right direction in fixing a conflict issue. 5 stars well deserved!
  • Rating
    the second time
    Review by Peteron 10/4/2016
    so good that we use it on the second domain
  • Rating
    Just buy it and use it! It is GREAT!
    Review by Zaki112on 10/3/2016
    if you consider using a Rich Snippet Suite, then buy this one from Magmodules. Why? It works and the settings are made easy (with given advise from Magmodules). So don't be affraid and get great Google results with this module. In my case I received answerr on my support question within minutes. It was a question about the breadcrumbs and I solved it in 30 minutes. Recommended extension!
  • Rating
    Review by Peteron 9/26/2016
    easy to install, easy to set up, running perfect
  • Rating
    Review by Tmptekon 8/21/2016
    Excellent extension, installed and configured within 15 minutes, tested with Google Structured Data tool, and works excellent. Highly recommended 10/10
  • Rating
    Review by Davidon 7/28/2016
    Just upgraded to newest version of Rich Snippets. After installing my site is now 100% compliant!
  • Rating
    Great extension!
    Review by Mikevanschieon 7/21/2016
    Was installed in 5 minutes without any errors. Lots of features that are very useful!
  • Rating
    Review by Garethon 7/13/2016
    Excellent extension, exactly what we needed and all works perfectly. Great communication from the seller too.
  • Rating
    Great Product and Service
    Review by Slp1985on 5/19/2016
    If you want a great product, to make sure the meta data is correctly set up and send to google, look no further. Also the professional installation was a great choice and worth my money.
  • Rating
    Very powerful
    Review by Williamon 5/9/2016
    I bought this on a recommendation from a Magento Certified Developer - it did exactly what we needed and works even better when you combine it with the Product Review Reminders and the Shopreview extensions to capture customer feedback.
  • Rating
    Seems good, great support
    Review by jasonon 5/5/2016
    Seems good, but too early to really tell. Support was excellent (Thanks Frank).
  • Rating
    takes time, but it works!
    Review by Chrison 4/29/2016
    It took far more time than announced before the rich snippets were visible. But finally the result was there and I am very satisfied.
    Increased click through achieved!
    I recommend
  • Rating
    5 stars!
    Review by Igoron 3/27/2016
    Hello! With the module, of course, a big difference in the promotion in search engines. Thank you for development. I am very pleased and happy :-)
  • Rating
    Great Extension, Fantastic Support!
    Review by Contemptxon 3/21/2016
    After comparing several rich snippet extensions and reading reviews we decided on this one & so glad we did. We chose to have Frank Install & Configure the extension for us which he started almost straight after we provided him with our details and was done within about an hour. Everything is working as it should be and im looking forward to seeing in the increase in CTR. Highly Recommended!
  • Rating
    Perfect extension!
    Review by Zanjeralibabaon 3/1/2016
    This is a very very good extension, we have test more then 10 extension but this one is the best, we also use other extensions of this group!
  • Rating
    Review by Benion 2/25/2016
    Very fast installation-service and support. Extension works perfectly. I also use additional extensions from Magmodules and can highly recommend the products and the company!
  • Rating
    Rich Snippets Extension
    Review by BULKFOODon 1/31/2016
    I paid for both the extension and the installation. I have to say that their service was second" on none. Frank worked with us via email to make sure the extension was installed correctly and that we were satisfied with our level of service. I recommend this extension and this company"
  • Rating
    Wish all extensions were like this
    Review by JEFFon 1/26/2016
    Installs in minutes with sftp, if you follow the detailed instructions.
    Very easy to configure.
    Took 4 weeks to see search engine results change in Google, then all of a sudden we have rich snippet data appearing in search results;
    breadcrumbs/star ratings/ price/ in stock etc.
    We stand out so much better in the organic search results now.
    Thankfully many of our competitors DO NOT have this.
  • Rating
    Review by Andreason 12/3/2015
    Das Modul funktioniert super und zeigt schon nach 3 Tagen erste Erfolge. ☺

  • Rating
    Excellent Extension and Great Support
    Review by Fittings4shopson 10/11/2015
    This extension works right out of the box. No difficult install or conflicting with other extensions - it just works. And the best part is Google will love you for it! It's 'All Good', green ticks for all areas with Googles Structured Data Testing Tool. I had a few questions and Frank the developer was really quick to reply - even on a Sunday and very helpful. 5***** all round!
  • Rating
    Very useful module with excellent support
    Review by Wallieon 9/25/2015
    We have used this module to replace our old rich snippet module, that was not working good. This is a very useful module and was plug and play, so by us no bugs or problems with the installation. For us the main goal was to get reviews to our category pages and we are using this one in combination with the Kiyoh connect module and is working really good. The nice thing is that it gives you as well product snippet, category snippets and organisation snippets and most modules on the marked only give you product snippets. After install we had to contact the developer a couple of times to get the snippets in the best way at our category page and really good support from there site. Well worth the money!
  • Rating
    Quick support, working perfectly
    Review by Chixxenon 9/24/2015
    I received answers to my request within several minutes - work was done within an hour. Not even my company works that fast, even if we try...
  • Rating
    very usefull plug-inn
    Review by Albertvdbon 9/22/2015
    This is a very usefull tool with a lot of config settings for your rich snippets. Together with Kiyoh connect it works even better.The support of Frank is very good, he is very helpfull.So if you want rich snippets on your site you should buy this extension!
  • Rating
    Excellent extension and better support
    Review by OSCARon 9/20/2015
    This people deserves the best consideration. Very easy installation, with no issues at all. Configuration is pretty extensive, a lot of config settins. And support is better because Frank or Marvin help you if you need it even they will check at your code or custom theme, with no excuses. Extension showed a little bug with our theme (we have a lot of modules installed) but they corrected it fast and even later they sent us a more extensive update. Thank you guys.
  • Rating
    Good extension and better support
    Review by Javalotodoon 9/20/2015
    This people deserves the best consideration. Very easy installation, with no issues at all. Configuration is pretty extensive, a lot of config settings. And support is better because Frank or Marvin will help you if you need it, they even will check at your code or custom theme, with no excuses.Extension showed a little bug with our theme (we have a lot of modules installed) but they fixed it fast and even later they sent us a more extensive update.Ah! and Google's SERPs are showing our snippets after a week!Thank you guys.
  • Rating
    Excellent Support!!
    Review by SinanIspiron 7/31/2015
    Personal contact with Frank is excellent. I strongly recommend this extension!
  • Rating
    Review by Netomzeton 7/31/2015
    The extension exceeds our expectations. Works perfect. A lot of useful (advanced) rich snippets that we use in our shops. And good support.
  • Rating
    Great extension!
    Review by Pierson 6/17/2015
    Support as per usual is fantastic, where the team helped to solve a small bug and get the extension working correctly. The extension is a must have if you're looking to integrate Schema mark-up into your magento store the easy way!
  • Rating
    Excellent Support and service plugin all setup and working well
    Review by Wh55leron 6/3/2015
    Very Happy with the Plugin. The support and personal contact from Frank made the setup easy.
  • Rating
    Rich snippets visible within 2 days
    Review by Topdesignon 5/22/2015
    We installed the Google Rich Snippets extension. The installation was smooth and we configured the extension for one of our stores. The rich snippets were visible in Google within 2 days for a lot of our products. This is a must have extension for every shop who wants rich snippets.
  • Rating
    Great Extension/Great Support
    Review by Jhornschuhon 5/19/2015
    Really nice extension which was easy to install easy to adjust and brings awesome fearures with it that Boots your Seo. We had a Minor Design and cache issue with our theme after Installation, but Frank and Marvin responded to this within a second and it was fixed. Great Job!!
  • Rating
    Review by Juanrdosilon 4/28/2015
    Good support and the extension works fine in Magento
  • Rating
    Great Extension - Superb Support
    Review by Scottlockon 4/22/2015
    The extension works perfect as described and couldnt ask for better support, will defo be using them for more extensions. Thanks again.
  • Rating
    Great extension voor SEO
    Review by MDSBVon 4/15/2015
    Great extension, installation was very easy. And i had a little issue with my css. So frank provided me with great service and fixed it within hours. One of the best experiences with buying extension ever. Are you looking for a great extension for SEO/rich snippets with free extra service? You should really consider this extension!
  • Rating
    Great quality, clean and tidy code, weekend live support!
    Review by Admin_youredoon 4/11/2015
    The guys from Magmodules know definitely what they do. Clean, tidy code, frequent updates to stay on top of the wave and super frinedly and !! weekend!! support. Five stars from our side. Best Regards, Lukas
  • Rating
    Nice !
    Review by Géraldon 3/12/2015
    Really nice extension, it works perfectly and the customer serrvice is really good.
    Buy it I you need It !
  • Rating
    Good plugin, Great support
    Review by Harryon 1/12/2015
    The plugin works as advertised and the support is superb. Highly recommended
  • Rating
    Great Extension and Wonderful support!
    Review by KingdomComon 1/12/2015
    Very easy to install and configure, and if you have any issue the support will help you very quickly. Support team very professionnal ! There is nothing to add : just a great great and a must have extension! Don't look no further!! This is the extension you need!!
  • Rating
    Quality Extension
    Review by Edsimonon 12/17/2014
    This extension does exactly what i needed for my website and i am really happy with it. Integrates easily and with no problems. Had some sales questions and Frank and the team were quick to help.
  • Rating
    5 Stars!!
    Review by Markon 11/28/2014
    Ordered in the evening and was installed the following day without any fuss. Frank provided good, quick replies to all emails plus came back on site to do a tweak because of our mobile theme.
    Since its been installed, previous errors in Structured Data are reducing and more products are being picked up in Google WMT.
    The added bonus for us that it supported Yotpo reviews. Just the module I needed along with excellent support - Many thanks
  • Rating
    Superb extension. Fast and efficient support
    Review by Concejilon 11/27/2014
    I fully recommend this extension. Easy to be installed and very intuitive.Friendly and fast support. Thanks
  • Rating
    Worked perfectly, well worth them money
    Review by Mitchellon 11/14/2014
    Really happy with this purchase Thanks
  • Rating
    Very Good Extension with Excellent Support
    Review by Vanbuson 11/13/2014
    The module is pretty great, a quick and easy way to add rich snippets with several options preset to easily create the desired look and function. Very happy with it.In addition, I have purchased many modules from many different developers, and love, love, love when I ask for some help and get quick answers and helpful service. That is exactly what I found with Frank and Magmodules, there were NO EXCUSES like it must be something you did wrong" or "we can't support your custom theme" or "the extension won't do that". I RECEIVED ONLY EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION WITH QUICK ANSWERS AND A FIX TO MY CUSTOM THEME ISSUE.Thank you for the positive experience! I will be sure to look into their other modules as they care about the customer.(hide)"
  • Rating
    Great extension + support
    Review by Mikevanschieon 10/28/2014
    Great extension, easy to install and work with. I had one question that was very quickly answered by the support team.
  • Rating
    Perfect extension, perfect support!
    Review by Prescotton 10/22/2014
    This is a must-have extension for any Magento store that has serious business plans. The click-trough rate on Google strongly increased since Rich Snippets are being displayed. The quality of the code is also very good and clean. And most of all, the support of these Dutch guys is AMAZING!
  • Rating
    Great Product and Professional Support
    Review by Waddelljbon 10/9/2014
    This is a straightforward extension to implement and it works well.We had an issue with Bundled Products in Magento, but this was quickly resolved and the fix is to be incorporated into future releases.The support was courteous, responsive and professional - very refreshing!You get the impression the support/developers take real pride in their product and being on top of their game at all times.(hide)
  • Rating
    Works as expected
    Review by SuperFlinkon 10/8/2014
    After searching hours on how to implement rich snippets for Kiyoh reviews on our website ( I found this extension. Installed it and it worked after 10 minutes.Now wait for google to add this to the search engine. From what I hear this could take up 2 to 6 weeks.(hide)
  • Rating
    Rich Snippet Suite NaureLab
    Review by Luciaon 9/27/2014
    Very good for may e-commerce :-) Thanks!
  • Rating
    Extremely powerful and super useful for search engine optimisation
    Review by leson 9/4/2014
    Another high quality extension module from this dev. The slick efficient operation and options of this extension are the reasons i happily spent my money. It works perfectly behind the scenes and requires no expertise.

    The support offered by the team is second to none and way beyond that offered by other developers i have used within the community. I will definitely watch for future products.

    Highly recommended and very useful marketing device.
  • Rating
    Extremely powerful
    Review by Harrygrowleron 8/27/2014
    Another high quality extension module from this dev. The slick efficient operation and options of this extension are the reasons i happily spent my money. It works perfectly behind the scenes and requires no expertise.The support offered by the team is second to none and way beyond that offered by other developers i have used within the community. I will definitely watch for future products.Highly recommended and very useful marketing device.(hide)
  • Rating
    Great module and excellent support
    Review by Premuson 8/26/2014
    It took some time for google to reindex everything, but I can see now that almost all the links have rich snippets active!But even more excellent than the extension is the support.There were quite a lot of products with rich snippets, but I couldn't be happier that I decided for this one!(hide)
  • Rating
    Review by Javieron 8/16/2014
    Muy buen módulo. Nos encontramos con algún pequño matiz a limar y el equipo técnico lo solucionó al 99% sin grande problemas. Recomendado
  • Rating
    Excellent module with even more excellent support!
    Review by Elsdeniepon 8/14/2014
    Thank you Magmodules for the extensive and repeated support on this module. Module is working smoothly.Do I recommend this product? Sure.Do I recommend Magmodules? Yes, yes, yes!
  • Rating
    Good as Gold
    Review by Dennison 8/14/2014
    Bought the Rich Snippets Suite, easy install, easy setup. We're still in development so we will see how it functions fully when we go live. Please with purchase.
  • Rating
    Great Support!
    Review by WaPoNeon 8/13/2014
    Great extension, great support.In one word: excellent!
  • Rating
    Excellent Extension, Easy to Install
    Review by Michaelon 8/8/2014
    This extension is well worth the money. Easy to install, works seamlessly and customer service was outstanding. Thanks again!
  • Rating
    Excellent Extension and Great Customer Service
    Review by OSIGroupon 8/8/2014
    This extension works perfectly. Very easy to install and customer service was very quick to respond with any questions we had. Thanks again and we'll be checking out your other extensions.
  • Rating
    Great Extension, Excellent Support
    Review by Jameson 8/1/2014
    Within days of installing Google detected the rich snippets and after 4 weeks we are now seeing an increase in traffic which could be attributed to this extension. We had one minor issue which was was resolved straight away by their support desk. Would recommend extension.
  • Rating
    Another great extension from excellent developer!
    Review by Terencemagon 7/26/2014
    The best Rich Snippets extension! I found cheaper similar extensions but based on Magmodules's reputation, I've decided to go for this one. Afterall I'm a serious business owner who wants only the best for my business.The extension is truly amazing and works as described. I've spoken to Frank from Magmodules a couple of times and he truly knows Magento so well that you can give 100% trust on their extensions.Buy it and you'll love it!(hide)
  • Rating
    Fantastis Product and service
    Review by Laminatewoodon 7/25/2014
    I cannot speak more highly of the service that was provided with this product. Frank even fixed an issue which wasn't his fault while setting up the product. Thank you very much!!
  • Rating
    Great Customer service
    Review by Matt_potteron 6/24/2014
    As usual ratings don't lie. These guys rated well and my experience reflects it. - Thanks Frank
  • Rating
    Great extension!
    Review by gilbertoon 6/16/2014
    It works as promised. Great extension!
  • Rating
    Easy to install and configure
    Review by Peteron 6/4/2014
    Great extension, simple to install, easy to configure, instant offer of help, but none required, I would have no hesitation in purchasing further extensions from Magmodules
  • Rating
    Just as mentioned
    Review by Henh074on 6/3/2014
    Rich snippets suite works just as it says. You can install and de-install all functions easy. I'll recommend it to everybody.
  • Rating
    Excellent support
    Review by Paulwatmoreon 5/13/2014
    Updated magento, small problem with the extension and my theme but sorted in about 5 mins thanks to FrankThanks
  • Rating
    Great extension and Super Service
    Review by MV77on 5/12/2014
    The product does exactly what it is stated. surely useful for better conversions and google visibility.Excellent service for quick replies and effective solutions.i did not even need to contact them; they did it to make sure all went well.
  • Rating
    Nice extension and support
    Review by Gerben1986on 5/8/2014
    I bought the extension at the evening and the next morning they installed it for me. Works great (haven't seen the results in Google yet, but that will take some week).Documentation delivered with the extension is also good and useful!
  • Rating
    Awesome Product and Support
    Review by Posthopeon 4/21/2014
    I was going to alter my theme and add the microdata myself but decided to check Magento Connect first to see if there was an extension that would save me the time. I am very happy I took a moment to look because I found this extension.It was easy to install, configure and does exactly what I wanted. The display did not fit well with my theme design and the magmodules team updated my app in hours to match the look! That is amazing since this was not really a problem, more a design preference.Highly recommend.(hide)
  • Rating
    Too many product load, category load, and product collections
    Review by Danielifrim7on 4/11/2014
    Has too many:$product->load()$category->load()and product collections loads.It is hard to remove all these to make the extension usable. Unless you want to add [1-9]+ X 100 sql queries on pages.The code is rather clean but the design of the extension is not great.Now imagine a store with 3-5 extensions that execute $product->load() or other in this manner. Farewell customers!The price of this extension is fair. The developing cost to make it usable on a store is big.I won't recommend or buy it anymore if they don't improve it.(hide)
  • Rating
    Validates, validates, NO errors during install!
    Review by Tlasotaon 4/10/2014
    It isn't too often that you download an extension and have it just work by following the directions for installation.This extension is done right. Installation was a breeze. It validates perfectly with Pinterest Rich Pins, Twitter Cards, Bing and Google. Facebook probably picks up the meta data fine but I don't care about Facebook anymore. Sorry, personal rant.Upon examining the code that gets added to the web pages when they are generated by Magento I found the implementation of generated code to be quite clean and in all the right places. Very skillfully placed.Well done! Between you and me, I almost never write reviews. This was a good start to my day.(hide)
  • Rating
    Review by Manokouon 4/2/2014
    Installed and activated in 2 minutes!Tested in google page and working like a charm!Had a layout problem with my template and solved in less than 1 hour!Great support, thank you!
  • Rating
    Highly Recommended
    Review by Kjassi1984on 3/26/2014
    I would highly recommend this product for magento and rich snippets its works clearly and cleanly and the support is amazing.Thanks Guys.......
  • Rating
    Easy Rich Snippets in Magento
    Review by Crimon 3/21/2014
    Easy to install extension to add rich snippets to your Magento store. The extension has a lot of configuration options. I'm very satisfied with it!
  • Rating
    Great Extension, AWESOME Support!
    Review by Imuglion 3/10/2014
    I purchased this extension and when I installed it it didn't agree with my template.I contacted Frank at Magmodules and not only did he respond pretty much immediately, but he also kept working at the problem until he had it fixed for me, even though the problem was not with his extension, but with my theme.Would highly recommend this extension, and Magmodules, to anyone.(hide)
  • Rating
    The extension to get rich snippets !!!
    Review by Wagenaaron 3/7/2014
    Finally found a simple extension to enable rich snippets on my site. No core change, you juste have to activate it and choose the perfect adjustments.
    Good support, no surprise, works like it suppose to...what do you want more ;)
    Kind regards,
  • Rating
    Easy Installation, Easy configuration and Excellent Service!
    Review by Russellon 3/6/2014
    Easy Installation, Easy configuration and Excellent Service! Had a couple of questions and the support staff responded very quickly and with the utmost professionalism. Only negative is that breadcrumbs do not work unless your url includes the path.
  • Rating
    AWESOME - so easy, amazing support
    Review by Jamessykeson 3/1/2014
    If you thought rich snippets was a pain in the....think again. Save yourself hours of work and simply buy this plugin.Within 2 minutes you will have rich snippet support working and have the edge over your competitors as many big webshops haven't got rich snippet support yet.I did run into a problem with my custom theme breaking slightly, I contacted support late friday night and by Saturday morning they had fixed the issue and sent me an updated CSS file. You cannot ask for better support.Cheers, I hope to be back again soon.(hide)
  • Rating
    The extension to get rich snippets !!!
    Review by Marcwaleson 2/26/2014
    Finally found a simple extension to enable rich snippets on my site. No core change, you juste have to activate it and choose the perfect adjustments.Good support, no surprise, works like it suppose to...what do you want more ;)Kind regards,Marc
  • Rating
    A Great Extension with Quick Installation
    Review by Edsimonon 1/28/2014
    I spoke to the team at Magmodules to ensure it didn't change core files and it didnt so i purchased and installed. This went without hitch and worked immediately. Highly recommended and nice team to deal with. Thanks for the great mnodule.. 5*
  • Rating
    Review by DESSENDIERon 1/26/2014
    Excellent module, excellent service, fast ... Just a must-have extension !!!
  • Rating
    Rich Snippets
    Review by Norulon 1/21/2014
    I have try different Rich Snippet for my website, that's doesn't work, Magmodules Rich snippet work perfect, customer service is very goods and helpful.i can recommend any one.
  • Rating
    This extension works perfectly!
    Review by Midimedianlon 12/22/2013
    First, we have had another rich snippets installed. That extension didn't work like it should and the ratings weren't visible on Google.We went searching for another rich snippets extension and we chose for the rich snippets module from Magmodules. After a few minutes the module was installed and after a couple of days the ratings were visible on Google. It works really good and on Google you can not only see the product ratings, but also the product price and it's availibility. That is very good for the potential customers. It's working well with Magento 1.8.(hide)
  • Rating
    it is!
    Review by Lcorsaroon 12/14/2013
    It is the easiest way to have rich snippets I've found, without any hassle to install and configure. Ready in minutes, I loved the rich snippets on the search engine in a week. Note: rich snippets visible in product page.
  • Rating
    Just works
    Review by Bojannion 10/14/2013
    This extension is an example of how it should be done. It just works. Had a small problem with my theme, and it was resolved within hours.
  • Rating
    Just doing what I expected!
    Review by TechNickon 8/7/2013
    I've tried several Rich Snippets solutions but this is the first one with fast results. Within 1 week many of my items are displayed in search results! Note that I have the Markup set to 'Visible'.
  • Rating
    Simple to install and excellent support
    Review by Fabrisyson 7/19/2013
    Money well spent, this extension is strongly recommended. I am very satisfied.
  • Rating
    What I was looking for rich snippets
    Review by Nutraceuticaon 7/10/2013
    This extension is useful and easy to install. It has a clear UI in back end, easy to configure and is up to date with the latest Google guidelines for the implementation of the rich snippets.I strongly recommend it.
  • Rating
    Very good
    Review by SmokeSmarteron 6/19/2013
    Bought 3 plugins - Rich snippets - Product review reminder and store pickup. Had some little bugs with my custom template and asked for assistance. The Magmodules teams responded very quickly and my problems were solved within 2 hours!

    Nice to see some Dutch professionals delivering quality Magento plugins.

    Bedankt voor de snelle en correcte service!
  • Rating
    Review by Alexanderon 6/15/2013
    Excellent support and a working as promised extension, thanks!
  • Rating
    Useful extension and an excellent support
    Review by Giubertinikon 6/11/2013
    I am very satisfied by Schema Org - Rich Snippets extension: useful, easy to install, well documented, quick and easy to set up.Support from his developer is very quick and professional.I recommend Schema Org extension and also MagModules.Enrico Giubertoni(hide)
  • Rating
    Excellent Module and superb support!
    Review by Afriedrichon 6/7/2013
    What can I say, the module works as advertised and the developer responds fast to questions and offers superb support...Thank you!
  • Rating
    Highly recommend Magmodules
    Review by Terencemagon 5/31/2013
    I got this extension to work within minutes and the developer follow up is simply brilliant.
  • Rating
    Does what it says on the box.
    Review by Simonwcarton 5/28/2013
    We installed this extension a few weeks ago now and are still waiting to be indexed by the search engines but ealry signs look good. After a couple of weeks we were worried so we sent a support email asking Magmodules to look at the configuration of what we had done and see whether we had done anything wrong. After a week of lost emails we caught up on live chat through their web site and the support that they gave us was second to none!Since speaking to them we have installed the new version of Rich snippets and look forward to being indexed so we can see sales increase!Good work guys.(hide)
  • Rating
    Very complete!
    Review by Frank14on 5/17/2013
    This extension really do what it promises, easy to configure admin and it works through.Excellent!
  • Rating
    Review by Abrilon 5/15/2013
    Works good, excellent extension for my Magento Store.
  • Rating
    Review by Semyonon 5/15/2013
    Yes, it works finally, had some other extension first, they promised the results of this extension but didn't work, this one does, thanks!
  • Rating
    Did the trick!
    Review by Giuseppeon 5/15/2013
    Well, tried some other rich snippet extensions but there is some new structure and because of that the old one didn't work anymore. So i bought this one, had some trouble with the installation but that was a server-setting, great support though!

  • Rating
    Works great!
    Review by Csaron 4/22/2013
    Great product, excellent support, very satisfied.Had some issues with my magento and marvin helped to get it clean for the extension to work.Thanks!
  • Rating
    Works like a charm!
    Review by Igshopon 4/16/2013
    Installed on Magento CE with custom theme, works like a charm. Result looks good in the Google Rich Snippets testing tool (still have to wait for google to pickup the changes, but this can take some time).Thank you for this extension.
  • Rating
    Review by Michelleon 3/7/2013
    It took some time Google crawled my page again but now it works like a charm, good value for money.
  • Rating
    Works great!
    Review by Ceeson 3/6/2013
    Easy extension. However, it took some time for google to pickup the snippets. Can recommend it!


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We are using license keys in our extensions for licensing and anti-copy purposes. The purchased extensions will only work in the Magento® installations that you have a license keys for. Each license key is linked to one domain; the license key will need to be used for the Magento® installation running on that specific domain. You can’t use the extension without a license key as you can only activate the extension using the license key we provided for you.

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License Key doesn't work
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Already purchased a license key for this domain and it still doesn't work? Get in touch with us and tell us your order number (back from when you've purchased the extension) and what you see in the Server Name field just above the License Key field - we'll be happy to help.

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Moving to a production/live environment later?
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The conditions for these 15 days "Money Back" guarantee are as follows:
- The original invoice must be included;
- If the module is already installed, it is a requirement that it is completely removed from the server and is no longer in use;
- This warranty does not apply for customized products;
- This warranty does not apply for services as the installation service, you receive only the refund of price of the products.

If you want to use our 15 day warranty please contact us. We love to hear from you the following things:
- The name of the extension;
- The order or invoice number;
- Whether you want to exchange the product or refund the purchase price that you want
- If you want a refund: please enclose your bankaccountnumber;

Although it's not required to give a reason for returning the extension but we still like to hear why you had returned the product We find it important that our customers are satisfied!


Version: 3.4.2, release date: 24-02-2019
* Added option to add nested review to JSON-LD output
* Fallback for empty short description for Blog Snippets

Version: 3.4.0, release date: 24-02-2019
* Added link to last breadcrumb
* Added priceValidUntil to offer schema
* Added url to offer schema
* Small bug fixes

Version: 3.3.9, release date: 08-06-2017
* Option to Show out of stock simples in configurable output

Version: 3.3.8, release date: 08-06-2017
* Option to use different rating snippets with the Shopreview connection
* Option to use the simple product pricing
* Improved configurable/simple product stock handling

Version: 3.3.6, release date: 08-06-2017
* Option to Split Configurable Products
* Option to hide Offer or Snippets when price is zero

Version: 3.3.4, release date: 08-02-2017
* Small fix in PHP7 array notice
* Added PriceRange for LocalBusiness

Version: 3.3.1, release date: 16-09-2016
* Configurable products JSON snippets update (all simples are now in pushed as separate products in the JSON feed)
* Better check for blog images
* Fixed usage of condition attribute
* Small caching improvements

Version: 3.2.1, release date: 31-07-2016
* Improved Category review handling

Version: 3.2.0, release date: 21-07-2016
* Improved Back-end lay-out
* Improved Product schema markup with attributes
* Improved Category schema markup
* Improved AggregateRating store markup
* Improved Organization Social Media markup
* Added Organization Contact information markup
* Added LocalBusiness markup
* Added AheadWorks BlogPosting Snippets compatibility

Version: 3.1.0, release date: 01-12-2015
* W3C validation

Version: 3.0.5, release date: 03-09-2015
* Improved detailed breadcrumbs handling

Version: 3.0.5, release date: 2015-19-06
* Improved JSON image tag
* Fixed Visible Category Snippets
* Fixed Manual Snippets

Version: 3.0.4, release date: 2015-19-06
* JSON breadcrumbs

Version: 3.0.3, release date: 2015-19-06
* Updated Sitelinks Search Box to new schema requirements

Version: 3.0.1, release date: 2015-01-06
* Small fix in twitter Meta Tags & Breadcrumbs phtml

Version: 3.0.0, release date: 2015-27-05
* Added option to set custom name for Home breadcrumbs title.
* Added option to use shop reviews as store wide snippets
* Added organization snippets (name, address, logo, reviews, etc)
* New Social connections in organization snippets (Instagram, Facebook and more)
* New JSON-LD supported (category, product, organization, site)
* Compatible with Shopreview, Feedbackcompany, KiYoh, Trustpilot for shopreviews

Version: 2.2.9, release date: 2015-16-04
* Small fix in VAT rules

Version: 2.2.7, release date: 2015-23-02
* Improved support for different Currency Rates
* Small bugfixes

Version: 2.2.6, release date: 2015-13-02
* Changed Breadcrumbs Snippets accordingly the latest Google Standards
* Small Code optimization

Version: 2.2.5, release date: 2015-02-01
* Improved caching system
* Added hide price functionality
* Small bugfixes

Version: 2.2.2, release date: 2015-01-09
* Added new item type: (new guidelines)
* Edited price tag (new guidelines)

Version: 2.2.2, release date: 2014-12-17
* Added links to helpdesk / faq
* Refactoring of bundle product prices
* Small bug fixes

Version: 2.2.1, release date: 2014-10-06
* Now compatibe with Yotpo Product Reviews

Version: 2.1.0, release date: 2014-10-06
*New feature: The Google search box within the search results
This search box is shown above the Sitelinks in the Google Search Engine Results, it supports Autocomplete, and send the user directly to your website's own search pages. Now your even more visible in the Search Engine Results! A brand new feature added by Google in October 2014.
Version: 2.0.8, release date: 2014-07-15
* New feature: overwrite product pricing by attribute

Version: 2.0.8, release date: 2014-07-07
* Rewritten category snippets for better performance
* Updated Magmodules_Core to 1.0.1
* Small Bugfixes

Version: 2.0.7, release date: 2014-05-27
* Bugfixes

Version: 2.0.6, release date: 2014-04-22
* Gross update 2.0.1 -> 2.0.6
* Bugfixes
* License update
* Core update

Version: 2.0.1, release date: 2014-01-03
* Added AggregateOffer support (prices from & price range)
* AggregateOffer for categories & bundles
* Small bufixes

Version: 2.0.0, release date: 2014-01-21
* Pinterest Rich Pins support
* Twitter Product Cards support
* Category Rich Snippets Added
* Add Rich Snippet Footer markup block
* Updated rules of use of
* Cache improvements
* Interface improvements
* Small Bugfixes

Version: 1.7.2, release date: 2013-11-13
* Added support for product images

Version: 1.7.1, release date: 2013-10-25
* Refactored breadcrumbs layout

Version: 1.7.0, release date: 2013-07-19
* Added support for "as low as" for grouped products with associated products

Version: 1.6.5, release date: 2013-05-17
* New way to push the product information as structured data for generating Rich Snippets. * Now the extension creates a summary of your product by the new standards, with this feature the rich snippets will be created much faster then before.

Version: 1.5.0, release date: 2013-04-10
* Completely compliant with with better integration with Bing, Google, Yahoo! and Yandex * Added support for breadcrumbs

Version: 1.0.0, release date: 2013-03-07
* First stable release

Download Rich Snippets Suite for Magento (version: 3.4.2)

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Availability: In stock

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